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My slider on the home page is not being responsive when I resize the web browser it remains large and just shows the top left corner… not sure what to do!

I am creating a dummy site before i launch… here is the link:


I would like to look a little bit at theme’s settings. can you please email an admin account at Thanks.

I purchased your web theme. Thanks for the design, but how do I upload all the features where it looks exactly like the demo. I uploaded the site and then uploaded the 02 wordpress.xml but it still doesn’t have the logo and pictures like the theme. I can see the file with the pics on my computer but how do I get them into the theme?



you should also install the demo settings: The TXT content reside in the same “XML + import” folder. Cheers!

Any idea when submitted tickets may be addressed? I have two outstanding. I received this notice on September 30th.

“Dear customer, We apologise for the delay but we are experiencing some technical difficulties and are unable to see some submitted tickets. If you have submitted a ticket and still did not get a reply please be patient, we are aware of the issue and trying to fix it as soon as possible. We are sorry for causing this inconvenience and promise to get back to you shortly.”

1715 and #1626 (follow-up to #1470)

My requests are currently 1626 (follow-up to 1470) and 1715.

Ok, understood, going into them. Thank you.

Hi Virusnac,

could you please tell me where the main-css that directs the theme is located? I want to add my Logo in the header but I can’t find a way to manage it.


for adding/editing/moving an element you should use the Template Builder. Please open your templates and add the logo like follows: then select the logo

Any changes to CSS should be taken here or in a child theme, so that you could update the theme without loosing your custom code. Anyway, the main stylesheet is /css/autoinclude/style.css . Cheers!


I have another question. Every time when I change something under the menue “Templates” the space between the header and the box “our values” disappears. How can I recreate the space?


anytime you can add a space via delimiters . Please post your questions with the account that you purchased the theme. Thanks.

Hi there. Great theme! Looks like it can be used for many different purposes.

Wanted to let you know that your demo has a ‘read more’ html remnant on the upper left corner of the Sermons -> Vimeo Embed and YouTube Embed pages.


thank you for the consideration and for the tip. We’re updating it now. Cheers!

As my slider active, look in your documentation but found nothing, could someone help me or has already done


please give us more details about the slider issue, we barely understood your question Thank you and sorry about the misunderstanding.

PreSales Q’s - can you use custom colors (any hex code) to customize the template colors or are only preset colors allowed? - is the event list an included feature? - does this theme play nicely with woocommerce or other shopping carts?

THANKS!! Beautiful theme :)


any color preset can be set with a hex color too. Yes, the event is included in the theme and no, it was not tested under woocommerce – so could be issues with that. Thank you for considering our theme!

Can you adjust the opacity of the header and the content? I want to purchase, I would like the ability to do the above and also have the content (white) background translucent.. Is this possible?

So I have purchased this theme, hoping you respond about the translucency question.. Many thanks..


the header can be customized via this option (see the transparency option). The content transparency can be set by adding this CSS in Custom CSS setting:

section#main .main-container .main-container-wrapper{ background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.24);}

The 0.24 is the transparency level.

The result (with header options changed)


Excellent!!!!!! Thank you!

Hi, A few weeks ago we talked about a new way of showing up the date on the upcoming events. ( showing the date of the event instead of of the post date ) Do you know when it will be added ? Thanks a lot Miles.

Hi, Sorry i was off for a few days. here is the ticket : Request #1654 second question.


please see this follow-up thanks.

Thanks it works ! ;-)

Hi, We are interested in the HTML version of the template – Belief. Can you please clarify the below points • what features do you provide with this HTML template • do you provide support for any issues encountered • if we face with any cross browser issues, would you rectify the same • can you share us the HTML link for this template (with screenshots in available colors) • is this completely responsive across browsers (in ipad/ mobiles/ laptops)

Thanks, Samuel Mathews.

> and is the html file that’s shared as well responsive across browsers?
> would you be able to provide support for any cross browser issue – for this html template tat’s shared?

How i said, we do not do support/do updates for the HTML. You have our only single HTML – you are free to use it. Unfortunately we can’t support you along any issue with the HTML, sorry.

thanks Virusnac – for every response to my every silly doubts.. helps me a lot.. Cheers! :)

Hi there. Any time I attempt to click on ‘Manage Slideshow’ in any of the slideshows, I get an Internal Server Error on the window that pops up. Any idea what this could be? Thanks…

If you create a Post type gallery and you have this enabled you should have a slide coming out . Can we have a link with your issue? Thanks.

That worked – I was missing the part where I had to include the featured image in the post. But now the featured image shows up quite small on the slideshow, thumbnail size, even though I upload it at 1180px wide.

Nevermind. Got it! THANK YOU!

Hi… I am trying to fit a slider image entirely inside of the top/bottom box perimeters, but it keeps expanding out of the border. Is there a way to “lock” it into proportion with the rest of the site? Here’s a link to the troubled page to help with imagery:

Can I remove the “Add Comment” option at the bottom of every page?

Yes you can – please disable in page settings, in “discussion” box, “allow comments” checkbox. Cheers!

How do I insert video (youtube or vimeo) into a post? When I cahnge the post format to video and add the link, it only adds video to my post preview… it does not add the video to my actual post.


How do i hide the bread crumbs on this theme?



you can delete the breadcrumb element on the template Cheers!


I have a boxset with a link, when I click on the boxset it opens the link in a new window. I would like to have it opened in the same window.

How can I adjust this?



Thank you, it worked like a charm as you said!

One other thing. I have added email contact to the social buttons, it also opens a new window next to my outlook. It would be nicer to keep it on the same page and only let the email client be opened. Maybe something for a future update.


thank you for being involved. In my opinion this is a tricky thing – as that button will be pressed by clients, and a lot of them will have Google or Yahoo as the default email client (like me, by the way ;) ) and in that case a new page is welcome. If you do not share my idea, please feel free to change the “_blank” attribute in /tripod/lib/php/LayoutBuilder/LBHeaderElement.php file, in function get_social_icons() around line 520.


I didn’t thought about the web based email clients. That makes it tricky indeed :) I will leave it how it is.

I have a problem, I changed the site’s server, part of the site theme style is lost, help!

ticket number?2141

I see my colleague gave you the same idea from above. The database was copied corrupted most probably. Have you managed your problem? Thanks

My question the #2141 has been resolved?
Thank you mircea.

Hello I want to purchase this theme does this have a donate button instead of the purchase button and can this be used in and does it have to be downloaded in regular control panel or wordpress intallation?


Belief is a WordPress theme, and can be installed only on a Wordpress installation. As long as you have WordPress, you can have Belief as well. About the button – if you mean the “Purchase” from the main menu – then it’s just a menu item, can be edited whatever you would like.

Thank you for considering our theme!

HOw do I get the slideshow to be the background like you have in this theme?


first select your mainpage template (or the template you’re using) and go to slide’s options then set it to full width