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Nice work! Good luck :)

Preview site is down :(

Hi adamck,

The preview site is OK, could you check it again?

Thanks, Andy

could you check the live demo link few of the stuff aint coming up ?

it still coming the same !

now its working :) ! btw nice one and a stunning design!!!

I just bought this theme and am having trouble uploading this theme through wordpress and through filezilla. This template does not have a FAQ or contact info. Can you please help me figure this out?

Hi popinvasion,

The item you purchased is not a WordPress theme, it is an HTML template, so it cannot be installed into WordPress.

If you want a refund, you should contact the themeforest support.

Thanks, Andy

Hey Honryou, The flexslider on the homepage is not remove the slide captions when the slideshow starts over. Can you help me with this?

Example: http://i.imgur.com/VBmROze.png

Hi TheWebBakery,

Sorry, it is a bug, please replace line 463 of file javascripts/app.js with

var current_bg_image_src = $(’.backstretch:last img’, $ctx).attr(‘src’);

to fix it.

Thanks, Andy

Works great! Thank you, Andy.

(For anyone else with this problem, do not simply copy/paste that line of code; there are some character issues)

One more question. How do I change the duration of the “backstretch” images?

Hi TheWebBakery,

The “backstretch” is changed after the front slide changes, you can adjust the delay time by change the value of the “delay” variable on line 473 of file javascripts/app.js

Thanks, Andy

Thanks for the response, Andy! Is it possible to turn of the backstretch image rotation altogether and just make it a static image?

Hi TheWebBakery,

You need to comment out “rotate_bgs(slider);” on line 497 of file javascripts/app.js

Thanks, Andy

The screenshot URL that I uploaded for the portfolio is not pulling anything up.

URL for the site: http://babyburritocollective.com/ URL for the screenshot: http://fromhousepartiestohousewife.com/

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Please help

Hi abranham,

You should fill the screenshot URL field with the url of an image.

Thanks, Andy

Just tried to install it, but it doesn’t work: “theme corrupted” WP says. “Template missing” it says. What can I do?

URL: http://www.sarapitta.com/blog

OK, I’ve just read that it’s not a WP theme… shit.

Hi gipris,

I feel sorry about that, but maybe you could try to contact themeforest support for a refund.

Thanks, Andy


How do I install the theme on my hosting page and also how can I edit the page?

Thank you.