Discussion on Belle - Responsive Wedding Template

Discussion on Belle - Responsive Wedding Template

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Hi, I would love to buy your theme. I was wondering if the files include the form.php file and does the form work? Or would I need to customise it?

Hello. You need to add the php file. But I am going to update the template soon and add it

Hello, updated the template with the php file

Hi, the template is great, just what I was after. Do you have the video template for the invitation video in the demo? Thanks!

Hello. No, I don’t have it. You can just upload the video you want

I think there may be a bug in the jquery on the rsvp form. When the form is posted, if the submission fails validation, I am retaining the form values to give the user a chance to rectify inputs and resubmit. Once the form is posted back, the input fields have a value and the label also stays within the input. Because the on blur / focus events have not been triggered, the ‘filled’ class is not applied to the inputs and so the label stays inside the control, looking messed up. Is there way on forma load to check all the inputs and trigger the checkval routine to force the ‘filled’ class to be applied?

I modified the checkval function to add the filled class if the input has a value, and also added another function to add the filled class if the input already has a value which takes care of the existing data when the form is loaded.

thanks for your message. I will also take a look on it

I think there is a a typo on a div class reference. About.html <div class="timeline-heading"> <h3 class="timeline-title">First We Meet</h3> class="timeline-heading" This class does not exist. Should it be "timeline heading" (space, not hyphen).?? Although if I replace the hyphen with a space, the layout gets messed up slightly so not sure that is correct either? Or is there possibly a css class missing? Thanks</div>

Hello, the correct class is timeline-heading (with hyphen). Its not a problem even if its not used. You can use it to add some extra style if you need

Hello, I am going to setup the theme, all is fine but I think that the PHP file for mail form is missing. How could you help us? Thank you

Hello, last week i’ve sent you a message about php file missing in the mail form. How can I set up it? In few days we’ll have to launch the website and I need for the file as soon as possibile. Could you help us?

Thank you so much for understanding!

Hello. Sorry that I missed your first message. The php file wasn’t included to the template. I am going to update the template and add the php form file. But I’ll have a chance to do this in a few days. If you are in rush, please, contact me via email and I will help you. You can send me the email from this page https://themeforest.net/user/fairytheme

Thank you

I’ve sent you another request via private msg. Thank you for understanding.

Hello, updated the template with the php file

Hello When i buy and use this theme, do i have to add “© 2017 Wedding. All Rights Reserved. Created by FairyTheme” this or can i delet or edit the right, because i want to change some sections.

Greetings Felix

Hello, you can change it

Hey, does this come with wordpress theme?

Hello. We already have the WP theme for it. You can find it here http://belle.pavlyukpetr.com

Hello I would like to add a new field for the Form. I would like to add a select form with 3 options, and also that the php.form send me this answer. Could you help me out with this?

Hello. Ok, I can help you with that. Would you, please, write me the email from my TF page. So I can answer directly to you via email.

Hi. I’ve used your web template for my wedding website:


Problem I’m having is..at the top of the website, on the right of “SAVE THE DATE” “SAREN & RACHEL”..I feel the entire set of text is aligned to the right. When I view on my iPhone X Safari, the “r” in “November” is blocked a little..and I feel there more space on the left where “Tampin N.Sembilan Malaysia” is. Hope you can help me with this.

Hello. Could you, please, send me the screenshot of the problem?

Hi, I am working from the Belle wedding template and I’m trying to amend the Email box from the form. Can you tell me how I can allow it to submit, and also the form doesn’t appear in the email I have placed in the php file.


Hello, thanks for buying this template. First you need to update the HTML form in the html file to see new updates on the site. And after that you can update the php file. Here find the line 25 and update the $body variable.


I have a question regarding the contact form – the value for field Guest name (for Who is coming with you) isn’t sent in confirmation email (only the value Your name which is mandatory field), can you give me an advice how to solve this?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, I tried using your form.php file and just tested it, this is the result after I entered Guest name and clicked Add guest button: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MBqrAeapnpnNSxODlezMjJE3CjFlQETO/view?usp=sharing

Hello. We updated the templated with the new code for the form. After the review you can upload it. You need to update the main.js file. Thank you

The item was updated. You can download it. Tell me, please, if you need more help. If you don’t mind can you give us the 5 stars, please. We will be very grateful. Thanks and have a great time!

Hello. We bought the theme “Belle” an can’t install it. Neither via direct install over the dashboard and via ftp. We alway get the errormessage “style.css” is missing. What we can do to run this theme?


Hello, this is HTML template, not Wordpress theme. You can buy Wordpress version here https://pavlyukpetr.com/product/belle-wordpress-wedding-theme/

Hey there,

I have some trouble with the form to submit. I am not receiving any email. I just changed in the form.php file my email address. I left it as a string with the ’’. Is there anything else I can do?

snippet: // Configure your number Prefix and Recipient here $numberPrefix = ‘[Contact via website]’; $emailTo = ‘martinawollinger@yahoo.com’; // change to your email $errors = array(); // array to hold validation errors $data = array(); // array to pass back data

Hello. Tell me, please, where is you site located? Is there local hosting or web? Sometimes the hosting is filtering the emails. And also if its a web, can you send me the url to the site via my email hartryfock@gmail.com?

Thank you

Hello, do you still need my help?

Hi, thank you for the template. I just want to know if the form works properly. Now I am trying to receive it to my email, but no succes. Or maybe the emails come with delay? There are not in spam.

Hello. Already answered you via email. Thanks