Discussion on Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

Discussion on Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

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mrweishen Purchased

hi, I have a license already. is there discount for additional license?

Hi! Thank you. How many more do you need? If you are buying a second license, it’s the same price. We don’t have any sales coming up in the new future. Please let me know if we can be of help.


RobinW73 Purchased

Hello – please can you advise when the theme will update to version 4.7.2 of the Motopress Hotel Booking plugin?

This is a very important update as it is the one that fixes the issue that the plug deletes all external OTA bookings once the checkout dates has passed.

It’s been out for a couple of weeks – so would really like to see it in the theme update.

As I understand it, because it’s a bundled plugin I can’t manually update this one plugin?

Many thanks.


Hi Robin, we will push that very soon. Please contact us directly and I’ll send you an advance link.


RobinW73 Purchased

Brilliant – many thanks.

Thank you

Hello! My client is using your theme on their site and it’s registered, but the latest version of Slider Revolution is Version 6.5.8. Wordfence has advised that a vulnerability was patched in Version 6.6.13 – do you know why this is not updating? It shows ‘all plugins up to date’ under Bellevue menu.

Yup. We will push an update today. Thanks!

Hello, Themovation. How are you guys?

I have some pre-sales questions. I have looked at the description of your plugin, but I’m not sure if it fits to our scenario here. Could you help me, please? These are very specific to our situation, so don’t worry if your plugin doesn’t cover everything.

Situation: I have a project that receives people only when we have events. It is a project that has 3 hostels of different sizes and features. There are different kinds of events and, therefore, the price to visit and to sleep here are different according to each event. If someone wants to sleep here, they cannot sleep on varied dates. They will pay the price of the total event and enjoy all the perks of the event.

For example: There are 2 events in a given month. 1. The first event costs $100 to visit and $350 to sleep the 3 days of the event. 2. The second event costs $70 to visit and $600 to sleep the 7 days of the event.

We would like to know if it is possibile to do the following with your plugin:

1. Rent entire hostel, room or only beds: we have family and group options to rent not only the bed, but the entire room or the entire hostel for the event. Each with its own prices.

Something like this: - Category: Hostel ($1500) - Sub-category: Rooms ($1000) - Items: Beds ($350)

The person can rent just a bed for the duration of the event, they can rent the room for their family for the duration of the event or they can rent the entire hostel for their group for the duration of the event. They can always checkout early if they wish, but they can’t purchase fewer days than the event’s duration unless the event allow it.

For example: In an event of 10 days, you can stay 10 or 5 sequential days. There would be two options when deciding to rent the bed/room/hostel. Something like this: - Category: Hostel (10 days – $1500; 5 days – $900) - Sub-category: Rooms (10 days – $1000; 5 days – $600) - Items: Beds (10 days – $350; 5 days – $250)

2. Sell participation tickets for those who will be here to visit. Somebody can buy the pass for only one day (whichever day they wish to participate). Possible to buy multiple passes (for example, I can only visit the place on monday, wednesday and friday).

3. Option to add items they consume here (like books, soda, etc). Point of sale, for example. Items tied to the person’s expense history.

4. Possibility to only allow purchase of fixed dates of the event like in a plan option. For example, if the event is for 3 days, somebody can’t rent a room for only 1 day. They can only buy the full plan of 3 days for X price. There can be multiple plans like standard and VIP. All options for the 3 days, but with greater or fewer perks.

5. Allow people to manage their bookings and payments.

I understand these are very specific and the plugin may not cover every aspect. If you could just inform me what can e done, I’d be very grateful. Thank you ahead of time for your time and work.

Thank you!

Yes, I believe this could work well for you. You could add your booking dates and then add the event and books, soda etc as services / extras during checkout.

You can block off dates or only allow bookings for specific periods.

You can also setup two calendars for booking beds for entire rooms and sync them so that you don’t get double bookings.

I hope that helps.

Thank you very much for the answer. You were the first to answer me, so I will start taking a deeper look into your plugin now. I appreciate your time.

Just to be sure, let me see if I understood well your suggestions.

1. It is possible to set up calendars that book rooms and beds and have them work together to avoid double bookings. (Perfect)

2. Is there such a thing as a Day Use (ticket) system? If not, I can probably add an independent plugin and have it work.

3. Point of sale is available, meaning there is a way to add items to someone’s booking and at checkout give them the total, correct?

4. It is possible to lock available booking dates, but can we set it as selling a fixed number of dates instead of always being open for the person to choose? For example, an event in June will be from June 9th to June 12. When I book the room, I am booking the entire period from 9 to 12. I cannot book only one day. I have to book all 4 days. Is that possible? If it is not possible, can we just leave the first day of the event open for booking and have the full price of the event for that day? Meaning, book the event of the 9th and pay the price of all 4 days.

5. Can people manage their own bookings?

Happy to help.

1 – Yes. You can sync internal calendars.

2 – Yes, we have a separate plugin for this (all day booking) but it’s probably better to add this as service or fee using the Hotel Booking Plugin.

3 – During the checkout, the customer can add extras.

4 – There are min and max day rules. You can apply them to a specific season :)


chipsow Purchased


is it possible to be alerted via email at calendar sync errors? In cases when a double booking with Booking or AirBnb happen?

Sync errors? I’m not sure what you mean. You can sync with airbnb, booking.com etc.. to prevent double bookings. That’s included with the price of the theme :)

IsaSoyYo Purchased

Bonjour, J’ai acheté et installé le thème hier mais je ne trouve pas le thème enfant avec le template House Beach… J’ai essayé de créer une page mais pas de home page Beach House non plus (uniquement le beach house 2) Pourriez vous me dire comment faire ? merci d’avance

Où en êtes-vous? Pouvez-vous réinitialiser et recommencer ? Vous pouvez également essayer d’extraire les pages via la bibliothèque visuelle, mais il est probablement plus facile de recommencer car il y a beaucoup de pages. :)

IsaSoyYo Purchased

Je pense que l’on se comprend pas. J’ai tout désinstallé et réinstallé au moins 3 fois. J’ai cherché dans la bibliothèque visuelle, dans le créateur de header … Mes clients ont choisi une home page (beach house1) que je ne trouve pas et n’arrive pas à recréer avec les éléments de la bibliothèque

Merci. Je pense que je comprends maintenant. Veuillez répondre au ticket et nous pourrons y discuter.




mhim Purchased

Hi Team

Thanks for updating theme

Most of issues fixed in it

Mian left is https://bellevuetheme.com/demo/hotelclassic/my-account-2/ design. It’s not looking good and after login also it is not looking good.

I am using WooCommerce also and like that mainly but bookings don’t show there. Can you please check?

Also I am not getting option to register form also.

Regards & Many Thanks

Happy to help. Is this a new install? Can you create a ticket so that we are share more information?


mhim Purchased

Hi Team

Just sent, please check


Hi Themeovation Team,

Can you please tell me where exactly I can update the content for the Sidebar for the Bellevue theme e.g. – Booking Confirmation page ?

I cannot find any options/ locations under – Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Widgets to update the content to my website content. I see option to add widgets but not the actual content like below -

Get in touch




Booking Questions?



Please can you help me?

Best, karankaradn

Yes, I have reached out via Themovation now, hope you can help me as it’s a simple ask and maybe it answers some others in the community too and I don’t have the support service anymore.

I have just restarted work on the website again. Can you tell me what would be the advantage over getting the license vs support too?

Also are minor services like I asked earlier about changing the navigation menu icon on mobile devices, setting minimum as 2 guest etc part of the support services?

Yes, please consider renewing.

You will get premium support and advanced feature alerts. You also support our small team with continuing to make the product better.


(we will look for your email).

I’ll reply to your email.


how do I change style through the CSS of these to buttons? What class it is? I don’t want to extend my support for this small thing.-


thank you


Still no reply to my email

Thanks. I believe we relied to your email. I’ll double check.

Can you advice, which of the included websites will be best for summer lake resort?

Hi! Thanks. They can all be used for someting like that because you can swap out the photos with your own but I like these for summer vacation rentals:

https://bellevuetheme.com/demo/beachhouse2/ https://bellevuetheme.com/demo/tinyhome https://bellevuetheme.com/demo/beachhouse/

More here:


Hi Team,

I am looking forward to your support for the below two points -

1. Navigation Bar (Mobile)

Currently, when the page is loaded it shows “Softouch Ayurveda Village” text and then “Book Now” button .

Once I scroll down, then I get a home icon that the user can click to expand and see the other subpages.

Ideal option

- Softouch Ayurveda Village, then Book now button follows by icon on the very right ​(three horizontal bar to indicate there is a button to click to expand)

With current option only upon scrolling it’s clear that there are subpages.

2. Book Now – How can I edit this “Button” to put the correct link?

3. Footer Area

I had to restore the theme as it had some issues, and now I can’t figure out how to access this area to edit, I checked under Menus/ appearance/ Navigation etc but now luck.

​How can edit this part “Restore balance and harmony…...

The sub links (Packages, Rooms, Menu Page, Gallery, Blog, Contact Us) -how can I change these and update the links?

The bottom most part “Copyright 2023” how can I edit this area, I can’t update Privacy Policy and this whole area anymore.

Looking forward to your support so I can go fully online with guest :)

Thanks for the amazing theme :)

URL – http://softouchayurveda.com​

Sorry, the footer area part is in order figured its’ under Bellevue > Global Templates. I just need help with then navigation menu for mobile devices please – nothing else :)

Are you able to reach out to our support team?


We use this area for presales.

HI i need to build a web site for my customer and i would like to test this theme. I need to test the booking system, availability form , payment , booking confirmation . For example i checked the availability form and returned that the date format is not compatible. May i check a 100% working demo site? stefano

Thank you, i suppose you offer full support to the theme…. as a webmaster i need fast assistance especially for payments procedure for this theme. I suppose there is a full guide explaining all booking procedure and settings

Yes. We have guides and great support.

Our support is very fast as well. :)

Is your WordPress theme compatible with latest PHP 8 version (PHP 8.0 ; PHP 8.1 ; PHP 8.2) ? Cordially.

Yes. :)


julian36 Purchased

How do I disable or change settings from blog post recomandation articles in your theme case “Also Interesting…” ?

Think this is under WP Dash / Bellevue / Global Templates / Single Post :)

anabsw Purchased

Update to the latest version 4.1.8

Hello, I have Bellevue version 3.5.11 running on my website, The question is can I update to the latest version? Or is there a problem doing it?

I thank you in advance for your kind help. Ana

Yes, you can upgrade. If you run into any issues, please create a ticket for us.


anabsw Purchased

Serious problem updating the Bellevue theme!!! :(

I just updated the Traveler theme to the current latest version, but I had serious problems.

Problem that I could see, for example:

- The texts of the contents have disappeared. - Some sections have disappeared. - It seems that some styles also disappeared. - Some pages give error 404

(If you visit the web, now the web looks good, but because I have restored a copy and there is the old parent theme)

What happened? How is it possible that when updating the Bellevue theme all this happens?

I tried to write a ticket from my account in their support panel, (as you kindly indicated) but I think, since the support period has passed, it won’t let me submit it. But I consider that this problem clearly occurs due to the update of the theme, and that should not happen if I have always worked with the child theme and it is activated.

I hope you will be so kind and decide to help me in this case.

Thank you very much in advance.


Ana, there should not be any issues updating so it could be a conflict with a plugin.

You can reach us


You can also roll back with your host to get you up and running.

Hello, need to ask something. Is it possible to connect a room to an external booking system like the Hotel Booking theme from themegoods?

Yes, you can actually embed the hotelier form. Did you want to do that?

Yes. Embedding the form woud be great. a Simple button would still be ok. Is there something in your documentation that covers the process?

Yes, we can help you through this.

Hi, I would like to buy another licence for my client. I have tried on my demo site how the new demo works but after the import it is not working like it shoudl be. The mobile version is completely useless. Can you fix that so I don’t have to look for another theme? Thank you…

Hello! Thank you. Hmm, what version are you using to test? Can you ensure that you are using the very latest?


Did you see any error messages?

Can you please reach out via our contact form?


I sent a message.

Thank you.

Hi Why did you delete my comment and your reply? https://themeforest.net/comments/29502373

I’m not sure what you are referring to but can you please reach out to us directly with any concerns? Then we have a direct link of communication with you. :)

Use the form to contact us:


hi, ive installed this theme and added all the demo data but theres no homepage for this? How do i import an exact demo like the demo you are showing?

Thanks for letting us know! Sorry that you ran into issues. What homepage are you looking for?

i would like the site to look exactly like the hotel 2 demo but mine looks nothing like that right now

Hm, it should be identical. Did you run through the theme setup guide?


Please reach out to us on support, we will help you get setup today.



i installed another theme that also uses motopress hotel booking plugin. However, it’s a big issue with the customers login to their accounts, it simply doesn’t work and I don«t know when they will fix this. I’ve visited yoir demos but I couldn’t find if is it possible to have a front-end login/register for returning and new clients, with social login, check accepting preivacy policy and terms of use, syncronized whith the booking plugin’s “account details”. Thanks

Thanks. But the theme has some login feature such as login with ajax?

I bought the theme. Hope this the one after other two. Anyway, is there a frontend login/register available for clients?

Happy to help. We are online today, please create a ticket so we can walk you through any issues / questions.


We are pushing an update today actually to tidy up some styling on the frontend login pages.


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