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Hi, this theme is very nice. Only a question : in the single product page the photogallery its possible the zoom ( open new window or similar ) because my customer need to show the details of product with more big size photos . Thank you

Bellissima Version 1.2 has been released. Please read details on the theme page: http://themeforest.net/item/bellissima-woocommerce-wordpress-template-/2574182

Hi Thanks Unifato I have download the 1.2 versione , but still same problem of slider with slider home

and also still same problem of not correct size the photo ( when I click in the thumbnails small , it appear to window is not resize well is all left and full image …

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Regarding the warning of the homepage slider – it seems to me it’s because there is no featured items with the corresponding images to display. To be sure, can you send (you can do it via our profile page) the url and login details for the WP?

Wow! R U kidding me? Amazing job.

Very nice theme!!

One thing, in the demo the pages blog and faq don’t work, they are blank. Something to check?

Cheers! Tom

The FAQ and Blog pages are working perfectly now.

Excellent, thanks! Will advice my client to purchase this one.

nice work…

Awesome work! GLWS ! ;)


Awesome! Good luck with the sales :)

thank you!

Nice design, good luck with sales :)

thank you!

Outstanding work! Welcome to Themeforest!

thank you!

Very nice! Loving the color scheme and layout in general! Good luck with sales :)

Beautiful theme, for sure.

Good luck with your sales and welcome to Themeforest, mate!

Some of the tabs not working

Can you please specify which ones?

Your site is broken, try clicking on a few menu items like ‘Store’ and you will see.

That was because of WP Total cache. I deactivated it, and the preview works fine now.

Yeahh a few elements of the site are broken, how are the themes styling options admin side, is it easily customisable or would the majority of work be editing css files?

I love the design its perfect for a project Im about to undertake.

That was because of WP Total cache, which I have deactivated for now. The preview is working perfectly.

The admin section provides a ‘Styling’ tab which offers several options like Heading Typography, Content or Link Typography, Backgrounds, Skins, etc.

If you want to add more custom styles, you can easily add them to the ‘Custom CSS ’ field, without even touching the theme code.

No problem, as long as there is a custom css file Im happy enough with that. I will be purchasing when you do the next update.

Quick Cache works better with woocommerce for me, Total Cache broke to many things :)


I can tell that a lot of work went into this – definitely a top of the line e-commerce theme!

Good luck with sales, mate :)!

Seemingly a very attractive / functional theme!

However, did you know that a angel loses their wings every time an e-commerce theme is sold that doesn’t support mobile devices in a responsive manner? LOL (just kdding).

Nice work, Good luck with sales….....:)

Thank you all, guys!

Amazing! I love it. I’ll buy it as soon as the zoom for products becomes available, in 3 days, right?

The update with Zoom enabled photos is live.

Can we categorize the woo commerce categories?

WooCommerce items can easily be categorized (no matter what theme you are using).

But I don’t really understand what you mean by saying ‘Categorize the Categories’. If you mean Parent and Children categories, then yes, why not.