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Hi I want to update my wordpress. I currently use: Ballissima 3.0, woocommerce 1.6.6, Wordpress 3.5.1

Would like to update to all: Ballissima 4.2.2, woocommerce 2.0.20, Wordpress 3.8

But I get a problem Settlement page. Because that is pagin not work correctly. And can not complete ordering proses.

What can be done about this?

Thank you


I would suggest to try a test server and install a new instance of the theme. Then update to the latest versions. It won’t have all your products but you need only few test products to check if verything is working fine

If you send me an email I can send you a link to our test instance with the latest updates so you can try how it behaves. So far we haven’t found issues


I have tried it on another server. All plugin install one for one, and no problems.

only SEO plugin woo something with a php line. But the page was called passed well.

The woo SEO Deactivate. Everything was well visible.

So even try on the good site. But that was not it.

What could be the problem, maybe the server?

Yet problems. I sent you an email

I’m missing a few pages and I don’t know how to create them. For some reason they didn’t populate on my site. These are the pages:

http://unifato.net/bellissima/?post_type=product – All Products http://unifato.net/bellissima/?page_id=59 – my Account http://unifato.net/bellissima/?page_id=61 – View Orders

Nevermind figured this out

Also one other thing. If you look at my site: http://www.mindsuccess.com/

The my account/my cart in the header doesn’t work?

No. I thought they were supposed to be done when I inserted the sample content. Also I couldn’t find an all products shortcode for woocommerce

Nevermind figured this out

Yes, in general when you import you dummy content xml file and install woo the pages are created. However, in occasional cases, this doesn’t happen

Sorry for all the questions but 1 more. I tried changing the color of the navigation menu and replaced the background image but nothing is working. I removed it completely from .css and it’s still showing up. What file is controlling this.

It is controlled via css

file updates.css, look for the following class:


Where is the CSS file for class=”sub-menu” to control the submenu color?

Sorry for all the questions. I actually figured this one out. What I’m not sure about is why do the images on my blog post show up below the “by”, “author” and “comments” where yours are above? http://www.mindsuccess.com/this-is-why-you-never-tell-someone-they-cant-do-something/

hello it seems the theme have a width issue with the slider on screen size 480, i have tried a lot but what i can figure out is it has a problem with the slider on screensize 480, I thought it is my customization which mess with the theme but when I test your demo theme on the mobile it has the same problem. you can check the problem here. http://mobiletest.me/#d=iPhone_5_portrait&u=http://unifato.net/bellissima/ and the problem is due to slider. please can you figure out the solution. as my website is live. below is my website link http://www.easternparadise.co.in/


The issue seems to be on screen size of 320, not 480.

So you can change the width from 320 to 300 on the following two declarations in mobile.css:
@media screen and (max-width: 480px)
.header-main, #navigation, #content, .footer-main
@media screen and (max-width: 480px)
.promo-inner, .item

My client purchased your theme. Do you have the documentation and configuration tutorials???


It is in the zip file that your client has downloaded



a strange code started to appear on my website:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/mhpearlj/public_html/wp-content/themes/bellissima/index.php on line 1

My Google Webmaster Tools shows it as a soft 404 error connected with the path: http://www.mhpearljewellery.co.uk/wp-content/themes/bellissima/

How do I solve it? I haven’t done any changes in the index.php file, which is referenced in the error.

Thanks! It is something that has come up recently after the theme has been previously working all fine. It’s not a fresh install

What to do with it?


I would suggest disable any plugin you might have installed recently. If that doesn’t help try re-install the theme (this might wipe out any custom changes to the theme code btw)

I have used the shortcode to setup the contact page as shown in the shortcode page here but the message is not sent to the address even though I have changed it. Did I miss something?

sendto=”petersmarket@hvc.rr.com” /][/raw] is what is within the page (Visual, not text) I posted this again becaues I noticed it didnt paste correctly above.

Can you send me the WP login details

I sent you an email. thanks!

Hello I sent an email 3 days ago regarding a serious issue with the checkout cart. Its a variable product issue. Can you please take a look at it for me. All the info you need is in the email already.

Thank you kindly

reply sent via email

Is there away to show more products on the homepage. Like 3 or 4 rows grid style?

Hey guys I figure out how to remove the read more button when an Item is out of stock.

I removed this code from theme/woocommerce/loop/add-to-cart.php

<?php echo apply_filters( ‘out_of_stock_add_to_cart_text’, __( ‘Out of Stock’, ‘woocommerce’ ) ); ?>

Hope this helps

that’s great, thanks for sharing!

If I add something to the site (homepage), how do I make it so it doesn’t show up on mobile and only shows up on the desktop site?

we don’t provide such a featuer natively. What you can do is to switch off the mobile version at all

I like the mobile version. I just added 1 element to the home page that I don’t want to show up on mobile. I was hoping there was some way of hiding it.

You can try hide it based on resolution, like for example:

@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {

When an item is out of stock the button changes to read more. How can I change that text or hide the button?

Hey guys I figure out how to remove the read more button when an Item is out of stock.

I removed this code from theme/woocommerce/loop/add-to-cart.php

<?php echo apply_filters( ‘out_of_stock_add_to_cart_text’, __( ‘Out of Stock’, ‘woocommerce’ ) ); ?>


Thinking of purchasing this for my next project but want to know if you will be updating this theme in the future and for WooCommerce 2.1 compatibility?

We will try to do that, however at this point I can’t confirm any date especially since the final release of woo 2.1 is yet to be defined


helo sir i have a problem, i can’t find how to use “sale” stiker on my product, where i can setting that, thanks www.storsia.com


You need to have a product that have a sale price as well as regular price, in admin, woocommerce section


Congrats for the theme, looks nice. I just installed it and I noticed that some styles from the psds files doesn’t match the site? Can I get your last psds ? For e.g I wanna update the star that has the text “SALE” on it and I can’t find.. I found only label promo (probably it was from a past version).


I didn’t received the psds, I’ve sent a private message with my email address last week

The file was sent on 19th of January

yep, it’s there. Thanks a lot.

I upgraded my theme but now I can only show one picture on the buy page even though I uploaded 3 (Feature, Slider 1 , and Slider 2)

Can you help


Slider 1, 2 etc are images to be shown on the homepage big slider. If you need more images in the product details page just add them as a gallery – click on the featured imaeg and add more as gallery

oh it changed on the update? New way works fine thanks

Hi have a problem with product widget, the arrows doesn’t work..

I placed it inside a home wide sidebar but with width modified.

You can see it here: www.ruvidobeach.it

what should I do?

I need that layout…

added 12 elements.. still doesn’t work

can you send the WP login details via email and a short note which file have you changed?

ok email sent let me know.. thank you very much!


I’ve run into an interesting issue and am wondering if you have the answer to it. I have Bellissima Theme 4.2.2, Woocommerce 2.0.2, and Wordpress 3.7.1. I did a trial run and added one product with 4 variations…blue, pink, purple, and clear. My featured image is pink and I matched the image colors to the variations. The colors change fine on the actual item page when a specific color is chosen, however, if you add one of each color to the cart, the cart is not using the variation images. Instead all products are showing the featured image. The actual text is saying the colors properly it’s just that the cart is for some reason not using the variation photos. When I put the order through – my order form is showing the images properly. When I change over to the twenty-eleven theme the colors do show in the cart properly so this is leading me to believe that it is indeed an issue with the theme somewhere. Would you be able to tell me why this is happeing? Thanks a ton for your time!!!

Email sent


I just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL service and product! :). The issue is corrected and all looks beautiful!

You are most welcome!


After the last wordpress upgrade my product images and description don’t seem to line up correctly, instead of the description being on the right hand side of the image (for any product) the description/price and cart button drops below to the right of the image… Can I change the following to resolve this? http://www.jaimeparfum.com.au

media="all" @media screen and (max-width: 300px) .header-main, #navigation, #content, .footer-main


Try adding this as a custom style in the admin

.detail-item .text-info {
display: inherit;


Great this works! appreciate the help, thanks.

You are welcome