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I have a couple quick questions

1. When I add more than one photo to a product page only the first image shows. How do I fix this?

2. Recently on any product that I upload or update three boxes appear with “All fields are Optional” how do I get rid of this . Example : http://indigoboxjewels.com/product/pearl-after-my-own-heart-necklace/

Please help thanks!

Can I get an email address to send it to.


Hi Unifato I need your email address to send you the login info .

Thanks, Razan


Please check our profile page:


Hi can you please tell me how to increase the height of the slider on the home page with the large images?


please supply your email address so i can send you the wp login details securely

check our profile page

Now that the height of the slider images is working, the height of the thumbnails section on the right is still restricted in height and only shows the first 4 thumbnails, despite their being more images added to it. Can you please tell me how I can get it to show more thumbnails too please?

Hey Unifato,

Few things, 1 – My client wants to move/put the social icons to the top of the page and I am not sure how to add them there if possible. It would be nice if I could put them in the main menu on the right side.

2 – They want to remove My Cart from up top as well (items not being sold right now, maybe ever). I might even consider replacing My cart area with social icons.

Thanks in advance!


To make the theme work in catalog mode (without buy/sell option) you ill need a plugin like this one: http://www.woothemes.com/products/catalog-visibility-options/

or some code changes in the core theme files

As for the social links – you can remove them from footer_column_3 widget position and place them in header.php for example. But you need to come up with some design for their new place



im using this awesome theme for a website where multiple authors post their products and people can order by contacting the respective author via message/email, using the store may be an option for the future but only for my own products, right now there is something I would like to do if possible, that would help the customers reach the authors more easily:

In the single post page, alongside the comments fields, add the theme’s inbuilt contact form, in a way the user can quickly send a message to the author. It could be below the comment form, or using tabs/accordions might look really cool. Could you help me edit the single.php file to do that? if at all possible without complicated rewrite.

Thank you!


Unfortunatelly this won’t be possible without heavy changes that are outside of the scope of the provided support. Also please have in mind that you need to specify in the admin the author for each product.


Ok thank you anyway!


Would you tell me how to set up the subscribe widget? I have a feedburner account, I just don’t know how to incorporate the account with the widget. Thank you.


Appearance > Widgets. In the footer column 2 you should see the subscribe widget (if it’s not there just drag and drop it there). And then you need to enter your newsletter ID name. That’s it


I did the stupid thing of upgrading to woocommerce 2.1… Any idea about how far away an update is?


Missing at all from the widgets list or not put in a widget group?


http://www.jaimeparfum.com.au/shop/calvin-klein-eternity-summer-men-2013-100ml-edt-sp/ above for example product page I have sidebar widget configured to show price filter, another one for brands filter, and categories. They are not showing up at all. On generic shop page below only the price filter widget shows up: http://www.jaimeparfum.com.au/shop/

I will re-copy all the files again just in case… as the formatting looks off as you can see from those two links.


Judging by the default look of the breadcrumbs – some files have not been updated, probably that’s the reason

I have a site using the theme that gives the incorrect search function appearence:


i want it to look like this


Just searched for “camera” – it goes well: http://digidaft.com/?s=camera&post_type=product

Please don’t update to woo 2.1 as the theme currently doesn’t support it

Hi, I just updated the theme but now the sales badge has been replaced by the “Sale!” text. How do I get the sales badge again?

Please don’t update to woo 2.1 as the theme currently doesn’t support it

Hello again,

any way to use the inbuilt contact form to provide source post link in the email? Suppose I setup every new post in a category to display the form after the post (already did that), it would be useful when I receive a contact email to know where exactly it came from ;)

I’ve already done something like this in another site, and I can have a form working like this in my new site but its ugly compared to the inbuilt form, but its code is a bit above my level, if you could at least point me in the right direction to add a hidden field with permalink info or something?


Nevermind I was able to figure out how to do it :) inserted the following line inside the contact shortcode in myshortcodes.php:

<input id='sourcePost' type='hidden' name='sourcePost' value='" . get_permalink() . "' />

and then customized send_email.php to make use of the new field and make some other changed to the email output.

Two new questions, stupid or not:

How do I get the google map thing to show up in the contacts page?

Is there a quick way to disable ability to post new portfolios?


Just go to your contacts page and paste the google maps iframe code, like this:

<iframe src="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=paris,+france&aq=&sll=52.370216,4.895168&sspn=0.156795,0.308647&g=Amsterdam,+The+Netherlands&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Paris,+%C3%8Ele-de-France,+France&t=m&ll=48.858052,2.353477&spn=0.019765,0.083256&z=14&output=embed" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" width="970" height="350"></iframe>


Thanks! Got it!

I was also stupid & upgraded to woocommerce 2.1… Bellissima & WooCommerce 2.1 don’t like each other at the moment :( Shop seems to work, but broken CSS


An update will be provided, sorry for your trouble

Any idea when the update will be provided?

Well you can use the older version of Woo for the moment, the one before 2.1. I think it was 2.0.20 or something like that

any updates on this?

an update has been issued


Hi works fine with new woocommerce version 2.1? Thanks


A theme update will be released that will work fine with 2.1. For the moment please use an older version, like 2.0.X


Same here. Please advise when the new update will be ready. I have 3 websites that all broke on this update. We’re scrambling to revert, but every minute is a sale lost.

Most probably it will be submitted in 8-10 hours and will be available for download in 24-30 hours

ETA on site update please. last comment you said 24 – 30 hours and it’s been about 24 hours. Can we expect the update anytime? Site is a mess with woocommerce update.

Love the theme – just need it to work.


It’s on the queue


Thinking of purchasing—want to know if the featured slider on the home page can be replaced with a different slider, something with an option of fading into different images. Wouldnt mind using a plugin/widget, just trying to figure out if this is going to be an option for my cilent. Thanks -Kendall


The slider plugin is based on jQuery Tools (http://jquerytools.org/) so you can check for an option for fading instead of sliding.

Otherwise you can use your own plugin but you need to do quite some coding to make it fit in the theme, unfortunatelly we can’t do that type of custom tasks


Hello! Please tell me how to adjust the slider? Thank you.

Thanks for the sympathy!!!!!!


The index.php of help file is empty. I uploaded several times without success. Can you help me out?

Kind regards Angelique

Perhaps there were a problem with the archive, send me your email with a short reminder and I will get back to you with the help


The package came with an empty index.php in the help folder. Can you help me?


Hi, I am using the “product bundles” extension with woocommerce and the individual ‘bundled’ items dont show their thumbnails. Have you come across this extension? Example: images should show in between Anny,Betty&Gaby subheadings.

no, sorry:-(

Hello I, getting thesemessageon my WP dashboard “Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details

Kindly assist. Thank you


THe old templates should have no functional impacts. We will updated them in time of course.


The index.html file in the help folder is still empty. Can you email me the help please? tim@computerteacher.co.uk