Discussion on Benaa - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Discussion on Benaa - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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The theme features says there are Google Fonts included. I don’t see where to access the Google Fonts anywhere? Can you tell me where to access this feature?

Thanks Scott

That is not working. When I click the drop down to choose a font family, nothing happens. The menu does not open and there is no way to select any other fonts.

I am having multiple issues with the Theme. I registered at the support link above, received and email and clicked to verify. BUT on the support website it says “Your account has not verified. Please confirm your mail to verify it!! ” Please fix this issues so I can submit a ticket for all the issues I am having with this theme.

What is your account on our help desk? Send here to fix. If not, you have to use purchase code to create ticket. With your issue, I need account WordPress to login your website which can’t public here. Thanks

Pre Purchase Question: Can this theme be customized to sell land/plots…not houses

Yes, you can sell it. You should try sandbox here before purchase: http://sandbox.g5plus.net/homeid/ Thanks

I’m referring to Benaa Theme not HomeID…or are they the same?

Almost feature are the same, I send link homeid because hasn’t got link sandbox for benaa. Thanks


PiriyaK Purchased

Hi, on the “advanced search page”, I cannot click on the property shown as results. Please see the problem on the page.

The page is created from the ERE Shortcode “Advanced Search Page”.


Please create ticket on our help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net and leave your account WordPress there, our support team will check for you. Thanks

Pre-purchase question

Hi, What Multilanguage website plugin do you recommend to use with this theme. Here is a good example of a multilingual website built on your theme: https://memoshome.com/en/


Thanks for your interest. You should use wpml or polylang for multi language. Thanks

Thank you for answer

You are welcome.

I need to add another payment method

Thanks for your purchased my theme. With another payment method, you can create ticket request us on https://sp.g5plus.net and this is custom job, so you have to pay extra fee for that. We will check and answer can do or not, and how much via ticket support. Thanks

Hi The agances page not display text for any agancy on mobile view so i have check the same page on your demo in mobile view the text apper normally So how can i fix it to display agancy information text https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GmpkPNmXiCJJ88uCLnKgQpYYJtaBkODu/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GyUF20ixQn0lHx2_8qD-1I1NZpzl11qM/view?usp=drivesdk

Please send your url here to check. Thanks

I checked and can’t guess what happened. So, pls create ticket on our help desk https://sp.g5plus.net and leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, i will check. On my demo display normal here: https://gyazo.com/adcf47e494cb1d033c52f338cafce279 Thanks

Hi; Some pre sale questions:

1.- Do agents have their own page with enquiries made by users to them? Like a historical request section.

2.- Can Users register using Google or Facebook and save their property searches?

3.- Will Users (that submit a property) be able to see how many times their property has been seen? Will they know which agents are in charge of their property?

4.- Can Users ask for a property with certain conditions, if there is no property listed with that characteristics?

5.- Can we know how many times a property has been published?

6.- Can the property have a track of leads, can this be published in the front end?

7.- Can I set up free property submission and publication for a period of time, and then charge for it (first 3 months is free, they start paying starting the fourth month)?

8.- Can I integrate it with Active Campaign?

Thank you sooo much!

Thanks for your interest my theme. 1. Haven’t got. 2. Can’t do 3. – Will Users (that submit a property) be able to see how many times their property has been seen => your mean: page view? if true, yes, view here: https://gyazo.com/23ec001654d4703b10da048b2b974972 - Will they know which agents are in charge of their property? => no 4. Yes, view here: https://homeid.g5plus.net/property-status/for-rent/ or https://homeid.g5plus.net/property-type/house/ 5. Can’t to know. 6. Haven’t got. 7. Can’t do. 8. I haven’t yet test with Active Campaign, can’t say anything. Thanks

the payment gateway you added are not available in my country and my currency.Please how do I add additional payment gateways like paystack or fultterwave? Thank you.

Unfortunately, you have to hire someone/developer to build it as addons. Sorry for that. Thanks


Altano Purchased


In the newer versions of Essential Real Estate, agents can select multiple values for property status, categories and type of transaction fields when publishing a new property on front. Is there a way to force single selection? Thanks.

Unfortunately, haven’t got option to do that. Thanks.


I have some easy questions

1- Boothstrap version?

2- PHP version?

3- Html 5?

4- CSS version?

5- Can we make Country and City search. First select Country then city?

6- Can we make “random” listing of properties?

7-Can we make some properties as higher membership model? Like making them list priority top. How many different membership models can we have?

8- Do you have dashboards for every user and show statistics like page views etc?

The answer is the same with Beyot because they are difference design. 1. Bootstrap v3.3.7 2. php 7.4+ 3. No. 4. Bootstrap css v3.3.7 5. Yes. 6. Have to change code a bit. We listing default. 7. Can’t make higher membership. We have: customers, agent and admin 8. Haven’t got like that. Pls check with https://themeforest.net/item/homeid-real-estate-wordpress-theme/30203159 Thanks

May I help you?

Hola, las propiedades se pueden publicar en dos tipos de moneda? alquileres en pesos argentinos, ventas en dolares. Gracias

Unfortunately, my theme haven’t got this feature, but you can hire someone/developer to build it. Any questions, let me know. Thanks

I am trying to update my PHP to 7.3 or higher (I’m currently at 7.2), but the site breaks when I do. The theme is 3.0.4. Can you please include this in your next theme update? Thanks.

EDIT: I got it to work. Thanks.

Glad to hear that, if had problem, pls go to my help desk at https://sp.g5plus.net for further support. Thanks

Hi, I updated my theme to Version 3.0.4 today, very things were working smoothly until, I try to upload a new property the Wp-Bakery is working fine, but the property information forms doesn´t load, it stayed charging forever. How can I fix this issue? Help Please.

The issue is the Wp-Bakery 6.6.0, I Deactivated the Plugins and all start working fine again, but I have to activited again so the theme front end looks correctly.

Are you still need help? if yes, go to my help desk https://sp.g5plus.net create ticket and leave your account WordPress(admin role) there, i need to check directly on your website. Thanks

Hi in Real Estate Options / Price Format > Price On Call Text, is that possible to translate that text on other languages with wpml plugin, cause i try it, but i cant change it, what i input in field stay same on other language.Can you help me to change it when i am on page with another language.Thank you

The best is latest version for both PHP and MySQL. Best free is Polylang. Thanks

I was use WPML and now problem is when i translate this part: if (wp_mail($target_email, $email_subject, $email_body, $header)) { echo json_encode(array(‘success’ => true, ‘message’ => esc_html__(‘Message Sent Successfully!’, ‘essential-real-estate’))); } else { echo json_encode(array(‘success’ => false, ‘message’ => esc_html__(‘Server Error: Mail function failed!’, ‘essential-real-estate’))); } wp_die();

I get only translate good on WP-ADMIN page but for User on webpage not translated?

Send email not related with wpml. You have to install wp mail smtp or something like that to send email. Thanks

Hi, how to experience Benaa theme demo as user?

Beyot and Benaa are the same functions, just difference design.

Still, they are different themes.

We won’t create sandbox website for Benaa because feeling not need. Sorry once.

Hi! Is there any way, to make the search input fields a simple number fields, so the user can enter a specific number. The slider and dropdown is not good for me unfortunately. Thank you.

Unfortunately, my theme just provide slider or dropdown, not enter value. Thanks

my customer bought the theme. Since the last update Google Fonts are gone. Cannot set them in theme options anymore. Any known issue?

You have to update theme, benaa framework and essential real estate plugin to latest version. We just re-organize them. If done all but error still there, let me know to check. Thanks

Pre-Sell Questions

1. I like the Benna’s listing style (card layout) over Beyot’s. However Beyot has good rating than Benna. Is Benna’s listing card layout available in Beyot? What are the other major differences between Benna and Beyot?

2. I learned from your answers in the comment section that you use Essential Real Estate Plugin. It has three payment gateways. Is it possible to include bank transfer, Digital Wallet (Terra Wallet,WooCommerce Wallet ) etc?

3. If not WooCommerce, can you suggest any Digital Wallet (virtual) plugin that may be compatible with your theme?


Hi, thanks for your interest my theme. 1. Beyot and Benaa are the same features, base on Essential Real Estate plugin, just difference on design. 2. We just support 3 payments like that, if you want to add new, you have to do custom job. We haven’t got schedule update payments. 3. To be honest, i haven’t yet tested with other Digital Wallet, so can’t answer this. Any questions, let me know. Thanks

Hi! I saw that you are updated the theme today. How i can see what is the changes were made so far and how i can update existing project:? Thank you

You can view change log here: http://themes.g5plus.net/benaa/changelog.html With update theme, read more: https://g5plus.net/knowledge-base/how-to-update-theme-to-lastest-version/ Carefully backup before update, that is the best. Thanks


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