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What would the code be to add the new products to the front page like the featured products?

As with the others, I would love and buy this theme if it was fully responsive. Would totally understand if we had to forego some of the design elements on mobile in order to gain the functionality. Will keep my eye on any further updates regarding responsiveness! Thanks!

Would also love this to be responsive!

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Does this work with Magento 1.8

Hello shadow3d,
the theme dies not support Magento 1.8 for now.


Any chance to update the theme to 1.8 in these months?

Hello, FranciscoGGP.
Benissimo theme is already compatible with Magento 1.8. Last update of this theme was on 28/12/2013. You can find this information in the bottom of theme page here.

Since the Georgia font does not have spanish characters (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ), how can I change the theme font?


Hello, FranciscoGGP.
You can change theme font in these two files: ‘editor-style.css’ and ‘style.css’.

I found out that the problem was mine and spanish users should use this coding for special symbols http://www.pcweb.es/manual_html/mostrar.php?opcion=Caracteres_especiales

Dear FranciscoGGP,
Thank you for your feedback.

Can the colors of this theme be changed?

Hello, StampersAnon.
We can help you to change required color with the help of CSS.