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got a problem with IE “Add to Cart” button cannot be load and the white color square almost disappear in the background in the theme, how fo replace the [Add to Cart] button?

Thank you for the bug report! We have already fixed this issue in our theme. You can download the latest version from ThemeForest.

Can you give acces to the demo admin so I can see how the settings are of your shop. I want it to look exactly the same. Thank you!

Sorry, but No, we can’t.

What font did you use for the word benissimo in the logo? Thank you


I have prob when open in Firefox all the header go empty and I must scroll down for a long to see the content . How do I fix it?

Actually, can not reproduce your issue, Firefox v21

I have prob when open in Firefox all the header go empty and I must scroll down for a long to see the content . How do I fix it? I use ” THAI ” language font


Can you tell me how I can show my sub-categories from the header drop down menu?

For example I have: Category > SubCategory 1 > SubCategory 2 Only Category > SubCategory 1 displays in the header.

Thank you!

Well, it’s OpenCart limitation.

In order to improve customer support all future questions related to this subject please send to support@itembridge.com or facebook . Support requests in the item comments will not be taken into account.
Support provided during 24 hours, additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the question.

hi! do you have a responsive version in nearest plans?

Hello, sorry but no any plans for now.

Hi! I’m using 3 languages. Two of them are working just fine but the third one doesn’t show footer and welcome ribbon. What should I do?

Write us on support@itembridge.com and sent screenshots with your problem, write whate language doesen’t work.

I localized the cause of this problem and it has absolutely nothing to do with the benissimo-theme. Problem is in the swedish language pack..

Hi InfoStyle,

nice template! I realy like it. I tried to submit a ticket but doesn’t work. I putted the purchase code but after submitted an error say “invalid purchase code”. I want just to know how can i change the green colour with my own colour and how can i change the fonts. Thank you

Now already work, sorry for inconvenience.

I’ve successfully changed the colour on css and work fine. I need to know only how i can change the fonts. Thanks

Hello, Is it possible to get your demo versions .SQL file ant image folder of the items in demo page?


Hello ITMgroup, sorry but it’s impossible due to copyright infringement.

My problem is that I can not type text on the banner… Demo is also available. I’d appreciate if you help…

Hello my problem is that when i open for editing the Item Bridge (Module) after i have install the Greek translation (ver the only thing that does not appears is the Item Bridge Theme.( and their contents- welcome ribbon – about text – latest news- | and from Footer -Payment Systems – Icons Social Icons ) When i change the lang to Greek the above’s disappear any suggestions please?

Hello nibenonm,
sorry for inconveniences but all support provides on http://support.itembridge.com/. Please open a ticket and we will help you soon. Thanks.


I interested with your theme, but i dont like cloud zoom effect, can i turn off those effect?

and can i change font, font color, select or roll over color?

Hello salvadorscardua,
— yes you can turn off those effect;
— yes you can change font, font color, select or roll over color;
also you can write us on support and we will help you.

can i change font,color etc easily in admin page? because i don’t understand CSS or HTML code

can you add screenshot of admin page?

thanx you

Dear trianasukamto, this feature is not availaible in the Dashboard (Admin panel), but you can create the ticket at http://support.itembridge.com and we’ll help you to solve these issues.

Hello i would like to know please why the banner in home page does not work like slider show (auto motion)


Please respond to my problem

the slider show in front page does not roll automatic

Hi, with this question please open the ticket on our support site: http://support@itembridge.com/

Hi, go to your demo site with IE10 -> “Create an account” or “Contact Us”, and you will see a present :) etc. http://magento.benissimo.itembridge.com/customer/account/create/

Internet explorer show black space instead your nice frame. i see you corrected this mistake in “Magento” but one left anyway :) in contacts.

Have a nice day mister, many time you selling this theme, but a lot of mistakes… in CSS, check with validator and more more more…........

in Magento – in register page problem, in contacts you have corrected this bug :)

Hello, smscentras.
Thank you for feedback.
Our developers were informed about this issue. It will be fixed in the next release of Benissimo theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi, can a blog be added?

Hello, alumbriated.
Sorry, but Blog page is not available in Benissimo OpenCart theme.

Is this compatible with openCart 2.0

Hello, developerswag.
We didn’t test Benissimo theme with OpenCart 2.0. That is why we can’t guarantee you correct work of theme with it.

Hi there

nice work thanks my site is hacked recently, and data center support suggest me upgrading for security patch my server is version , could you guide me how to upgrade?

Hello, zhuqing0423.
We are currently using OpenCart v1.5.5.1 on our demo and didn’t test Benissimo with latest version.
Sorry, but we have no plans to update this theme.