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I ahve purchased this theme and downloaded but the files are for a different theme called breeze?

Sorry, tomorrow will be able theme update. Thanks.

ok thank you

I purchased this theme 2 days ago and it doesn’t contain the correct files. Can you advise when it will be correct?


When will this theme start working again? I would really like to try this soon. It seems like it is also outdated to the new woocommerce; is that being fixed as well?

yeah, it works for WooCommerce 2.0 now

You have said tommorow for the correct files twice now 3 days apart, are we going to get the correct files or not?



I have equal problem, I want to get the theme, I paid for. And I can’t understand whats the problem just to change archive?



I’m getting an error Fatal error: Call to undefined function benissimo_content_nav() in /homepages/9/d446873048/htdocs/fpf/wp-content/themes/benissimo/search.php on line 14

Hello, We received your request and sent for support department. Soon we will send answer or find solution for you. Thanks!

still nothing…. 20 days for a simple support ticket? I downloaded the latest files, I’m still getting the same error when searching for a product that’s actually IN the store.

Very frustrating.

If you could let us know what is happening it would be appreciated – I have a client waiting for it and if we aren’t going to get it I will go elsewhere.

Sorry for your waiting. All files is correct now.

is the correct file for this ready to download on purchase yet?

ready to order when confirmation that breeze files have been replaced with benissimo. thank you.


All files is correct now.

one last pre-sales question, is there a demo content xml file available to help with set up, as previous comments discuss certain elements are difficult to set up without certain experience. thank you

Hello, We received your request and sent for support department. Soon we will send answer or find solution for you. Thanks!

When activating WooCommerce I get the following error message:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home/adad1096/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce-core-functions.php on line 2194

Could you advise. Thanks.

Well, this is nor bug of theme nor WooCommerce issue. You should increase allowed memory limit for PHP. Google for memory_limit PHP directive.

I purchased your theme and it says the layered PSD’s are included. However I do not see them in the download..

Theme updated few deys ago. Try to update your theme. Thanks.

I just downloaded it yesterday. Its no big deal I recreated the asset that I wanted. However I would recommend integrating with something like advanced custom fields. I can share my updated home template file. I think its much easier to work with then just pasting html into the content editor.

Don’t really understand what you are talking about. Can you please explain more detailed and probably show us screenshot or share, as you’ve mentioned, “updated home template file”, so we will be able to understand you.

Hi! I’m having problems to submit the contact informations (Telephone 1, Adress, Copyright, ...) at the Appearance -> Benissimo. When I click on “submit” button, the sistem get me to 404 page. :(

Hi! That seems to be weird. Can you send us the URL and the generated source HTML code of the page with theme options (Appearance -> Benissimo)?

Question: Is there a way to add widgets to a footer menu?

No, there is no such way.

I am very interested in downloading this theme but wanted to double check on a couple of things: -It is possible to turn off the e-commerce/account part for a while and reactivate it later? -Are their color options to replace the teal/aqua with another color? -Can a custom background image be added to all pages?

Thanks so much!

— It’s WooCommerce dependent question and it’s not related to the theme. — No, there is no colors customization for such kind of things. — No, there is no theme option to change background image, you should be able to edit theme by yourself to do that.

There is a problem in products that have multiple variables … when you select the attributes on the store (size, colour), the button ‘add to cart’ disappears …. :(

Even after I’ve selected the product options, the ‘add to cart’ button doesn’t appears… I have some urgency!! Please help me!!!!

Note… when I change by another theme (Twenty Eleven for example), it works!!!

No answers from you!!! :crying: Meanwhile I’ve found the file where the problem is: benissimo/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php – But I still don’t know how to fix it! Can you send me the corrected file???

I am having trouble installing my logo on. I am uploading the correct size but the image gets all distorted. Could you please help? Thanks

The logo dimensions should be 286×193. Also, it would be better, if you will give us the link to your store.

hi there, i’ve bought benissimo! i’ve a problem to setup slider! where i can manage it? thanks gil

hi! you should read our documentation on how to set up slider.

About my comment above…. i’ve find some other things! I think all the problems are related with ‘options fields’. I select the product options, but the sistem doesn’t recognize them, and keep asking me to “chose the options”, even after I select them. The same thing happens with shipping. I chose an option, the value are calculated, but it doesn’t keep selected. I’ve noticed that on your demo page, none of the products have variations. It’ll be interesting if you have one to show.

Hi, Great theme, Bought it and love it. One Question, How do I set up the tabs? The ones you have on every product page for Description/ Review?

You should enable reviews per product. Switch to Advanced tab at Edit Product page and check Enable reviews checkbox.