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Hi, Can you send me a demo content xml file ?


Already send to your email.

Any news ?

Already send to your email.

Hi, I am having an issue with account creation. When you visit http://bigasbiscuits.nickswebdevelopment.com/ and click the “create account” link it just goes to the “My Account” and does not give me the option for creating a new account.

- DELETE THIS! Realized it was a woocommerce setting

— You should edit benissimo/js/plugins.js theme file. Just replace line 52

if ($.fn.jqzoom) {


if ($.fn.jqzoom && false) {

How can the search feature in the header be removed? Also how to remove the zoom on product images?

— You should edit benissimo/header.php theme file to remove the search from the header.

Hi there. i’ve a problem to Add product gallery images! I can upload, i can see the picture image but it doesnt work ! why=? thanks gil www.relasagna.com

It seems that you have setted up your store perfect and you don’t need our help anymore :).

Hi! I am interested in purchasing this theme, however I have products but do not want to have a price listed or shopping cart… is this possible with your theme? Thank you for your help!

I’m not quite sure there is possibility to disable shopping cart in WooCommerce. But you can just leave product price field empty, and thus there will be no price displayed on product. Moreover you can’t add product without price to cart. Anyway, your questions aren’t dependent on theme. But, as I have explained above, you can buy this theme and just skip product price field.

Hi! I am also curious as to the customization options via the admin panel… If I am able ot customize the site colors, background, etc easily or if I would need to modify the .psd files. thanks for your help!

There is no possibility to customize colors from admin, but also, you don’t need to change PSD files. you should be familiar with CSS and maybe somehow with HTML to change theme colors.

Sorry to keep commenting.. also curious if there are other built in slider options available. Thanks again! :)

There is no other sliders built-in.

Is this really responsive? I can’t see how? Please let me know what I am missing here as when I resize the browser window, the web page stays the same size. ? ?

Sorry, my fault. Actually, this theme isn’t responsive. Already fixed.


I can’t find any info on how to setup a blog, or see any blog pages within the theme?

Cheers Alex

If you experience problems with blog, there are some useful links

http://en.support.wordpress.com/get-started/ http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

Hi Thanks for the links but I’m not having problems with the blog section of a site in general, but specifically with this theme.

You stated to another customer that the theme comes with a pre-designed blog page, but I can’t see this within the pages section or any information within your documentation on how to create one!. Please can you advise.

As far as I know, there is no predesigned blog page on this theme. Concerning the blog — we have provided you a theme, not a blog CMS. Thus, you have to create blog pages using WordPress and its features, theme shouldn’t do these ones.

Hi! I’ve purchased this theme. i’m using it right now but I am having an issue I hope you can sort out.

I need to exclude the “About us” post that i made for the homepage with the “home_top” tag from appearing on the blog page.

How do i do that?

Instead of setting it published just set its Status to Pending Review.

And also how do i edit the homepage slider?

Oh, and concerning the homepage slider. Take a look at the slider HTML (Post with the tag — home-top).

Hi, Can you send me a demo content xml file ?

support us by mail with your mail and we will send you xml. With best regards.

I am having the same problems as Tallieven as reported 20 days ago!!

There is a problem in products that have multiple variables … when you select the attributes on the store (size, colour), the button ‘add to cart’ disappears.

As your theme is promoted as a Woocommerce theme this is a very important feature that would be required by many. Can you advise when an update will be available to fix this error.

Thank you for responding to my queries. I really appreciate it. Could i know how can i increase the size of the logo area? It’s too small for my use right now.

Is this theme translatable (gettext or wpml) ?

also, could I easily make a child theme from it?

Hello There, Thanks for the theme , but the homepage elements are a disaster . We have setup the theme on our word press but looking at your guide document there is so much programing work that needs to be done to get the visuals on the Homepage .. Also the visual boxes on the homepage is a disaster to update , there are no userfriendly ways to modify them in the backend , we always have to do some coding works … very not convenient.

Do you have an updated version that fixes all these stuff ?

We have purchased many themes but very unhappy with this one … can you give us a service or exchange or something?

Let me know.



Well… Thanks for such detailed review of our theme. We can provide you a dummy data file which is taken from our demo store, so you will be available to import it into your WordPress installation, therefore you will make your store to look the same way as our demo store. Just write us on mail.

Also will you be making a responsive version of this theme in the upcoming updates? Most themes have responsive design …

No, we haven’t any plans to make this theme responsive for now.

For anyone having the problem with the “Add to Cart” button not appearing for Woocommerce variable products, there’s a fairly easy fix. Remove the wp-content/themes/benissimo/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php file, so the real Woocommerce file is used instead.

Figured we would post this considering the author can’t be bothered answering anyone’s emails on this.

We purchase between 5-10 themes a week from ThemeForest, and this is the worst support we’ve seen on a theme to date. We would not recommend anyone purchase this theme (and if you’re wondering why we haven’t purchased it, a client of ours has purchased it and we’ve had the misfortune of fixing problems with the theme).