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I am trying to put content on the home page in this area:


I see in the footer.php file some calls for widget area but i dont see any widget areas for this. Can you explain how or show me how to mimic your themes footer area with page links?

http://www.littlebearpaper.com is the site!

Please read thorougly provided user guide.

Hello Guys. Thank you for this good looking template. Like it and im setting it up now. Probably will change it to responsive, or do you have in mind to to that in future?

Another question: On your screenshots u have a big banner with a category picture (Burger – Fast food). How or where can i insert the picture on my wordpress installation? What do i need to do to get multiple language button and change currency button?

By the way. have same error as already mentioned in Appearance => Benissimo. When i click on save 404 Error message is displaying.

Thank you for your help!

and again me. In your pdf your write something from image files of /wp-content/uploads/2013/02 to create footer and so on. My installation does not have this folders. Where do i find the social media icons and creditcard icons etc.?

found it!

When is the theme going to support WooCommerce 2+?

Hi, if you want to quickly resolving of your questions, plese write on http://support.itembridge.com. Thanks.

It’s unbelievable that a theme that is so immature is allowed to be released here. - No Sidebar widget control - WooCommerce variations not working - home page slider controlled with a POST - no footer widgets - nearly invisible social media buttons (with almost no control unless manual coding) - No color scheme options, all visual changes to be made manually in CSS, - and so on and so on

Its a true shame to let people spend 55 dollars on this kind of sh*t

Hi, if you want to quickly resolving of your questions, plese write on http://support.itembridge.com. Thanks.

By far the worst theme I ‘ve ever bought.

Hi, if you want to quickly resolving of your questions, plese write on http://support.itembridge.com. Thanks.

will this theme ever get an update to work with the latest version of woocommerce ?

Hello inertdynamic, sorry for long time for replying, it was weekend. Yes we will update the theme soon.

Hello. This theme has a great design, but unfortunately we have to know some code to change something. Why didn’t you make a control panel for the theme, like every theme sold here?

Anyway, I need to change some things. Gonna send you a support ticket. Hope you reply soon.

Hello pffaria,
write us your wishes to admin panel and we will update the theme. Thanks.

It’s simple, really. A control panel with slider options and image upload; Widgets control panel; Fonts options; Logo insert; Option to change the phone numbers on the left for email contact…

Guys, still waiting for the support to answer me.


Hello pffaria,
as I wrote before please open a ticket on http://support.itembridge.com/ with your wishes and isues and support team would try to add fixes as soon as possible. Thanks.

Look, the minute you answer me on support, I write back telling that the problem is not solved.

PLEASE look at this situation once and for all.

Dear pffaria,
I can’t find any tickets with wishes to update the admin panel in Benissimo — Vintage Style WooCommerce Theme. Provide please your ticket number which you have opend.

great theme and great support, they responded quickly to all my questions. thanks

Thanks 4VSrl ! Support team — :):sunglasses::winktongue:

I have yet to receive your reply on the bug of the theme I emailed to your support. We are a paying client. The discount coupon field upon check out gets invisible. That means it is there but it is over written by the fields of the customers info. Please address this asap.

I am not getting any substantial action from you guys.

Hello webspiderdotbiz,
as I see support team work’s well and you getting answers. May be not so fast, please be patient.


is this theme wpml.org ready?

Thank you

Hello, BillKarkavos.
Sorry, but WPML is not supported in our theme.

Is it compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.20???

Hello, EnergyFreak.
Yes, theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.20.


Template supports translation into other languages? .po (.mo) files included ?

Hello, root_s.
Benissimo theme is not WPML ready. It doesn’t have .po (.mo) files.

WooCommerce 2.1.0 is released, but not working with this team.

support on this theme is non existing

for those who are thinking of buying this theme: probably the most wasted 55 dollars in your life. DON’T DO IT

Hello, heldenhammer.
We already answered your ticket on our support site. Please check it.

no you didn’t!!!! no resolution. Answering is not equal to giving solutions! bottom line is still the same: don’t buy this theme

Dear, heldenhammer.
As you can see, WooCommerce 1.6.x is specified in the compatibility section of description. Theme is working correctly with this version and we can’t guarantee you its correct work in later versions of WooCommerce.
We’ll try to fix compatibility with WooCommerce 2.1.0 as soon as possible.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Is it possible to put an “Out of Stock” flash over the product, just like the “Sale Flash”? (but of course, only for products without stock). Could you help me with this?

Or just a label “Out of Stock”, instead “View options”! The current mode, it doesn’t appear any label to out-of-stock products.

Hello, tallieven.
Sorry, but this feature is not available in Benissimo theme.

Hi, Can you send me a demo content xml file ?

Hello, atopway.
Please create a ticket by the link bellow and we’ll help you to solve this issue:
Hello! I’d like to add links on the slides (home) but they simply don’t work.. what am I doing wrong? <figure class="slide"> <a href="http://themeforest.net/"><img class="alignnone size-full" alt="Slide 1" src="example-image.jpg" width="954" height="293" /></a> <figcaption class="caption"> <h2><a href="http://themeforest.net">Title</a></h2> <p>description</p> </figcaption> </figure>

Hello, tallieven.
Thank you for your feedback.
Our developers were informed about this issue. It will be fixed in the next release of the theme.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Can you at least tell me where is the problem? Maybe I can fix it.. My cliente is crazy about it!! =/

Dear tallieven,
This issue is related with additinal layer (PNG slider’s frame), which covers slider.
There are two ways for solving it:
1. Use slider without PNG frame and assign links to slides.
2. Use one link for all slides.

Hello, when i updated the contact information in Bennisimo settings an error page appears: Whoops, our bad… The page you requested was not found, and we have a fine guess why.

If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct. If you clicked on a link to get here, the link is outdated.

Hello, vpviva.
Please create a ticket on our support site and we’ll do our best for solving this issue.

Hello, ironika.
No, Benissimo is not responsive theme.

after auto update of WP to 3.9.2, WooCommerce is not working anymore. I have WC 2.0.20 installed as this is the latest version working on this theme. WHEN YOU FINALLY UPDATE THIS THEME TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH LATES VERSION OF WP AND WC??????

Hello, heldenhammer.
Sorry, but we have no plans to update theme.