Discussion on Benz Creative Template For Joomla!

Discussion on Benz Creative Template For Joomla!

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That’s not the way the 5-star ratings are supposed to work. You don’t get them by blackmailing your customers who have a problem with your product. It’s not misconduct to express my extreme dissatisfaction with your product, nor is it misconduct to quote the insulting emails you sent me. I have over 10 years as a webmaster and have spent thousands of dollars at Envato. All I wanted to do was change the theme color like your site promises you can do, but no matter which theme color I choose, it just stays blue. Also I was disappointed that the template doesn’t look like what you have presented on the site, so basically there is no sample content for a user to work with. All you need to do is watermark those images and it would be useful for a future customer. As it is, you give them an empty template and no instructions as to how to make your site look anything like what you provided in the preview. So no, I’m not going to give you 5 stars. If Envato wants to lose me as a customer, there are plenty of other places I can go, but I seriously doubt they are going to suspend my account because I gave honest feedback on a product that is sub-par in my opinion. I AM sorry that I got so angry with you, but I wasted my whole day on this template. I wish you all the best on your other products, but this one needs some work. Sure, you’re not required to provide support, but I can guarantee future potential buyers are going to want to know that you don’t provide it and that you insult and threaten any customer who has a problem with your template.

How do i remove the fade in of the button, when i put my mouse over a menu item, a drop down box appears over it .. how do i remove this ? it gets in the way and is confusing.. Cheers C

Please contact me via PM and try to be more explicit: what button, what you do and what you expect? Thanks

Hi Danny where can I disable the description showed under the menu? (like an ALT /title)


Replied by mail.

Hi there,

I have a problem. I have purchased Benz Template and also AEON Template and both appears with a blank screen. I followed your adviced and downloaded the blank Template, set to default but nothing appears, nothing happens.

Could you please be so kind and make me able to use your great work? Thanks ahead!

Let’s deal with this via PM. Thanks

I fixed your issue in just a minute, check your site.

default installation gives contact map api error I dont find anywhere to correct it

You need to set your own API Code in the Google Maps Plugin.

Purchase this excellent product just today and I had a few problems, but Danny was very responsive and absolutely great to work with. Worked as advertised and all the content and themes worked flawlessly. Even when we did have a few small installation problems we got excellent customer service. It has been a pleasure so far for both the product and the amazing responsiveness, and obvious pride that Danny takes in his work and the customer experience. Absolutely great templates, happily gave it 5 stars.

Beautiful!! Thanks mates!! Love working with you guys :)

Hey Dan, great work, installed, configured and customized without any problems. Thx al lot ;-)

Thanks mate :)

Hi there. I have created my website in my wamp server. I uploaded the site in my server and now it appears a blank screen. The admin panel is ok but the frontend is just blank Can we fix it??

You can check my profile page for troubleshooting and if you cannot manage, drop my a line via PM.

i had News Show Pro GK4 ver. 3.1.3 in my template but in the explorer does not play well, this module plays vertically and not horizontally only in the explorer so i tryed to download mod_news_pro_gk4_J!25.zip and the problem fixed, plays perfect horizontally in all browsers except one thing the images disappear. why ? can you help me?

Please contact me via PM for support. Thanks

Great job dnp! Bought it today helping to increase numbers of sales. You job deserve it.

everything is installed and working fine, except the google map API code, i tried all variables reading google maps apicode and this forum and there was no way of making work like at your demo. Can you please send me an example of what should i put in the html block and in the script dialog box at the map module?. thanks in advance martin

Please send your support request via PM. Thanks

I meant to say do YOU do custom work for an extra fee? Please let me know.



Sorry I am not available for custom work.

Can you recommend any good Joomla developers who could do custom work?

I am sorry but all stuff I know are busy.

Will this theme work with Joomla 3.02 ?

Unfortunately not.

UPDATE : I heard rumours that T3 v2 is going to be released for Joomla 3.x but that is not certain.

I Dan, Before purchase, is ti working with JOOMLA 2 .5.8 ?

It should go smooth, if not I will fix it and/or guide you what to do.

Just purchased – very nice theme.

Two quick (simple/stupid) questions: How do I change the page title of the homepage, and 2/3 of the way down on the homepage for the featured article, how do I change the ‘name’ that precedes the feature? (I’ve changed the featured article’s title to no avail).

Basically, I want to replace the two instances of “Welcome to Benz Template!” on the homepage.

Your support request goes via PM. Thanks

Will this template be available for joomla 3.0 actually wanne transfer my site to joomla 3.0

It’s difficult to say. I replied by mail more info. Thanks

Hi, I send you an E-Mail but you don´t reply. So I try it here. I have problems with the DNP Skitter Module to change the “textbox” size, position and the opacity of the background (two horizontal boxes dark).


I have not received any mail from this username. Perhaps you have some issues with your mail?

unfortunately after days and hours spend on it i still dont know how and where to change the opacity of the skitter box…if someone have an idea, please send an mail.

Support is given via PM only.

Thank you a lot for prompt support! Now it´s perfect!

Welcome :)

Hello, you can update the template to joomla 3.1.5

I have in plan, but takes time.

We will be waiting

Hi, after change my site to another server, the web appears all in white, can you help me or tell me how can fix it.

Thank you.

I can try, contact me via PM. Thanks


Private Message via my profile page.