Discussion on Bepop - Non-stop Music Template

Discussion on Bepop - Non-stop Music Template

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Can I upload this template to replace the bebop?

No. this is a html template. not a WordPress theme. Thanks

Can you do a customization to support radio urls ??

Please reply asap sir

oh. you are using the Html version? and I did not see you have purchased it.

I tested on WordPress version and the url works fine.

Yes. Any urls can be played in browser are supported. Thanks

please does this theme has ranking like waveme, secondly if i upgrade from waveme to this theme hope i will not loss my stations upload, 3…..... can i add popular page on this just like waveme, please i will be waiting for feedback

This is a static html template. This one is the WordPress version. https://themeforest.net/item/bepop-nonstop-music-wordpress-theme/24075935

The bepop and waveme use same loop block an play block plugins. so you can switch from waveme to bepop without lose the stations.


That means I can swell apply to ranking page and popular page to appear desame way as the waveme is

Yes. use the loop block to build the rank and popular page. Thanks

Hello, I can do a loop-block but with a verified user with more sales. and verified user with the highest number of reproductions.

can you help me. Thank you.

You can build a loop block with verified user posts. on the loop block, choose “Verified user” for order by

Hi, I still use this template, yet when I try to embed a flowplayer video, the <script> doesn’t load using pjax/ajax when I enter the page? I’m not sure why it isn’t loading it?

script in the header does not loading into the page. you need put the script in the content.

The script is placed in the #content id div, it still doesn’t load the <script> data?

Try put the script in the content-body.

Hello, what is the process to insert youtube link. I try this ; https://www.youtube.com/embed/xxxxxxxxx and this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxx

but it doesn't work ! Thanks

but when i put type=”audio” here it’s not working

<div class="col-6 col-sm-4 col-md-3 col-lg-2" data-id="433873297" type="audio" data-category="Pop" data-tag="USA" data-source="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/248703600/stream?client_id=b242c6497398432c27cc09f4a2b6e64a">

This should work. Check your code and the connection.

No it’s not working, but i don’t need your next help i stop the project with your template

can you help me please ? email me thank you

This a static html template, read the documents to get start. Thanks

I have the following problem with the installation

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

pls for help thx…


What changes do I have to make to play YouTube videos in the player and use “Plyrist” for “Plyr”

Thanks for your help.

No, code like this
this.player.on('ready', event => {

        // select when player ready for youtube and vimeo
        var item = self.getCurrent();
        if($.inArray(item.provider, ['youtube', 'vimeo']) !== -1){

When I switch tabs, the youtube video stops playing, thanks for everything.

It’s youtube control this. not the player.


1.- When using the search engine, the “Typeahead” functionality works fine, but when I press the enter key to search, it reloads the page, how can I not reload the whole page.

2.- In the same way when I used the song list menu (btn-more> dropdown-menu) and added a link, when pressing it, it reloaded the whole page.

Thanks for your help.

1. Remove the action on the form 2. Add a “ajax” class on the link.

<a class="ajax"></a> 


Hi, adding the ” ajax ” class still loads the page in “plyr.js” (btn-more > dropdown-menu > click item)

<a class="dropdown-item ajax" href="artist.html"> Go to Artist</a>
Oh. it’s js added element. you can change all a links to use ajax. edit assets/js/ajax.js line 83
elements: '#aside a:not(.no-ajax), #header a:not(.no-ajax), a',

I love your template. However, the html has the songs embedded in the divs and I see no reference to typehead.js which loads the music.json.

How can I enable my page to load the json dynamically?

You can look into the “assets/js/plugins/plyr.js” line 43-52, the player grab the track data from divs. you can replace it with ajax function to get data from remote server.

Hi, we purchased your item just a couple minutes ago today. I noticed that the icons from the bottom player are not shown but it works, how do i make them show it?

Here is the screen showing the missing icons in the bottom player. https://i.imgur.com/PdA8prK.png

Did you put the files on a local server? the player icon is located in libs/plyr/dist/plyr.svg. also you can use your own icon, use iconUrl. https://github.com/sampotts/plyr#options

Hi. Thanks for the template. I purchased it some days ago.

76fc364b-c32b-429e-8f4d-fd2ac221f471 – 15 Aug 2020

My question is:

How do I play all (add all songs to the playlist)? On your demo Artist.Details.html page you have a btn-play that looks like it should do this but only addes the media item nearest to it.

I looked in the documentation which, wasn’t very helpful when it cane to plyr & plyrlst.

Thanks in advance, Mick

You can pass array data to the player.

How to insert the musics in the HTML version?

You need integrated the html to your custom content manage system. or you can choose the WordPress version.



Thanks for all the work you put into the bepop application – the HTML is a thing of beauty, the plugins you’ve selected are also excellent, and it’s allowing me to put a lovely application together.

However I’ve come across one issue, and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.

On iOS on an iPhone (all versions that I’ve tried in the flesh), when you’re on any page with a list of songs (e.g. http://flatfull.com/themes/bepop/html/item.detail.html#378918899), you have to double tap to get the song to play. The first tap acts as the mouseover – making the play button appear, the second as a click event.

Really not sure what is going on, thought you might have some information that could help. As it happens on the demo site too, it’s not local to any changes I’ve made – I can also emulate (using browserstack) the behaviour on both iPhone8 and iPhone11 on your demo – this is happening in both Safari and Chrome!

Android is fine, Safari (emulated) on mac is fine. Very strange…any ideas? It makes the application very frustrating to use on an iPhone…


No, it doesn’t, I’ve just retested (on a real iPhone). It’s not that you can’t get the tracks to play – it’s just that you have to click twice, the first time shows the play icon on the item you’ve pressed, the second press actually plays the track – my original post has more details, so please re-read. Testing was done on an iPhone 8 this morning, latest iOS and Safari, but I’ve also tested on an iPhone 11 (can’t retest now as don’t have access right at the moment).

This isn’t a critical bug, but it’s a bug nonetheless, and results in a slightly annoying user experience on an iPhone. If it can’t be fixed, it’s not the end of the world, I’m still overall delighted with the theme. Thanks

oh, you mean the play button on the song list. Yes, The first tap is like hover on desktop to show the play button, the second click on the play button will start init the player and play music.

Hi, I purchased your Bepop theme for $20 but I want to purchase the wordpress version. Can you refund me so I can purchase the right one? Thank you

Hello this is a great work, but the html version has not the width and the sub menues like the wordpress version? Will there be an update for that? The Wordpress Version is exactly what I am looking for because my template www.youbeats.net is really out of date. I have already purchased your pulse theme and wanted to include now into my page and checked again themes before starting. :-()

hi, im trying to use the player with coeigniter but it doesnt load the playr

You can read the assets/js/plugins/plyr.js, start from line 7. it init the player and push the data into it.

Is it possible to play HLS audio via the player?


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