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Discussion on Bepop - Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

Discussion on Bepop - Non-stop Music WordPress Theme

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Hi is it possible to link to YouTube music videos or just music with this player?

The player support music.youtube.com watch url with video. Thanks

tengon un problema con los plugins


no ahi ningun archivo o carpeta que se llame : bepop.demo.xml que pasa

Download the zip file from your themeforest downloads. unzip it.

ya instale los plugins no veo importar demo en ningun lado

estoy buscando en youtube algun video de configuracion porque no veo importar demo

1. Download the purchased file and unzip it. 2. follow http://music.flatfull.com/docs/ to install WordPress and plugins and import demo.


ya ise todo pero no un archi vo o carpeta que se llame bepop.demo.xml

What you have downloaded.

perdi mi dinero no veo nada lo que pone aqui en el demo

Download the purchased file and unzip it.

mire bien si es el archivo corecto lo que me an vendido porque la descarga no tiene nada

unzip the download file, you will see the demo file bepop.demo.xml.

disculpa tengo un problema donde esta http://music.flatfull.com/docs/play-block/ no lo veo o como se comfigura

1. Install the WordPress on your server.
2. Upload the Bepop theme and active it.
3. You will get a notice tell you go to “Settings/general” to input your purchase code.
4. Then follow the notice to install the PlayBlock and LoopBlock plugins.


Gracias ya tengo todo una ayuda mas por favor adonde edito el pie de la plantilla

Go to “Pages/All pages” to find the footer page and edit it.


dtew23 Purchased

Love the theme and want to say thanks for creating it. I know someone has previously asked this but would love it if there was a mixcloud stream to be added (just like soundcloud).

Would this be something you would consider doing in the future? Thanks. Love your work.

I will do some researches on the mixcloud. Thanks


Wnet24 Purchased

Hello, i am having an issue with a login page as it only keeps on loading when you input login details. can only be accessed when you refresh the page. Please advise?

You can check the login on demo site. it will redirect to home page after login. unless there is js error. You can use chrome developer tool to see if there is a js error.


satrunmr3 Purchased

We use 2 servers, the main server is WordPress and the main site which is the method, and the second server is a download host and mp3 files are saved on it. When the user wants to upload an mp3 file, The file will be uploaded in default directory which is our main website server. Is there a way to change that default directory so users can upload MP3s in our download server via ftp?

You can try other plugins. eg. https://wordpress.org/plugins/ilab-media-tools/


hola me ayuda con esto, https://escucharradiosporinternet.com en algunos navegadores como firefox Opera de PC no se miran las imagenes ni el reproductor de audio no funciona me ayudas por favor

en el mobil no se mira nada de las imagenes ni el reproductor funciona en ningun navegador mobil

The player and images loaded fine on chrome/firefox/safari. I did not see any error.

ayudame por favor no se que paso ya nada carga ni para personalisar me carga

https://escucharradiosporinternet.com images/player loaded fine.

How could I change the check icon ✪