Discussion on Berg - Multipurpose MultiPage 7.6 Theme

Discussion on Berg - Multipurpose MultiPage 7.6 Theme

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I am facing masonry item is not displaying well. Please check on link (https://screenshots.firefox.com/CQXSWp999JRsFAGt/www.uphoephyu.com) ..

Thanks and please let me know how can I fix this issue.


Please let me know, how to add page title background image for terms page just like for tags pages and other related terms pages.


The tags pages and other related terms pages should be custom CSS to display CSS. Thanks

Please check your email, I have sent for discuss about this issue.

Hello! Please tell me exactly where I must change speed of this owl slider http://prntscr.com/ih771f

Tell me EXACT number of string o name of option in owl.carousel.min.js I changed this options http://prntscr.com/ih78ch But speed didn’t changed:((

You can edit the file “sites/all/themes/barg/js/script.js”.



Thanks a lot for your assitance! I appreciate it very much!

I have another problem. With Jquery and Unitgallery. Please help me. I installed Unitgallery but it works only in default Drupal theme http://prntscr.com/ihquwu

There is error in with jquery in web browser dev tools in your theme http://prntscr.com/iho82q

I installed different versions of Jquery Update. It didn’t help:((( Also I installed jQuery Multi. But gallery still doesn’t work:(

I need this gallery very much! Please help me asap

Hello mate,

Please check on this your demo link http://drupalet.com/demo/drupal/berg/excepteur-sint-occaecat-cupidatat-non-proident-1 .. I got same error on chrome .. Please let me know how to fix .. Issue is existing on auto height css class. please check on this link for screenshot vltravels.com/Screenshot_4.jpg and please you can also check http://vltravels/golden-rock-thanlyin this link on chrome.


I got fixed by me

Why you stopped reply me? I still can’t change address in contact view

Please tell me how can I change address text on left block https://prnt.sc/i8t8sg ? When I open this view http://prntscr.com/i8t987 I see only right block settings with form https://prnt.sc/i8t9gz There is no info about address in this view. I need to edit this address https://prnt.sc/i90qq3

Everything is OK. I have found these settings. You can delete my message. Sorry

The demo is not working

My server was overloaded in a few minutes. It was working again.


Hello! I wrote you 2 days ago. Please reply. How can I change logo to mine? I need image logo

I emailed you. Please check mail. Thanks

How can I change the timing on the sliders and carousels?

You only need to configure it in the MDSLIDER module.


It’s the owl slider… there is no MDSlider on this theme.

You can edit directly in the file “sites/all/themes/barg/js/owl.carousel.min.js? P1igyd”.


Hello I really liked your theme, but I see that it does not include the PSD file, is there any chance to get it?

I’m sorry. I do not have any PSD files for Berg.


Hello, once again issue that I want to use Logo image instead of Logo Text and both of Logo Image with Logotext.. Please let me know how to make changes .. Thanks

Hello, please any chance for me kindly :)

Sorry for my delay. I sent the update file to you. Please check mail.


Thank you very much for your kindly helps

Hello, where I can customize the blog page (mysite.com/blog) .. I could not find in context and views also. Please let me know where do I customize this page. Thanks

If you want to work better, you need to edit in the “page-blog” or “node-blog” files.


Thanks and I got customized in page-blog by adding new region :) ..

Sorry for my delay. I sent the update file to you. Please check mail.

Hello. I would like to know how I can enable or disable the blocks in the pages as it is not clear from the theme documentation. Thanks in advance

You can enable/disable blocks the Context.


Ok. Thank you… How can I also change the content of the Contact Us box, the one with the sky background on the left? Thx

Please give me a screenshot, what you want to change. My email: drupalet022[@]gmail.com


How do you change default content view? (I have sent you an email)

Please check your mail!


Hi, Does this theme have a Music Player ?

You need to install additional modules.


Very annoying that the DEMO is not working.

Very annoying that the DEMO is not working. Installation Documentation is confusing, and I can’t have a developer install it because there’s NO DEMO TO USE AS A REFERENCE!... The theme looks very nice, but I’m beginning to think I wasted my money.

Now, the demo of “Berg” is back. You can see it now.


Your demo is broken again… This seems to happen a lot

Now you can see the demo.


Demo doesnt work at all? http://drupalet.com/demo/drupal/berg/multipage-spa

looks like there is a problem with the Database…

I’ve fixed. You can view the demo now.

Thank you very much.

Hi i Just bought this theme, the reason i choose them is the “45 ready-to-use-demos” but the documentation doesn’t say anything about how to setup one of those demos. I think this kind of solutions should have a better documentation. I will appreciate your help to setup the Medical demo on a fresh installation. Thanks.

Hi, i want to know if this template is no longer supported. I have sent 2 emails to drupalet022@gmail.com in last two days and I’m not getting any answer. Is there a forum or any other place where i can get some kind of help?

I selected “single page lawyer” page as the front page, but I’m getting 2 about me links and 2 contact links, i checked under structure/menu but that links doesn’t exist in there. I imagine they are on code. So I need some guidance in how to customize the menu and rearrange some blocks.

If anyone know where to modify that page, I will really appreciate your help.

Hello, im still waiting for an answer, on how customize one of the single page templates. There is no documentation and i can’t find anything on the web regarding this, i will really appreciate some help on this.

Sorry for my delay. I’ve had 5 days to assist customers. Please give me a screenshot, and your website. I will check and solve it.


Hi, this theme does not have a mobile menu on small devices (works fine on an emulator) and I am having HUGE trouble trying to debug this but the client critically needs a mobile navigation menu. I’ve emailed you with no reply, and since this affects everyone could you please post here a fix so that your site has a menu on iPhone 4 and 5. It works fine on android and iPhone 6.

Also, this theme is very complex in general, there are two different versions of jQuery included in it rather than using jQuery update, jQuery libraries that have Drupal modules (e.g. Owl Carousel) are just added via the theme and set up manually in the theme jQuery, additional Drupal modules that use jQuery (e.g., colorbox and AddToAny) don’t work out of the box because of the conflicts and it is very hard to extend even as a relative Drupal expert because so much of the logic is in the TPL files instead of within Drupal itself, some of the TPL files are hundreds of lines long and full of logic and it is very hard to work out what is going on. Not sure I agree with ‘scandalous’ above but it is definitely a very difficult template to work with if you want to do anything more than just swap out the existing content with your own, without changes. And of course you can’t use this theme on iPhone 4 and 5 …

Ok, finally fixed it thanks to finding an old phone, old sim, old cables and dev tools on a mac. For anyone else who has this on this theme, get rid of any display: flex for the invisible menu (the CSS cascades back to display: none) and its containers and replace with display: block. Also you’ll need to set widths and probably z-indexes too. This theme hasn’t been tested properly.


Some things I don’t quit understand …

Everybody says Theme like this are easy and ready to use for non Drupal experienced people. Well, I am not very experienced but not a novice either and I found it very difficult to understand this theme. I spend ours founding out where the content come from because of some issues the wheels are not popping up. I don’t understand how the menu’s are build etc etc.

Not one page of documentation is provided by the author and I think this is really scandalous !!!

Very very very dispappointing!!!


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