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An excellent job.

Selamat yahh Ridianur :)

thanks juga vickystudio :)

Waduh, salah deskripsi keknya tuh bro. Btw, good luck with sale yo.

thanks bro udah dikasih tau :)
Good luck to you too

Ahhhhh NICE! Unique, Smooth, and AWESOME (on mobile as well!) Just curious, are there color options etc?

Thank you sterlingwilliam :)
There is no color option for this. But i think its gonna be easy to customize it.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

thank you bdayh :)

How do you change the date? Its not clear in the documentation

Hi VueMedia, open the script.js and find this code

//countdown setting
$(function() {

  $('.countdown').countdown("2014/06/28", function(event) {
    var $this = $(this);
    switch(event.type) {
      case "seconds":
      case "minutes":
      case "hours":
      case "days":
      case "finished":

change 2014/06/28 into your own date.
Hope this help

How can I actually collect the email addresses from the subscribe button?

Hi there,
Make sure you have set the correct email recipient in subscribe.php. So when someone fill the form, it will sent you their email address to your email recipient

thanks! I got it working and appreciate you getting back with me!

you’re welcome :)


Great template. But it is stuck on Loading Content nothing displays.

However on the folder it displays the site.

nothing show on: mydomain.con but shows on: mydomain.com/test

Can you please help.

Sorry never mind. I found the problem.


Sure, glad to hear that :)