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favago Purchased

Hi there!

My page is

It takes about 60-70 secs to load “edit page” page from page view, and when I try to update my page, it goes with the following error message:

“Request Entity Too Large

The requested resource /reborn/wp-admin/post.php does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.”

My host provider said, that Muffin Builder is the cause of the problem and I should reinstall the plugin after contacting you, guys.

What should I do?

Thanks for help!



Muffin Builder is not the reason and your host provider is wrong. If you will send us private message with the WP dashboard access, we will check and tell you what’s the real reason.


Hello, I was wondering if with your theme having a client acces area would be possible. I am interesting in having a dedicated (with password) downloads area for my clients. Where after logging in they would have the possibility to download content (pictures, documents) made specifically for them. Let me know, thank you.


BeTheme support “password protection” feature provided by WordPress only and we do not have other similar feature included.

Thanks for your interest in Be :)

Could you please explain me a bit better what that feature means and how to use it? Is it a plugin or can it be applied to any file/link shared on the website?

Like we said above, it’s a built-in WordPress functionality and more details about, you can find on

Hello we would like to purchase this theme for a client.

We see that it is possible to build POST PAGES with the content builder. If so does everything work normally? Without additional programming?

We use another template for another client and there we used the content builder. It has been a headache as we had to then do alot of additional programming so simple things like the featured image would show. Is this also the case here?

Thank you.

We had hours of extra work because of this and are thus asking the question. CSS and HTML are fine with me but not PHP

We had hours of extra work because of this and are thus asking the question. CSS and HTML are fine with me but not PHP

So, we do not have any PHP parts that can be used in the back-end. Things like featured image, share or comment are built-in into theme files and you can not use them as shortcodes or PHP. So, or you can use Muffin Builder to create posts, using all included items and shortcodes that you can find on or use the default post layout instead.

HI, I love the theme. Just a few questions.

Is there a way to show categories on one of the masonry post grids?

Also, is there a way to remove the buttons that appear over the featured images? The social share buttons or the link buttons.

Thanks you.

also if I could do categories on any other post layout.

But is there a way to show meta data on the post but not on the grid?

and lastly is there a way to change the default single post layout in any way? Im interested in narrowing the content without sidebars. I don’t want the words to be full screen.

Sorry for so many q’s. Thank you for the support and great theme.


1. Is is a blog page or an item? Please send us link to page where you got posts where you would like to add filters.

2. This is Share Box and you can disable it under Theme options > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > General section.

3. Please send us link to page where you would like to display meta and where you don’t want to.

4. This requires css customization.


Hello, is there any option how to get demo content in visual composer and not in muffin builder, it’s really important… I’m working with VC all the time, so wont use another builder… Thanks for respond.

And another one question, where can I change color of the website? If I import demo content and go to apperance – customize, i cant find here color changes…


1. All pre-built layouts were built with Muffin Builder tool which is much lighter, easier in use and faster. We can not build those demos with Visual Composer because it’s an additional plugin and in reference to right agreements, we can not force people to use 3rd party plugins. Also, for many users, Visual Composer just doesn’t work right because plugin is quite heavy and requires good hosting service.

2. All colors, can be changed under Appearance >BeTheme Options > Colors section. But make sure, you have Custom skin set if you want to use custom colors.

Thanks :)


Pepito73 Purchased

Hello, We bought the theme and we find it perfect from a technology point of view. All our sites that use this theme have a hard time positioning themselves on Google. This is due to the CSS style positioned on the html pages which plumbs the code / text ration. Do you have a trick to hide this? The other highly reputable themes have optimized this. Thank you for responding quickly on this. Regards, Nicolas

Hi Nicolas,

this css need to be in the header, because some people that use very poor hosting services, has problems with it’s loading from a files. But, if you want to move it into the file, it is possible of course and we have this option from the beginning. More details about it, you can find in the documentation.

P.S. As you can see, your Themeforest’s support has expired so we would be greatly appreciated if you can extend it’s period before future support questions.



Robinsfox Purchased

How can I eliminate the underline from the Testimonials option in the B-Theme


to remove underline from the Testimonials item, you need to use the following custom css:

blockquote { background: none !important; }

Thanks :)


HawpMedia Purchased

So my child css just randomly stopped working after I installed a demo. I have woocommerce installed but I have not had an issue before with that. Any suggestions?


please send us link to page where child css stopped working first so we can take a closer look.


Hey guys I have 2 questions. First is this item with lifetime updates as advertised on your homepage? Second is there a developer license which allows me to use this plugin on as many sites as i want to build and sell pages to clients? Thanks!


1. Yes, updates are lifetime as advertised of course.

2. In reference to Themeforest license and agreements, once purchased license can be used for one site/domain only. If you want to use this theme for few sites, then you must buy as many licenses as many sites you want to build. This applies to all themes on this marketplace and there is no other license available.

Thanks for your interest in Be! :)


vrajesh126 Purchased

I am not able to login to forums my username is vrajesh126 and I am not even receiving password reset email. Please help !


your account was created in October 2015. So if you forgot your password and have a problem with its restoration, please send us private message via contact form on the right at and we will help you of course.

Thanks :)


spugach Purchased

hover effect on “Icon block” does not work. Please help.

Icon blocks are located here after revslider.

Ok, so Simple style, can be activated under Theme options > Global > General section.


You are welcome! ;)


digrafo Purchased

Dear Friends. I want to buy your item for a customer, but I need to ask you a question. I want to make a hotel website and I need to be able to make reservations and see if there are rooms available. etc. Do you know any plugins that do this and know that it works with your theme? Do you sell any plugin with these characteristics?


we did never tested any booking plugin with the BeTheme so we can not recommend any unfortunately.



I purchased this theme and downloaded the tattoo demo as i read your docmentation stating that its fully compatible with WPML plugin.

I have purchaced the plugin and tried to translate my homepages in english into spanish.

When i click the + to populate the spanish page so i can then add in the spanish text, the page is blank. nothing from the muffin builder is transported over so i can trasnlate it?

can someone please email me asap, as i am not worried this isn’t achievable or 1000X more work than was portrayed.




to translate the Muffin Builder content with WPML plugin, please take a closer look on this topic where everything was explained in steps.

Thanks :)


garyvine Purchased


This is a excellent theme. One of the best I’ve used.

I know my support has expired but I just have one very quick question.

On this page on the right sidebar where the widget title “Latest” is written.

How do I increase the font for that title. Is there a quick css code I can put in for this.

Thanks for your valued time.


this title, could be easily increased with the following custom css:

.widget > h3 { font-size: 25px !important; }

P.S. As you can see, your Themeforest’s support has expired so we would be greatly appreciated if you can extend it’s period before future support questions.