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good effort bro,

but you are gonna need to raise the bar a few notches with the next design…

Good luck though

I thinks is a pretty polished theme for a first submission myself. Best of luck with Sales

Thanks. I appreciate that.

I like this.

Sometimes clients want to see a clean, website design without all those extras… Many times designers like to add all the bells and whistles and unfortunately, it’s to stroke our own egos. There are clients, corporations, and small businesses out there that, quite frankly, don’t want all that “stuff.”

We have to remember that so that we can do a better good job of matching the clients needs, AND OF DIVERSIFYING THE TEMPLATES OFFERED ON THIS GREAT SITE !!!

Good luck with sales, and welcome aboard!

Chocopink you are right. I have purchased this template because I have been asked to put together a site for a wildlife park-a small company that want something clean and modern. This ticks all of the boxes and is a great little design. Great job biplink.

Great clean and simple site!

I love this.. But please what would it cost to make the form working ;-), i would buy in an instant if it would. ( since i hate to do php myself) i don’t mind altering, but putting togehter is .. well.. not my cup of tea or coffee Thanks Kern

I’ve had a few requests for this already so I’m going to add a working contact form soon.

yeah… when when.. ?? i realy do love this one thanks!

I’ve just submitted a new version with a working Contact form.

Is this available as a wordpress theme? Great job! Matt

Not at the moment but if there was enough demand I’d consider it.

does the form itself work as well? that would rock as I dont like doing the PHP either, here is a link to make sure you know which form im talking about.

I agree with chocopink… I like the design nice clean and to the point. Most companies don’t need all the bells and whistles. Their message ends up getting lost with all the extra stuff.

Great job on the design! best of luck with the sales.

There’s a similar version to the example that works:

yes but it would be nice having a working check box, radial button and dropdown options.

thanks for the quick reply!

Perfect Work of Genius ; bro you will be success in this web filed. People are always looking for a work that you have done.

all the best and create some portfolio so we have options to purchase.

All the best

I purchased this template today for a friend that wants me to do her website. You`ve done a great job making a clean template.

I have a question and FYI I do have limited knowledge in this. When I test the contact page it`s asking me if I want to open the php file with my html editor. Would this open properly when it`s online ?

Thanks, Marcin

As long as your web server has PHP installed it should open fine.

Hi, I love this theme, but can’t get it to work on my WP site. I tried renaming the structure sheet ‘style’, but it won’t show up on the themes available page that way. As ‘structure’, wp message is that the theme is broken and the stylesheet is missing. I am def. uploading the correct unzipped folder. Can you help?

I’m sorry but Better Business is not a WordPress theme. It’s simply an HTML template.

Hi bjplink, I purchased this a few months back and have used it on a site that’s at the beta stage. My client is saying that the dropdown menu displays behind a graphic on one of the pages in IE8 . The strange thing is that it doesn’t do this on my machine or one another one I tested on. But let’s just believe her… and is there anything I can do to prevent this happening? By the way, great design. I bought it because it’s one of the few good, simple designs that doesn’t roll or flash or whistle dixie. The sooner the designers get over that phase the better. Are you working on any more?

Hello, I wanted to check and see if this template is WordPress theme or still just HTML? Thank you.

Just HTML.