Discussion on Better Half - Responsive Wedding HTML Template

Discussion on Better Half - Responsive Wedding HTML Template

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Hey There I purchased Better Half and trying to update the map, but when I follow doc i realised mapbuildr.com domain has expired so we can’t get the script from there Can you provide instructions on how to update the map locations etc Thanks in advance


I purchased your Better Half template and so far I am really happy with it. The only problem I have encountered is that I cannot get the RSVP email form to work. I have read the documentation and made the relevant changes to the mailer.php file and tested it, but it is not working.

Am I missing something obvious?

Your support would be most appreciated.



P.S. My purchase code is: 5fb0d6f0-ed5f-4801-9fb8-d419f688c938

Hi falz04,

I just purchased your “better half” template and I hope you can help me out.

I copied the photo gallery from ”<section…>” to </section…>” right under the original photo gallery. The only thing I´ve changed is the section id and the heading title.

Now the second galley only shows the animation for loading.

My question: How do I duplicate the galleries to have two or more independent galleries?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings - Marco

hi there, do you support export via CSV for the RSVP form?

hey i sent you an email and havent heard back. Would you please help me in fixing the website?

Hi there, how can I edit the countdown timer? It always shows 00 00 00 00 00.


Go to js folder and edit the main.js file. Replace it with the date you want


I really like your work and especially Support for better half template. Before buying this template I had few questions, 1) If i buy your template then would I be able to sell it my client (basically making it according to customer requirements). We will use each template per client. 2) Our team basically works on back end/ development so we need to use your HTML/CSS. So therefore, we want to use CRAFTED BY US in the footer.

Looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thanks, Anchal Sharma

Sure, no problem with that. :)

The Serenity index has the following error in the console:

SVG’s SMIL animations (<animate>, <set>, etc.) are deprecated and will be removed. Please use CSS animations or Web animations instead.

Will you be addressing this?

Hi, great template. I am having trouble changing the images on the home page. I have tried replacing “http://placehold.it/600×600” with a link to my own images (e.g. img/matt.png) but the image does not show up on the home page. Just a blank grey background. Also, does the site need to be hosted before the RSVP will work and be sent to my email because currently it just shows up with an error message… “Oops! An error occured and your message could not be sent”. Thanks for your support. Matt


Thank you for purchasing the file.

Maybe your are linking it wrong. Email me your domain at falconerie.04@gmail.com so I can check it for myself.

This template needs to be hosted that supports PHP.

Regards, Falconerie


I’m editing the index.html to update our photos and names, but I have noticed that the NAV bar is not functional. I have not changed anything with it so not sure why it would not be working now.



Hi Mitch

Thank you for purchasing the template.

Can you email me the files at falconerie.04@gmail.com or a live site will do.

Hello im getting this error when i send a message from RSVP “Notice: Undefined variable: email_headers in /home/XXXXXX.COM/public/mailer.php on line 53 ” And pictures from gift stores does not show correctly at firefox browser.

Hi, thank you for purchasing the file.

can you email me the the file mailer.php at falconerie.04@gmail.com

for the fix in the firefox issue.

go to the css folder and open the style.css

find this css

#gifts img {
    -webkit-filter: brightness(0) invert(1);
    filter: brightness(0) invert(1);
    position: absolute;
    top: 50%;
    left: 50%;
    -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%) translateX(-50%);
and add this line inside the braces:
    -moz-transform: translateY(-50%) translateX(-50%);
   transform: translateY(-50%) translateX(-50%);
I will include this in the next update

Ok thanks, already send the file to you. ;)

Dear falz04,

I really like your better half page, but on my iPhone 6S the rose quartz variant of the live preview does not load. The heart keeps beating forever…

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks and best regards,


I tested the site on an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2 and it worked fine. The 6S is on iOS 9.2.1 so this might’ve the difference…

I tested the site on an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2 and it worked fine. The 6S is on iOS 9.2.1 so this might’ve the difference…

Ok, updated the iPhone 6 to iOS 9.2.1, site still works fine. No idea what’s wrong with my 6S.

Great work, GLWS :)

Great work, Good luck with sale :)

Pa burger naman! hehehe

Nice work, GLWS :)


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