Discussion on Betube Video WordPress Theme

Discussion on Betube Video WordPress Theme

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Hello, do you have a thumbnail plugin? I mistakenly replaced it with another and the WP theme is generating a conflict

Please visit this link and download plugin.

I need to see the user-author admin, but it’s not possible in the demos so how can I see it.

I am really sorry for admin side demo, but my friend it’s our responsibility to provide you same demo on your website, or you will be always welcome for refund.

Hi, Just purchased this theme and, after installing a testing it, I’m facing some issues that need to be solved: - One of the recommended plugins (Video Thumbnails) isn´t available on wordpress plugins; - At the author’s dashboard, the edit button to edit posts/videos isn’t working; - The posts/videos created through the author dashboard are not placing/displaying the video in the content; - And also at the author dashboard, when creating a post/video there’s no way/field to attach the featured image. Can you help me on these? Best regards

Thanks for using our theme.
1- Video Thumbnail plugin is only for YouTube, Vimeo & Dailymotion plugins.
You can download plugin file from here.
2- Edit Button: Please go to WordPress Dashboard -> All pages ->< Create new page by name of Edit-Video , Then from right sidebar you will see option for template, Select template by name of “Edit Video”.
And Publish that page, Then test button again.
3- IF you are upload video from front-end then there will you have video file and image upload option, And if you are posting from WordPress then there will be Thumbnail image option.
Or contact at support our team will help you.

I want to upload my own video, how to prevent the video from being stolen?

Please follow up on your ticket

can’t install wordpress plugin video-thumbnails

Today is Sunday, please wait. Thanks

Hey, please check pending ticket

Your ticket is solved

Hello, do you have a live streaming function? Something like Wpstream. I want an all in one theme for my video website and really like the theme. I want to know if you have the live feature available before I purchase

For you i just installed WPStream Plugin and create a live channel.
I hope this will work for you.
Regarding Plugins, We just required two plugin (BeTube Helper, Redux FrameWork).
Other all plugins are optional.

Hi again, thanks for that but it is not exactly what I need for my website. I want just the live streaming feature with your theme so that it is as simple as possible. Can you please consider working with wpstream? I belive that it will be beneficial for you, wpstream, and for your customer (myself included). I can also contact them and ask if they can help you integrate

After 2 month we receive feedback from your side. In simple word you can use wpstream plugin with our theme we have no problem. Thanks

Hello, I was test the demo it look the theme is not mobile friend support some content go outside the. But also the theme are so slow. Will you update on this.

Thanks for showing interest in our theme.
Please send some screenshots at support@joinwebs.com , sure we will update. Thanks

I need help! my wordpress is not allowing me to watch the videos the only thing it does is show the thumbnail! I’ve tried contacting support through email but they haven’t replied to me please I need help.

Please fo to WordPress dashboard -> Betube option -> Layout Manager -> Single post style -> select video style.

This seemed to fix the issue thanks guys!

hello , how to remove the Ads part before the video starts please ?

Please go to WordPress dashboard -> Betube option -> Single Video -> Video Plugin Ads -> Turn off this option. Thanks

I emailed a few questions to support but no word yet. 1. How do you upload thumbnail for self hosted videos? 2. How do you edit view and like counts on post?

Thanks for using our theme, we have not received any email.
1. On submit video page we have option to upload thumbnails.
Upload video + image and your problem will be solved.
Or if you are admin and you are posting from backend then there thumbnails option available on edit screen.
2. For views please go to WordPress dashboard -> All posts -> edit any post and you will see these options.

@themeforest i have an issue with my purchase , the Home Fullwidth page promoted everywhere on your website wasnt in the package i purchased, please can you verify what you are selling because it si really annoying :((((((

Please go to WordPress dashboard -> Betube Options -> Layout Manager—> from here select wide layout. Then you will see fullwidth.
You need to read documentation or need to contact at support if you find any problem in future. Thanks

hello , why are you promoted everywhere home full width on Themeforest and you dont provide it in download purchased , this is not normal at all, can you provide it please ? thank u

It’s ok just try wide options or send email at support@joinwebs.com

My friend , You seen our demo in full-width on this link.
If you will follow our steps which i told you , you will set same, Or you just need to contact at support@joinwebs and we will setup Full-width demo on your website.
Support is free, Demo installation is free then where is problem?
I request to you please come to email, If we will not give you full-width same like our demo then you will be always welcome for refund.

Apologies….no problem…i would like to remove my previous messages @themeforest

This is embarrassing, I managed to get a couple ads in my site but then i clicked reset section hoping that the ad template would still be there and it was all deleted. I forgot what the ads code was. Can you help me out? src=””, img=”” this is as much as i can remember

When you will reset any section then its means it will restore to default.
If you are looking for our demo code then here is code.
<a href="https://www.domain.com">
    <img src="https://domain.com/image.png" alt="betube" />
For more info and help please contact at support@joinwebs.com

does this theme also support Odysee / rumble etc?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Odysee & Rumble both have embed iframe option you can embed videos from these websites. Thanks

excellent, thank you!

hi, if i already have a licence for this item (BETUBE Theme) and iwill buy only support for next 6 month will this theme works with new feature? Thanks

Thanks for using our theme, yes you have purchased our theme, you just need to renew your support license. Thanks

Auto Import from YouTube? based on api? with entering the channel name, and to post all videos, if a new one is posted on youtube to auto post on the wp site?

Thanks for showing interest in our theme, Yes its API based and it will auto import all old and new videos automatically.

Can I custom search box? Such as: I want to add categories/posts/videos/products

For customization you need to contact at support.

Dears, i am trying to upgrade from PHP 7.3 to 7.4 but i am getting the below error:

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /homepages/2/d170679468/htdocs/clickandbuilds/ArabicBaptistDC/wp-content/themes/betube/functions.php on line 1095

did anybody face a similar issue?

Please advise on how to fix this, since php 7.3 is not supported anymore.

Shoud i upgrade wordpress to version 5.9?

Sure you can update WordPress to latest version. Our all demos are on latest version. Thanks

Hi there.. Tweet embed functionality doesn’t work with videos? What happens is the video player cuts half of the tweet out so if there’s writing above the video on the tweet, the video gets cut off on Betube. Is there a fix for this?

Please contact at support, team will help you. Thanks

Is it possible to fix? If it’s possible I’ll repurchase support as it’s expired

Let me know if it’s possible thanks

Yes its possible, Or you can contact at support@joinwebs.com

its probably not a good sign if your demo isnt working….

Thanks for notification, please check again after few minutes. Thanks


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