Discussion on BeWizard - Survey Poll Quiz & Application Multistep Form

Discussion on BeWizard - Survey Poll Quiz & Application Multistep Form

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turian Purchased

Can you make a multi-step quiz that is all on a single page, like https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-pro? Where each option that is selected gets collapsed with its value and a change link.

Should support text fields, check boxes, and radio box questions.

No themeforest theme does this, and I would buy it immediately.

So just to understand, You wanted to collapse the whole section when a form step is filed?

For exa. We have 5 step form and when customer fills details in first form and click submit, First form gets collapse and second form opens, Is this what you are looking for?


turian Purchased

Correct. That section gets collapsed. But they can click on the collapsed section to re-open it and change their answer.

They can submit part of the form either by clicking a “submit” button or, if it’s a text question, if they hit enter.

It’s a much more beautiful way to do multi-step, on single page. Particularly if there are nice transitions.

Hi there, presale question. In the quiz or survey (i.e any multistep form) is there a script which collect the answers and form it into json or something like that? I mean any format which allows answers to be then send to custom php or any processing script. Thanks!

Currently our template send email to site owner.

Hiya Quick question, can this work in a maindomain/survey folder?

Yes, It’s a HTML template and you can use it as you like


Yurisc Purchased

Sobre esse erro, o que posso fazer

“O pacote não pôde ser instalado. O tema não tem a folha de estilo style.css. Falha na instalação do tema” ?


Yurisc Purchased

Como está intitulado o arquivo?


Yurisc Purchased

como eu irei utilizar no Wordpress?


Yurisc Purchased

como eu posso fazer uso dos arquivos?

Hi I checked this demo: https://jthemes.net/themes/html/BeWizard/JobApplication/JobV.1/index.html

It very cool but I’ve a question, you can create more than 3 steps (like demo but with for example 6 steps)?

Best regards

Can you show in demo this example? (6 steps instead 3) I want view how form views

Hey… I want see demo of 6 steps instead 3 on job v1 form

Responded in email already

Dear Sir, I want to ask you if your script do what i want or not.

For Front-end I want to display a screen to my customer to choose one of these choices: 1. not satisfied 2. Satisfied 3. very satisfied If he choose not satisfied, form will display to him to send his personal data to contact with him

For Back-end I want to display statistics and report contain all the personal data of dissatisfied customers and chart for total result

for example: 10% not satisfied 40% Satisfied 50% very satisfied

Waiting your reply, Thanks

Ok thanks, I assume that you already have a backend system, is it possible to share existing laravel admin details here > jakjim@gmail.com

If you use any live messenger like Skype thn please share so we can save discussion time

Please add me on jakjim86 so we can have discussion on it

is job application a wizard that has a php admin backend?

It has a PHP backend for job applications, You will see it in admin


How many types of questions are there ? I am looking for a exam / test script.


It’s a HTML template and you will need to hire developers to make it as per your requirements. You can also hire us if you have detailed requirements for exam test script

Hi, after filled a poll and a quizz, what happen? i finished, and just a “tahnk you”. why not redirecting to home page automaticaly when its finished? and how to see results and others?

Hi, BeWizard is a HTML template and we are showing Thank you but you can redirect it to home page also. As this is just HTML so we are not saving the result in any database. This needs to be done by developers assistance or you can hire us with your requirements

Hello i like your template its butifull I need a complete website use for all devise similar(https://www.surveymonkey.com/)but faster and easier And in it (front end ), (back end ) and (database ) Facing its interface, templates, and models of questionnaires, statistics, questions, exams, and a lot of approximation. And everyone can benefit from it, students, companies, institutions, institutions and Where the registration and its inclusion of Dashboard can be a collector of inventory, results and results of data analysis and many other possibilities. A place to share with others.

What is meant by details? I want this site with all its details and services.. Or send the questions you want to answer to be answered.


Sorry for the delay in response.

You have given surveymoney.com as reference but thats a big website with many many features inside it so its not possible to provide estimation. If you have a complete list of features thn we can give you a proper estimation

can these polls be embedded on other sites?

It’s a HTML template so you can not directly embed this and have a dynamic polls, You will have to hire someone or code it so it can fulfill your requirements

I dont use this. Its not wordpress plugin. I dont know how to edit code or another things. It so useless for me. I didnt see admin panel or another thing Please give me money back. Please It is my first order I m writing this comment after buying 3 minutes I dont use it please

Thank you for your attention, refund provided and problem solved

this template have a dashboard for users????

It’s a HTML template so only form submission. For job aplication, You get a dashboard

i need complete … dashboard and manage an all fiuturs

Ok, Please write all features you are looking for and we will provide you estimation

hi can i change language ??

It’s a HTML template so we can change the language as we want

Is it possible to change the web site language to Arabic and use it for Arab users ???

Yes you can use it for Arabic content, We have RTL layout too


I have a question.

When I get this, I can install it directly. Ready script?

And is it possible to change language.

If it is ready for use, I want to buy it.

Hi, Its a HTML template not a wordpress plugin.

I require a form, I liked the design a lot, but I require it for 90 questions with a yes or no option and a comment. Will it help me?

You can duplicate different form fields, so whatever selection option you want, you can do. Note that it is a html template so you have develop on the basis of your requirement

Excuse the following questions, it’s to make sure it works for me.

1.- To create the password, is it necessary to connect it to a SQL database? (Because I don’t know how to do it)

2.- If I don’t connect to a database, won’t I be able to see the form? and therefore won’t you send it to my email?


Please find our comments below

1. Yes you will need to connect to a SQL database.

2. Yes you can work it without connecting to database. You will get form data in email

Hello. The Survey theme does not have progress bar in the form?

noted with thanks

Sure no problem

Please let me know if you have any other questions, I hope you will go ahead and purchase our product

It is not clear, are the forms to be placed on a websites only or can be just shown in a browser without having it on any website? Like for example SurveyMonkey.

Thank you!

Did you made any decision?

Yea, I’ll pass since those are just the HTML templates and not an actual platform.


ok No problem :)


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