Discussion on Bicolor - Creative Coming Soon Template

Discussion on Bicolor - Creative Coming Soon Template

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vrdci Purchased

One of the greatest Theme i ever bought ! A little question. Is it possible to make an anchor to a section directrly through the URL. Didn’t manage to do it. EX : https://exemple.com/#secondsection Thank you !


vrdci Purchased

Well found a way to do it, maybe not the cleanest and more simple way to do it but it works :)

Here it is :
<script type="text/javascript">
        else if(window.location.href.toLowerCase().split("#about").length-1)
        else if(window.location.href.toLowerCase().split("#services").length-1)
        else if(window.location.href.toLowerCase().split("#contact").length-1)
Put that before the end of the body. You can now call directly for exemple the services page : https://www.exemple.com/#services

How can I remove scrollbar from the slides? Not the browser scrollbar.

hi there, i would like to ask.

My company purchased this template, need to clarify on a question:

i have 2 domain which are under same company. can i use in this 2 domain? or web hosting?

Regards, YeongWei

Hi. installing it gives me error. it tells me that it doesn’t have the css style sheet. how do i do it?

Hi, Just now purchased your software & tried to install in my website.. but subscribe & contact page not working.. Email, Text file & Mailchimp anything not working..


Hi – how can I make sure the footer appears on the mobile version? I have an important disclaimer there, that I want visitors to see. Thanks!

Thank you! You guys are super amazing!

One more itch if you don’t mind. To reproduce:

1) View in mobile 2) Click “For Organisations” and scroll to the bottom 3) Click “Privacy Policy” in the footer

Instead of seeing the top of the slide, it is showing the middle/bottom of it.

Would this be difficult to fix?

Brilliant! Can’t thank you guys enough. Just rated 5 stars for the high quality support. Thanks again and have a great day!

Hi, I was trying to install this theme in Wordpress and got the error message “The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.” I even tried unzipping and re-zipping just the template folder. How can I fix this?

Hi, It isn’t a WordPress theme. This is HTML template.

Hi, Great job with this one!

Is it possible to change a backgrounds for pictures but still have these filters with colors?

How could we replace the logo on the top left corner to our own png?

Hi, like this:

<div id="awd-site-logo" class="animated fadeInDown visible" data-animation="fadeInDown" data-animation-delay="500">
        <a href="/" target="_blank"><img src="https://placehold.it/250x60" alt="logo" /></a>

Such a gorgeous template! All I wanna do is just stare at my screen and zone out on the colors!

Thank you for your beautiful work :)

Hi friends i liked your template i want to buy it but first i want to ask is it possible to make change like that for example make not like landing make like site with other pages

what function I need to activate in my server to recive email from my contact form?

Hi, sendmail

Hello, My contact form doesn’t send any emails or anything. How is it supposed to work?

Hello, please provide your website url. Did your server supports the mail function?


Does this design allow for us to switch the animated background with our own gif or youtube video?

hi i have purchased bg color template and i have found two issue on that

1) contact form and ,subscribe is does’nr work (php7) i have change in contact.js according to documantation

2) in mobile responsive footer social icon does’nt show

still my problem exist can you watchout

subscribe email not working i have se php to send email but not going to send

can i use the header logo insted of text and add it 2 variant color black and white like in home slide balck logo and other slide white logo


Will this theme work of WordPress?


My contact form doesn’t work. I have PHP Version 7.1.9, I changed contact e-mail in options.js file. Message shows sent, but I never received any… Please help. Thank you!

I just got two of your messages… but if I try I don’t receive any message…

It looks like it works already! I don’t know what was wrong, it didn’t work yesterday, it works now. Thank you!

Hi, I bought this template but when I want to use sub and contact that doesn’t work… I already check options.js and is it ok.

The website just stuck on “please wait” for sub and nothing for contact..

Thank you.

Please change http to https in your options.js:

var awd_mailchimp_url = 'http://.....
var awd_mailchimp_url = 'https://.....

Done but nothing change.. :/

Ah yes in my url it was ”...&ampi=..” and i replaced by ”...&id=”

Hello, I placed order and paid this template. Very satisfied with it, thanks.

However, don’t have big knowledge about web templates so I struggle to make some changes. Can you please help me how to make UPPERCASE text in top-left corner? At your template it’s labeled as “bicolor”, top-left corner, just near logo.

Whatever I did, it remains lowercase, it must have somewhere settings for that, just can’t find it.


Hello, please open your “assets/css/custom.css” file and add the following lines:

#awd-site-logo h1 {
    text-transform: uppercase;

Thank you.

Hi; when we put email in (subscribe) page is not working this is our customized website www.nashama.capital

And the (contact us form) where ca i find the messages?

Please clarify and advise,,

Hello, your server doesn’t run php scripts. Try to turn on php on your server.


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