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Awesome theme, loving the uniqueness of it! Great Job!

Very fresh design with lots of great features. Should attract a following. Good luck and welcome to Themeforest!

Hi. I purchased the theme and it will not work with my blog. How do I get a refund…. I tried installing it over 10 times.

Hi, have you followed instructions and have unzipped downloaded file, be sure you are installing file not whole downloaded file. Just unzip downloaded file and follow tutorial to automaticly install the theme. Again be sure you install file. All files on themeforest are working if properly installed. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Guys thank you for your kind comments, we really appreciate it. We will add our support forum to description, while just visit for any help, we will be there to help.

Looks really cute theme nice work :-)

charmthemes, so glad you like it, thanks :)


I really like this theme! Consider adding author block and author pages and you have another buyer!

Thank you and good luck with sales…

Thanks for suggetstions, will definately consider them :)

OH and if you would consider making the left side navigation actually “scroll” with the page as you move down that would be cool too no??

just my two cents….............

Hi, we are adding author box in update this evening, please stay tuned for this update, and sure we will help you with menu :)

Hello MNKY ,

This is a beautiful template. Great job making some available for personal use like this. I can see many opportunities and benefits purchasing this. I wish you all the best in your sales. Oh yes, and welcome to Theme Forest!

Oh, thank you, so nice to hear! And also thanks for taking time to respond to previous comment :)

@thewillingaccomplice – For the scrolling navigation, just edit the CSS corresponding with “navigation-block”, change “position: absolute;” to “position: fixed;” and there’s a simple solution to your request. Hope it helps.


Your theme looks great. Nice work. Are PSD included?



Thank you :) Sorry, but we haven’t used psd for creating this theme.


That’s nice to hear, thanks :)

Hi, just a quick question, is it possible to create a blog page with only one post, then another page with several blog posts?

Hi, have you downloaded it today? We made fix to this yesterday , please download new version and you will be able to use this plugin :)

yeah, downloaded it today with the link you gave above. It says on the wordpress website that the plugin has not been updated since 2010-12-26 :s

I mean theme itself, you should download new version now from themeforest. Thanks.

Hi there,

I am working with your theme and I was wondering if there was a way to specify which ‘Portfolio Service Type’ was displayed on a page with the portfolio template. I am trying to create multiple pages with different portfolio styles, but each page needs its own content. Many thanks,


Hi, sorry but there is no such option right now, but we will look for solution and add it to our next update in coming days. And we have just release v.1.1 , and will try to release new update soon and include your request. Thank you!

hey guys, brilliant theme. just bought it, but sadly i have some troubles…or better, one:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ’$’ in /www/htdocs/w00748cc/brett/wp-content/themes/bigcity/option-tree/functions/get-option-tree.php on line 73

this comes when i click on preview in the the menue…and i have no clue why. iam not new to worpress, so iam pretty sure i installed everything right…or didnt i?

Hi, Could you please give us more details, which preview button do you mean? I just can’t reproduce this error. If you want you can give us temporary access so we can see and fix this. Thanks

hey, thanks for the fast answer. sure i can. i use wp 3.1.4. after i installed it (manual and auto), i go of cause to the normal theme actication. i activated it for you, you can see here:

idea? otherwise, tell me where you need temp access to :)!

ps: this error is in the backend of wordpress too after activation, as long as i dont uninstall the theme

btw fyi: the for the forum does not work ;)

Hmm, it is strange, just installed theme twice myself again on new wp, and can not reproduce it. Ok, can you give me temporary ftp and also wp login data. just contact me through my profile. Thanks


As @vanEcke, I just bought the theme and i got the following message when I tried to activate it :

wp-content/themes/bigcity/option-tree/classes/class.admin.php on line 12

Thx u by advance for your answer !

Hi, Have you wp_debug enabled? You can try disabling it and installing it again. Thanks

vanEcke and bpoincloux , we fugured it out, your servers seems to run older than required php versions. So please send a mesage to your provider to update you, you can use this WP 3 .2. message:

“Hi there. I host my domain [] with you, and I run WordPress on my site. The minimum requirements are changing to PHP 5 .2.4 and MySQL 5.0, and I would appreciate your help in confirming that my site’s setup meets these requirements. If I’m currently running an older version of PHP or MySQL, could you update it for me, or tell me how to do it? Thanks so much!”

Sorry for inconvenience that may have caused. please feel free to contact us for any help.

Thank you, thought about something like that :( But thanks for your fast and ncie help!

Thank you, and I am sure your provider will update you if you send him a message :)

Indeed they did, no problem there ^^

Thank you so much.

I send the message to my provedir and I’m sure it will solve our problem ;-).

One again, brillant theme and developper ;).

Thank you :)

I LOVE the look of this theme, I just have a couple of questions.

Is it possible to use this as a video portfolio?

Can I have the portfolio thumbs link to a page with the video embedded? Or have the video play in a lightbox?

Hi, thanks for kind words.

No such feature for portfolio pages now, but it is possible to create something like custom gallery page, but with embeded videos in frames, also you can put links , for full screen movies, to open in lightbox. (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, swf or iframe ) .

Also we can create custom modification for you to enable video in portfolio templates, and probably it will make to our new update. Just contact us directly via profile :)

We will be here tomorrow, it is 2.30 am here now :)

Hi, I am installing version 1.1 of the theme on my blog, and everything goes fine until I’m trying to upload my logo. I get the usual upload screen, find the logo and press upload, then insert into post, and then the upload screen goes all white. Nothing happens. The same thing happens when I try to upload via ftp, and just “add via url”. I tried uploading the same picture in a regular post, and that worked perfectly. It’s only in the theme-menu this happens, and not elsewhere in wordpress. I use the latest wordpress installation, wp 3.2. Any clue what may cause the problem?

Hi, just checked on test server with 1.1 , it uploads just fine. What happens if you just copy your logo http link into required field and press “Sava all changes”? Thanks