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Good evening, there are bugs in the shortcode with the new version of wordpress 3.9, is expected to update? thanks

Hello Minky, thank you very much for your reply! Good Work!

Theme has been updated, now we have all new shortcode panel :)



i just installed the theme, and i receive problens when i try to access de theme control panel, in settings…. can u help me?

See the print (

hi MNKY, i did what u say and somethings was changed… but the “normal” options still with error… see:

Please press Reload XML button.


Perfect! Thanks!

The theme has been updated? I can’t see it in my Wordpress updates area!

I’m a bit confused. I deleted the old theme from wordpress dashboard then uploaded the updated one. I checked in my FTP and it has the one I just uploaded but in wordpress it says it is version 3.1, but it should be 3.2 right?

It’s fine, I just forgot to change the version number in style.css. You have the latest version :)

Awesome, cheers for that!


I’ve been having problems with the shortcodes not inserting into the WYSIWYG editor on WP3.9, so I updated the Theme from 3.1 to 3.2 as suggested to solve the problem and now the shortcodes option has completely disappeared from the WYSIWIG toolbar and clicking on “appearance -> shortcodes” just opens a blank page.


Just a quick update to say I’ve fixed the issue above – it was a conflict with a plugin. Changed the plugin and all is good again :-) Thanks for your help though.

Can I just ask for a quick bit more help though…

On my Archive page ( I have got pagination using:

<?php if ( $wp_query->max_num_pages < 9999999 ) : ?> <?php previous_posts_link( __( 'Previous page', 'meteor' ) ); ?> <?php next_posts_link( __( 'Next page', 'meteor' ) ); ?> <!- #nav-below -> <?php endif; ?>

in the archive.php file.

How can I style it so it looks the same as the pagination on the category pages (


I am glad you solved it :)

In archives.php change line 56

<?php wp_link_pages( array( 'before' => '<div class="page-link">' . __( 'Pages:', 'BigCity' ), 'after' => '</div>' ) ); ?>  


<?php SEO_pager() ?>


Thanks an absolute million – worked perfectly.

Your customer support is brilliant!


I have final problem with my site (besides the amount of spam messages arrive through the contact form now :-( )

On my pages I have added “AddThis” sharing button next to the search bar in the header widget by adding the code as a HTML element with the Share title set using the widget function rather than hard coded.

It is displays on the site it is placing the title above the buttons rather than inline to keep everything level. I have played around with the CSS, writing rules for .widget-title, .widget-text, and the h3 tag directly to try and resolve this but nothing is working.

Any ideas?

Oh – site is


Just do not enter widget title, add a simple span text in widget content.

You can use another contact form with spam filter. Just disable integrated one per instructions on the last page of the user manual.

Thank you!


Trial and error got to the same end result – so the site is now running as planned. Shame there’s no spam filter built into the contact form but thanks for the advice, will go looking…


Is it possible to add some kind of eshop or WooCommerce to the template?


Unfortunately there is no support for woocommerce in BigCity theme. Thank you!

Guys I did a mistake and accidentaly reset all template settings :( is it possible to tell me the Menu and top banner fonts/size? I used the same as with the demo template. please help :(

also the slider’s font became extremely big :(


You can do the following to reimport settings:
1. In FTP open bigcity/option-tree/theme options data and copy both files to your computer. 
2.Then delete them from the folder on server.
3.You will now see Settings tab in theme options in your Dashboard. Press it and go to Import tab. 
4. Copy content from theme-options.txt file you have downloaded to your computer to the Theme Options Data field and press Import Data.
Thank you!

Hi – i’m using v3.1 & i’d like to use the Orbit Slider (never used it before). i’ve read the User Guide but the option is missing from my Wordpress Dashboard! You can see what i’ve got here:

Can you help?

You can use this:

#slider_home {margin-bottom:-20px;}

Thank you!

Perfect – thanks!

& thanks again for creating such a great template – i’ve been using it for a couple of years now & still love it :D

This is what it looks like these days:

Looks great :) & thank you for your feedback, appreciate it :)

My site did something funny today. All of my post text’s are now in italics, but in the blog roll, they are still normal. Any idea what is going on there?


Is it possible you have added unclosed tag in the code? Also can be a plugins fault.


I haven’t touched any coding. It is possible it happened after an update, but I can’t pinpoint where and when it happened.

I got an email from Hostgator saying they are switching to php 5.4. I switched it over and seems to be working fine, are you guys aware of any problems that might occur because of this?


Should be no problem at all :)


Two things:

1) How can I change the “read more” link styling I get in search results (e.g. to the same “read more” button I get in the summary?

and 2) If I use <!-nextpage-> to break up a long post (e.g. how can I style the pagination to look the same as my search result pagination styling?

Many thanks in advance

Still loving the theme :-)


1. It is on line 109 in functions.php add

to the a tag.

2. I see that you styled a tag already? The problem here is that only not current pages are links. Probably you can try styling span or p tag.

Thank you!


Thanks for such a speedy response.

1 – has solved my problem perfectly so thank you and to expand 2) I did the small styling by simply changing the class name from “page-link” to “pagerbox” in loop-single.php but it’s not quite what I’m after hence my question :-(

When I go into “customize theme” the cancel button is partially covering the delete/close buttons, and when I try to click on “site title and tag line” and “navigation” etc nothing happens, and it won’t let me scroll down the page or anything. Any idea why this might be?


Theme panel works fine for us. Maybe a plugin?

Also BigCity theme is customized in its theme options.

Thank you!

Is it possible to use an image map with images used on the orbit slider? For example to have one half of the image with one link & a different link on the other half?


Sorry, but not.

I just updated Jetpack and it caused some problems because of grunion contact form or something. I had this problem ages ago but just deleted some files using ftp, but I tried it this time and it wasn’t good. Can you tell me how to disable the contact form in the theme so I can then download Jetpack again, thanks!


Sorry for confusion. Open functions.php file and delete this line:

require_once (TEMPLATEPATH . ’/functions/contact-form/grunion-contact-form.php’);


Thanks that worked. 1 more thing, I put the number of posts to display on the home page etc to 7, but now in my archives it’ll only display 7 posts and it won’t give you an option to read the other ones. Not sure how to fix this, but the archives pages need to display all the posts.


In order not to touch the code, you can try this plugin:


Hi. My sub menu is hiding behind the main content/container. The z-index: 99999.

Help!!! Thanks.


Have you made any custom changes? It is not like this by default, as you can see in demo.


I just uploaded the new theme version and it doesn’t seem responsive. Still loads full desktop size on mobile.


Please go to theme options and press Reload XML button. Mobile settings should appear.


Hi. I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but have a question. Is there an easy way to turn off the dropshadows that all the elements have? I’d like them to have the same background color as the background and no border, as well. Thanks.


It can be done in main css file, not too hard, just need to delete background shadow images where needed. Takes couple of minutes :)

Thank you!

Hi, I’m wondering how to get the page to load to the proper size on mobile, without having the mobile theme which I don’t really like. The example site you give (the university arts department one) loads the full page on mobile but it fits the screen, I want mine to do the same. And also, how do you get the header banner thing that that site has? Thanks!


You can remove responsive css style calls from all header php files.:
<?php if (get_option_tree('layout_options', '')) { ?>  
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/mobile-style.css" />  
<?php } ?>  
Thank you!

So I delete that section from Header, Header contacts, header custom element, header post slider, header orbit slider? Just making sure as I hate messing with that stuff!

Yes, exactly :)

Hi! I want to add a full width image at the topmost portion of my blog (similar to the Arts Alive website). It’s not a menu item right? I tried adding an image but I can’t get the margins correctly, it went below the logo instead of on top. Can you teach me how to set up the image?


You can set is at body background and set top center position to it.

Another way is to add a new div to header php files and set position:absolute to it and top-center it. For reference, this is how Arts Alive custom top menu position looks like:
#background_light {
    position: absolute;
    width: 100%;
    height: 30px;
    background: #69504b;
    margin-top: -25px;
    z-index: 0;
    display: none;
Thank you!

Hi I recently updated my WordPress and then re-installed the Big City theme and now my widgets are appearing at the bottom of my homepage which is my latest post; how can i fix this?


Please go to theme settings and press Reload XML, then choose responsive settings and save options.

Also in Appearance/Widgets make sure that widgets are in their places.

Thank you!

Hey I try reloaded it few times and as soon as i press “Reload XML it tells that “Theme Options were Updated” and my widgets are in the right spot, what else can i do?

Ok, seems to be some sort of other error or conflict. You can pass ftp access to theme folder and wp login in message from our profile. I will take a look into it.

Do you have customizations in theme code? Or I can try reloading latest version?

Thank you!