Discussion on BIG Countdown - Fullscreen Coming Soon Page

Discussion on BIG Countdown - Fullscreen Coming Soon Page

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Hey, I just installed the subfolder in the theme directory and tried to add the theme in the WP panel. I get the message “Es fehlt ein Stylesheet.” (Stylesheet file ist missing..) what can I do? Thanks for an answer :-) Marius

Hi Marius, I’m sorry but this is not Wordpress theme, but HTML/CSS template which mean you need to edith HTML files to customize it

Hi how can I change the music? and how can I change the countdown?

Hi, please refer to the documentation. Please let me know if you still will have any problems.


I’ve copied over all the files but not seeing some content and video. Can you help please? http://tinyurl.com/pcjkd3q

Thanks – Ian

Must have been a caching issue – all working now – thanks

I think that problems are caused by CloudFlare. Try to disable it.

hello and thanks for your theme… can i set a mp3 file instead of yours m4a ? thanks…

sorry i found the answer in documentation…tahnks:-)

ok, great :)

Thank you for this great theme! It works perfect, also in German: http://www.accommodus.ch :bigwink:

Hi there,

I deactivated the music/sound. Is there a way to HIDE the music/sound icon up top? Thanks.

What do you mean Theme Options? I’m not using Word Press Theme., this is HTML. In the CSS folder, I only see “css.ie.css” and css.css

I opened css.css, under #sound_icon { line I input “visibility: hidden; which hides the sound icon, but the icon background symbol still shows. I don’t want to leave an open gap after hiding the sound icon. Can both the Mail and i+ icons shifts and moves over to the left a bit so it looks uniformed? Thanks

sorry, I thought you use wp theme. In that case just remove this line from your index.html file:
<div id="sound"><div id="sound_icon" title="Sound on/off" class="qtip" /></div>
There should be no gap after this change.

All good now. Thanks for your prompt response!

Love this! Good job!;

thank you!

Hello great theme, I cant seem to change the logo to mine. any ideas? i tried to swap the logo.jpg file but nothing happens

Hi, sorry for late reply. Please check with FTP or file manager on your hosting account if you uploaded following files: php/validate.php, php/subscribe.php

i check they are there

In this case you must contact your hosting provider and ask why http://bkbottles.com/php/validate.php is not accessible. maybe it’s because some server settings.


There is a small issue with the loading of an image slider (not a photo) with the last version of FireFox, Firefox 27.0.1. I think the problematic image is /img /modal_shadow.png. We see an empty rectangle around an image, it’s very visible if the loading is long. The issue is also visible on the demo.


I will send you edited file for tests

Fixed. Thank you very much!


First issue: a problem with the Dark Skin Video with the Instyle video (I bought it too): there is a horizontal displacement/scroll for the standard resolution 1024×768px and others. My Instyle video is running at 1280×720px but your demo is running at 640×360px at http://chart.civ.pl/themes/big_countdown/dark/video/index.html and has the same problem: a visible scroll on FireFox for Windows. No problem with the slider, it works fine.

I bought also your script Big Gallery Fullscreen Photography Portfolio. The same video at http://chart.civ.pl/themes/big_gallery2/dark/video.html does not have a horizontal scroll. Everything works fine, See the following screenshot:


How to fix it ?

Second issue: the loading of the elements is not done well. The loader is not centered on the page and some elements are visible before the end of loading. The same demo for your other script Big Gallery Fullscreen Photography Portfolio does not have this problem. See the following screenshot:


How to fix it ?

Tested on Firefox 26.0 (last version) for Windows. Not tested with the other versions.


Hi, I will be able to test it on Win XP at he evening, so please send me a link.

email sent 10 minutes ago

got it, I will contact you when I test your site.

Was misled like other who previously commented on this theme. That this was going to be a wordpress theme. I was even more disappointed that the author Johnnychaos or Jan Skwara was going to charge me to setup the theme which would have took him less than a hour. i was going to buy his full wordpress theme for $40 as well. Buy it may not be an actual wordpress theme. Also the download lacked alot of documenetation. What a major set up back! :-(

You did not send me instructions on how to fix this, that is a lie. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s called great customer service on how you handle your clients’ mistakes. Oh saying it’s not my fault is going to make your clients really happy!!

I’ve just added this sentence to the item description: “This is HTML/CSS site template (not CMS) so it requires basic HTML skills to customize it. ” to help avoid such mistakes.
And in email I wrote you that you can ask envato for refund or hire me for customization or go straight to Big Gallery Wordpress. So you had three options. I think it’s fair enough.

Thank you. I greatly appreciate you adding that detail.

As usual, this is really great!

Is that there will soon be a version for Wordpress?

Sorry about my poor english.

I plan to do WP version soon, but can’t give you exact date

Ok.. can you advise me when completed ? i’ll buy for sure. i will give you my email address by personnal message. thank you !

Yes, I will inform you :)

Im trying to install and i keep getting a message that the stylesheet is missing… Please Advise me

I’m sorry, this is not Wordpress theme, but HTML site template. HTML Sites do not have the WordPress Content Management System. They cannot be installed in a WordPress Site. Site templates requires some basic HTML/CSS skills that allow you to edit files and replace data with your own.

Is it possible to install it via wordpress?

Ive been trying to install it as it shows on the documentation, but it keeps giving me a message that the stylesheet is missing

Hi, I’m sorry but this in to worpdress theme. It’s just HTML site template.

Purchased this coming soon site, and I have to pay you some compliments: A) Great design, beautiful layout, clever UI. B) Very well organized documentation. C) Lots of options with clear folder structures for faster implementation. I had a site up and running with some minor tweaks & customizations with a custom slideshow within an hour or two. (Could have been faster, but I wanted to read through everything and test out the various versions). I was going to launch the final site with a different template, but now I’ll probably use the Big Gallery template. Excellent work – I look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future.

Thank you very much!!! :)

Jhonn please help, how can I move the black logo square to the left corner, the black bar behind the submit mail, and the submit mail in the center,. itried everithing that i ould understand,.! thanks

Hi. It’s not that easy. Item re positioning with javascipt. Digg into js/big_countdown.js file.

Hey Johnnychaos, First of all, I want to congratulate you on the coming soon theme.. Its quite possibly the best ive ever seen.. One thing that really impressed me is the effect on the images. They appear to have tiny squares over the picture itself. Any chance you can please show me how you got that effect? Thanks alot in advance Johnny, ill highly appreciate your feedback. Thanks Drew

Hi Drew. Thank you! I’m happy you like it.
Squares are made by adding div (#image-pattern) with semi transparent pattern over the image (pattern file is theme files: img/pattern.png).

This is absoutely beautiful, great work! I swapped my own audio for the file that was included and now it only plays on Safari and Firefox but not Chrome. Can you help?


Did default audio work good?
1. There can be few reasons: m4a file can be corrupted or too big. Try to create it once again, and make the size of it <10MB.
2. Your server blocks audio files – check if .htaccess file is the same an in downloaded package, and make sure that your server allows to use it.

Thank you sir! After researching this a bit I found your first response is correct: the Chrome broswer does very poorly with larger mp3 files. There doesn’t seem to be a consesus on just how large but I found less than 1mb worked for me. Thanks for the quick reply- love your work!

I use about 3bm files and it’s also ok.
Thank you for kind words. :)

BIG Countdown – Fullscreen Coming Soon Page I bought the theme but I edit an countdown timer. please help

sorry.. contact

Did you put correct email address in validate.php file? Please send me your validate.php fine on my email address (jan.skwara@germino.pl)

Is it possible to sneak a peek at the help document…. before I buy wanted to see if I had the technological savvy to make it work…

Hi, please send me an email via contact form on my profile page, and I will send you documentation.


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