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Hi Please cab you let me know how to center gallery_2c as in the live demo currently it left…. Thanks

I’ve sent you an email

Excellent got that, thanks for your help

Hi when I open the index it is a wide screen image and it is cropping the image is where can I change to the ratio in the demo Thanks http://www.suffolkmarquees.org/

Hi, as I said before, this template is designed for facebook – in facebook frame all will work fine.
If you want to use template as standalone site you can make image fullscreen by editing js/big_gallery.js file (lines #38 & 39):

var fb_width=810;
var fb_height=800;
var fb_width=w_width;
var fb_height=w_height;

Tried to view live preview on FB but it isn’t working. I just get stuck on the “choose skin” screen. :( Want to buy asap but can’t ‘till I know what it’s like.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ywozd4BqQQ This is a YouTube video to show you what happens.

HTC One Android 4.4.2 Stock Chrome Version 33.0.1750.154 m current download speed 55mps All up to date.

When I click on a skin it reacts for a split second but doesn’t load anything. :(

Hi, try this demo link: http://chart.civ.pl/themes/big_social/
Facebook theme requires SSL certificate to work (it’s FB requirement) – I don’t have any now, and it’s why preview on facebook doesn’t work.

I am looking for a theme for a photo frames page, where users can upload their photographs, and that they put a frame of their choice, is this possible? I want to innovate it in my page www.descargarmarcos.com

Sorry, but there is no such option in my theme.