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Great tem plate johnny, good luck mate! ;)

very nice and also beutifull music. What is the title and who is singing? :-))

Hi and thank you. Here is a link to this music:

Great! Thanx :-))

Its really beautiful. So I have bought it and will try to launch on fb. It really inspired me to showcase my work. And the music is so fantastic. Do I have to buy it ? and if, where?
Thank you and best wishes for more sales

Hi, thank you for warm words :) Music is included, you don’t need to buy it, but you need to give a credit to the author if you want to use it. Please reffer to documentation for details.

Great Template. Before I buy it I have a couple of questions: 1. Is it possible to translate the template to Spanish? 2. Is it possible to disable totally the music?

Regards, Maoz.


1. You can translate it to Spanish – just edit html files. 2. Yes, you can easily do it with config file (detaild in documentation)

Best regards

Hi, very beautiful work. I have a few questions :

(1) How many photos can I put in the portfolio ? I have hundreds of photos … (2) Photos in the slider are very large. Are they taken from the directory of the portfolio ? Or is it possible to create special photos for the slider ? (3) In the Features and Blog pages, is it possible to use links in the main text ?

Thank you


1. There is no limit for photos but i reccomend to use slider only for few, and put the rest in portfolio pages. 2. You can take slider photos from other folder. 3. You can use links in main text.

Best regards

Ok, I’m really interested. There is no problem for special characters as “è,é,ù,ï,ô,’,à, ...” ?


There will be no problem with special characters. Just neeto change one line in HTML files, from: {link href=’' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’/} to {link href=’,latin-ext' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’}

Thank you for answering me so quick. I have another question : is it possible to hide the “Photo description” on each photo ? I’d prefer to display the image entirely.


Yes, you can hide it easily.

Regards, Jan

Great work! :)


Hi there, awesome theme; just one question with the slider images, they’re showing with zoom, where can i disable it? i just want the normal size.


Thanks, this is the demo URL, i’ve tried to edit the css file to correct the Zoom, anyways, in the fanpage it looks as it should, but i would like to know if i need to make some changes later. Thanks

One last question, when the fanpage is loaded (on facebook or in site) the HTML gets cached, and i need to refresh to see the new changes, but the visitors wouldn’t know and shouldn’t do a reload, how can i force it to reload each time?

When you put the site into facebook frame images won’t be zoomed. Script calculates image size getting the size of a facebook frame. Whene there is no frame it takes window size.
I don’t think that HTML gets cached. Browser can cache images but if you change the code visitor won’t see previous version.

Hi there!! Great template!! I’m just having some issue with the sound!! It works perfect in Firefox and Epiphany (linux) browsers, but the sound is not working at all in Safari and Chrome!! I edited the configure.js to put the right path and sound types! Nothing happen! Stil woriking with Firefox and Epihany, not working with Safari/Chrome. Would you know what might be the problem? Thanks in advance!!

Hi, please send me a link, I will take a look. Safari doesn’t play sound when testing on local computer (not online). Please also check that both audio files (m4a and ogg) are correct and have correct paths.

iPhone can’t load the page, it gives this error message: The page you requested was not found.

Thank you,

can you tell me which link you try to open?

hi …will it replace my facebook page?? is it a facebook theme so that people will see my facebook page like this?

can anyone show me how it work in live facebook please one link pls

Hi this will not replace your facebook page, but it will add a “custom tab”, which will show on your facebook page and link to template. Here are examples:

This is standard fanpage:

If you click on a tab “Big Gallery Template” (it’s next to number of “likes”) then you will see this theme as facebook frame.

Direct link to facebook frame:

FYI…tried to view your demo link on a Blacberry 980 and it saids page not found. Then I asked my friends to view it on the iPhone and it saids Link Expired. But it shows up fine on a PC and MAC computer.

Please advise before I decide to buy, very important this functions properly on Mobile Devices for my Clients. Thanks.

Facebook custom tabs don’t work on phones. It’s facebook limitation.

Hi! Can you please tell me how can I modify the menu? Thank you! Vladimir


You need to edit the html files in some code editor.

Hi is it somehow possible to configure the lightbox images the way that they are shown on top of the fb-iframe and maybe put like buttons for the photos ? like this I could make photos larger than 800px. I use some panoramic photos and they don’t look very nice so small. thanks rolf

Hi, fancybox2 is not free plugin, You need to by a license to use it it commercial site: It’s why it’s not included in the theme (version 1 is free).

i just have downloaded it for free ” Licensed under both MIT and GPL licenses – You are free to use any jQuery project in any other project (even commercial projects) as long as the copyright header is left intact – see" I don’t know wy they write different things on their sites.

on you can download version 1 (free), fancybox 2 (paid) is here:

HI ! Can you please take a look on my page and tell me what have I done wrong? It doesn’t appear correctly!! When I run it on my desktop it works properly (music, buttons, everything). After I upload it on facebook nothing seems to work. Why ??? Please help me.

Thank you. Vladimir

check mail :)

Thank you from all my heart. You are the best !Thank you

Hi, the template dont load correctly with the HTTPS only with HTTP, what should i do? Thanks! Have a nice day!

Hi, can you send me a link?

Just send you a private message. Thanks!

answered :)

Hi, could you help me out, the video on the background are in the loop mode, how can i turn it off? Thanks! Cheers!

Hi, in “video.html” file find <video> tag:
<video id="example_video" class="video-js vjs-default-skin" loop preload="none" poster="" width="640" height="360">
and remove “loop” word from it.

thanks a lot!Also, i’m having a problem, if i had more than 10 images to the background the thumbnails dont give more than 10, the images are there but the system dont recognize, thanks a lot!

please send me a link.

Hi! If I write something with special characters in the contact form, the email that I receive don’t recognize those characters, so I receive a very strange message, what should I do?

Thanks! Have a nice evening!

Hi, I’ve send you an email.