Discussion on BIG Gallery - Fullscreen Photography Portfolio

Discussion on BIG Gallery - Fullscreen Photography Portfolio

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Do you know why I’m regularly confronted with the following unwanted effect (see the interlaced thumbs):


You can find my online test-page here:


If this effect would not appear, I would have gone online with your theme long ago!

Any help is much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!


I’m trying to reproduce this error, but on my Firefox it’s always fine. Are there any special situations when this occur? Do you have the latest FF version? Can you try to test it on other computer?

Ok, I see this error on your other subpage. I will check it.

Good, thanks! :)

Good evening, this is my site created from your model I purchased …

Very happy with this model, to present my photos because I am passionate amateur photographer. Thank you very much and good luck …


Thank you for choosing my template. Website looks amazing and I really like your photos, especially flies and animals :)

dzi?kuj? bardzo

Great Stuff….. I’m using fullscreen youtube capability now but having problems getting it to play on the mobile. Just hangs…. iPhone 6. Did send a message with the address in the doc. Can you assist. (Site is in that email)

Just letting future readers know that this issue is fixed now.

Not working in Firefox 45.0/Mac/El Capitan. I just downloaded the latest build of your BIG gallery, because I noticed that my website was no longer working in FF. It is working in Safari and Chrome but NOT in FF. Any idea? Thanks.

Please send me a link. As you can see, live preview is working fine on FF 45. http://chart.civ.pl/themes/big_gallery2/dark/index.html

By the way, the preview is NOT working in FF for me either. I sent you directly a link to my website.

Just letting future readers know that this issue was caused by browser addon and it’s not the theme issue.

Is that possible can we change the effect of slider in front page. I am looking forward for this template

What effect do you want?

Sorry, but this effect is not supported.

Hello, Its been 3 years since I have bought this item and I must say I am still very happy with your product. I have my site running again now since its been down for 2 years sadly. I have no right to ask as my support has ended but for some reason I cant get to fix a youtube link in the website inplace of the audio (local) files playing. I couldn’t find anything about it in the manual.

Can you send me an email?

Considering to buy it in order to eventually upgrade our web site and replace a similar theme which is not a responsive one. Question: are you going to update this template in the nearest future. I would be interesting in upgraded contact form (like in WP version) and full screen Ken Burns (or can I do it myself?). Thank you.

Hi, actually I’m busy with my other theme so there will be no few functionality updates in near future, sorry.

Hello, I wanted to get the BIG Gallery – Fullscreen Photography Portfolio template but I mistakenly bought the facebook edition. Only index.html is responsive not the others. Is there any chance to upgrade the facebook edition that I bought to the Fullscreen Photography Portfolio?

Hi, please but a HTML version, and ask for refund for facebook edition: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Hi johnnychaos, is there a way to add movement to the full screen gallery pictures? or do you sell other templates like this one with movement?

Hi diaco, I’m sorry, but this is not possible. Soon my new theme will be on themeforest: http://sepia.chart.civ.pl/ but it also don’t have this effect (but theme is really cool, check it! :) )

Not Responsive on 2880 × 1800 display on the MacBook Pro and 2560 × 1440 screen. Please give me code so that the same image/website stretch and fit to big screens.

Sorry, but template is not optimized for such big screens. Try with the CSS3 “transform” declaration

but it comes under responsiveness and it should optimize. Can you suggest how CSS3 transform for these screens. Please send me code and process.

use this CSS code:

@media only screen and (min-width: 2500px) {
body {
    transform: scale(1.5);
    position: relative;
    top: 25%;

Hello. Bought this template, but the music only auto-plays when opened in IE, not FF or Chrome (and I want it to auto-play). I made a basic preview version, uploaded it, and it does not open in anything but IE. In FF and Chrome it’s instantly blocked as “Unsafe” and shows no content. Any help? Temp front page is uploaded here http://www.gamehelp.me/vd1


please post a support ticket here: https://johnnychaos.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.

Hi, it seems this version doesn’t get updated, but the WP version does? This was last updated 26 April 17? Also, does the HTML version have an “admin” section where everything can be customized, such as keeping the left menu open at all times, changing the thumbnail dimensions, etc? Thanks!

Hi, WP version gets updates to be compatible with latest WordPress releases. It’s not a case with HTML template. There is no “Admin” but you can set option in the text file. Here is what you have there:

slideSizeHome, slideSize, autoplayHome, autoplay, autoplaySpeed, logoHide, twitterUsr, videopattern, imgpattern, soundplayHome, soundplay, sound_mp3, menuShown

There is no option to change thumbnail size. It would require code changes.