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This looks great ! :)
Wonderful design , congrats.

Thank you! :)

Nice and different file. Good luck with sales… ;)

Very Nice , Good luck :)

Thank you!

Can menu stay open all time, even when the template is loaded with the slide show?

I can send you edited js file with that option.

Johnny, just purchased your theme design. Very nice layout. I do have 1 question, is there a simple code to comment out to keep the menu up, rather than it hiding on the mouse movement away?

Hello, please send me an e-mail via my profile page. I will send you edited file.

Johnny never got anything back about the menu disappearing after roll over


Please redownload the template. Option to keep menu open was added in version 1.1. You can set it in config file.

Service Temporarily Unavailable. From what I see in the screenshots, the template looks great.

Thank you :). I’ve checked and live preview is working fine now.

Technical impressive, good luck!

Thank you :)

I downloaded it but when I uploaded it via WP-admin it fails, and when I upload the ZIP it says that it is missing the CSS and thus wont appear in my themes…any ideas?

Sorry, but it is not WP theme… It’s HTML template.

Bummer!!....oh well, amateur move on my part. But I love the theme! Could I still install it by uploading it in Cpanel? If so where would I upload it to?

You should use some FTP client, FileZilla for example, to send files to the server. You also need to know some HTML basics to customize this template.

magnificent, but it was perfect to stay in ajax, this change to the page so the music is also not hung up.

My heart just broke. I saw that this beautiful theme is not a WPtheme. I finally found the exact theme I needed, and it’s html! hah!

Great work on this one!

That’s great you like it. I will be working on WP version, but it will take some time.

Does not work on the New Ipad. The page is extreme small and placed on the left upper corner. (default Safari webbrowser) Will you correct the error asap?

I will check it as soon as I get the IPad

It’s fixed now.

I want to purchase this template but i see that it does not show well on the iPad. Can you let me know if you are going to fix this issue?

Hi, iPhone/IPad problem is fixed.

Can you have the menu open all of the time?

Yes, you can set it in config file.

It’s fixed. Not everything works fine.

This fine work, shame that the iPhone does not follow this same disappointing

Hi, iPhone/IPad problem is fixed. Please redownload item.

Hi, improved a little more on the video link blocks, no longer able to trigger the menu,



Sorry, don’t understand… please send me detailed description through contact form.

Hi, maybe looks greate but it does not work mail form, at least for me. After completing the form, writes that a message sent, but nothing comes to a specified address in validate.php. I bought this template, among other things, for this script, you should also clean the field after salting out, even after refreshing the browser, remain entries. Please fix these errors. After several hours of fighting that I’m a little disappointed. Best regards

Hi, sorry for problems. Fixed version is wainting for approval.


GREAT template!!

Just what I’ve been searching for… Any progress on the WP version of it?

Thanks! :)

I think that WP version won’t be ready before november.

Just bought the theme. Looks great. But i have one problem: On fullscreen gallery when i put 5 or less pictures the rotation i not working. It seams that there is a limit of min. 6 pictures for fullscreen gallery to work ??? Can you help ?

Hi, yes. 6 pictures is the default minimal value. But you can change it by editing big_gallery.js file. Change line #382 to visible: 4, instead of visible: 5,

cheers, Johnny

Beautiful and absolutely perfect for my needs. Purchasing today, will you be available via this forum or via FB or email to answer any questions I may have?

Hi. I’m happy you like it. You can contact me using contact form on my profile page. My e-mail address is also included in a template documentation.

Does that lovely song come with it?

Is it possible to continue having it play whilst browsing the site? Its a bit annoying that it just stops and restarts each time you leave or revisit the home page.


Hi, song is included.

Unfortunately song won’t continue playing when you change a page. But you can turn on music autoplay on every page (the song will start from the begining).