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2 questions:

1.) The video formats of the included video are .mp4, .ogv and .webm (I don’t know what .ogv or .webm are). I’m replacing the stock video with my own – do I need to convert my video into these same three file types? Why are there three file types – to cover the various browser requirements? Can I use Quicktime or just one file type, such as .mp4?

2.) I would like to music to be off on loading, with the viewer’s option to turn it on as opposed to the music being on upon loading with the option to turn it off – where do I make that change?

I love this template!

Thank, David Evans


1) Here is video format compatibility Browser MP4 WebM Ogg Internet Explorer 9 YES NO NO Firefox 4. NO YES YES Google Chrome 6 YES YES YES Apple Safari 5 YES NO NO Opera 10.6 NO YES YES

So you need to use all three formats. You can use free video converters, link to good one is provided in documentation.

2) You can turn it off in config file.

You can add vimeo videos? thanks

In default it only supports HTML5 video’s. If you want this feature, please conract me via mail.

HI, Great template mate,....amateur here insteady of uploading those videos could l link it to youtube…..?

In default it only supports HTML5 video’s. If you want this feature, please conract me via mail.

How do l link youtube, twitter, Facebook, etc

You need to edit html files. At the bottom of menu section you will find social links. Change ”#” to the link to your profile.

I tried to limit the pictures to only three in the background and when I remove pictures 4 through 10 in the html file, it freezes and wont scroll three. Can you tell me how to fix this. Thanks

6 pictures is the default minimal value. Minimal amount of pictures is 4. To make it work with 4 images you need to edit big_gallery.js file. Change line #382 to “visible: 3,” instead of “visible: 5,”

Just bought your theme. Terrific!. I am using it in one instance, without the thumbs at the bottom of the gallery. But so far I cannot get rid of the black div, where the thumbs were, in the footer part. Can I get rid of it so it does not show when the first picture shows up? Thanks!


You need to remove few lines from the html file. Start from:
{div id=”gallery_hide”}{/div}
{div id=”gallery-show”}{/div}


Is there an email to contact you directly?

You can send me an email with contact form on my profile page.

Amazing design ! Please make a wordpress template !!

Thanks! :)

Hello, amazing gallery. Is it possible for the background to adjust to screen size after it was made larger or smaller? it stays the same size until you hit REFRESH . Regards

I’ve not tested it, but I it should worki if you add something like this at the end of js file:

$(window).resize(function() { document.location.reload(); });

thanks for that, works like a charm, a bit choppy but works. how do I make the background image to fill the screen regardless of screen size? thanks

Hi Silesrap, please send me an email by contact form on my profile page.

Hi, Great template !!!

But i’ve a problem with the video. I put my video(in .mp4,wbm and ogv)in the “video” repertory and i remplace my url like this :

<source src=”” type=’video/mp4’ /> and the same for the.ogv and .wbm (like the exemple) (I put all my html in the /2012 repertory (for the test))

But i don’t see my video3 appeared.


Thanks johnnychaos :)

Hi, thanks :)

There is a problem with video path – if you paste in the browser, you will find, that file don’t exists (“Oops ! Désolé…”)

im getting an error message when trying to upload this theme can anyone help this is the message “You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/themes.php on this server”

Sorry to inform you, but this is not a WP theme. It’s just HTML /CSS template.

Great job ! Sorry for my poor english ! Can I put in the text the french letters like éèçà ? Thank you

Thanks :) Yes, you can use french letters.

To any one considering purchasing this item let me make two invaluable points:

1. The template is not only reliable and well designed, it comes with complete documentation and extensive CSS notes. Its very intuitive and contains no anomalies. It does exactly what the author says it will do.

2. This author is highly responsive to your questions. Out of courtesy you should check the documentation for answers to your questions first, but that being said, he is by far the very best author on Theme Forest when it comes to timely and reliable communication.

Therefore I give him my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation. I really hope he continues with TF and offers more and more products. He deserves our support!

Wow, David! Thank you! I’m really moved. You make my day better :) Such comments are great rewards for my work. I will try to keep high quality of my products and support.

Thank you once again :)

I’m really interested on this theme, looks amazing!

Tho, I was wondering, is there anyway to make it Responsive?

Which files should be changed when is upgrading/Updating the theme? Thanks.



MANY thanks.

Awesome Template! Good Job!

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to configure the carousel to lazy load the images? tks

Unfortunately no.

I like this designnnn so i bought it :DDDDD

A qeustion… I use chrome Version 22.0.1229.79 m If i load my the Home Video page or your demo video page then I wait more then by IE or Mozzila but if starts the video then the whole content dissappear only i can see the video… its same on my other computer…

and If i open it via my smartphone android then i got a message the video file is not supported and now its possieble to make fallback with picture??? because i want to be my first site “home” with video as background….

Thank you bro ;D


Sorry for late answer, I was on my holidays. I will check it. Can you send me an e-mail via contact form on my profile page? It would easy-up the comunication.

I’ve found your e-mail. I will answer you tomorrow.

Best regards

hi it’s very good template.

but the contact form does not work on the internet explorer.

Hi, contact form doesn’t work locally on windows. It should work ok when you put it on-line. Please send me an e-mail via contact form on my profile page if you still would have any problems.

hi l know, it doesn’t work local windows. Please try it. this is your link. and this my link it is work on the other browsers. but ie not work.
You have inserted twice paragraph {p id=”comment”}{/p}. Id should be unique, and it’s why IE shows error. Delete line #164 from this file:

Thank you for your interest