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Hi johnny Can you suggest me a editor to basically edit your wonderfoul template, I need only change the name butto in italian leanguage. Dreamwever is good? thank u


I recommend text editor such as Notepad++ ( You can try deamwever, but I don’t use it, so I don’t know if it will be ok.

ps. Thanks for worm words :)

Hello Friend,

Congratulations for the excellent template.

I have a problem. The same is not becoming visible after x second set. He blinks, but immediately returns.

Can you help me?

thank you,

Hi, I don’t understand. Please send me an e-mail with more detailed explanation.

ps. Thanks for compliments :)

I need to add fields of type radio and checkbox. You can?

Hi, you can add radio and checkbox fields, but you need to know HTML basics. I can do it for you, as a custom work, based on my hourly rate.

Best regards

Dear Developer,

I uploaded to a web server, but when access for the first time in IE, the background images are sized larger than necessary for the resolution of the screen. This is only the first time. How do I solve this?

I look forward to a return, and thank you.

Can you provied me a link? It would be much easier for me to help you.

Hello Johnny:

Awesome template! Very well documented, easy to customize, high tech elegance. I am using it just for the full screen slide show to start, maybe migrate my whole site to this template eventually.

I do have one issue, or wish, as a couple others have mentioned about the audio. I got the sound to work with mp3’s just fine, the m4a’s don’t play, it’s probably something easy that I missed. I’m not too concerned about that. What I would like is for the audio to play continuous as you browse the site, one song after the next and not stop and restart when you click on a different page. Is this something you can customize for me for a fee? If so, how many hours would it require?

Best. David B.

Hi David

Thank you for compliments :). Regarding to the first issue – please try to pun path to the music file into the browser (i.e. to find if path is correct and if server don’t have any restrictions with this file. Plese send me an email with link to the website if you would have any problems.

The second thing is more complicated. This change requires almost complete website rebuilt. I think that it can take me up to the one week (40 hours).

Kind regards

Thanks for the quick reply. I did get the m4a’s to work. For now, I am content with being able to use different audio tracks for different pages using this tip:

On every page at the very end of “head” section paste: <script type=”text/javascript”> var sound_m4a = “”; var sound_oga = “” </script>

Thanks again! ~db


yes, that is good solution :)

The best full screen photography theme, wonderful.

But, you got to give me a date on when its wordpress theme is coming out, any ETA ? I would be holding on till then and even to point of not buying any other theme if it ’s within a month.

Thanks much for the quick reply, but please try to keep by mid Jan 2013.. I would be waiting.

Best of luck on your present and future endeavors

OK, I will do my best!

and please do keep it mobile friendly as much as possible. Good luck again on your work and quick replies do give me the confidence on future support questions.

Hi I’m interested in your template, looks really good. Is it easy to not have the texture on the full frame images? Is it possible for us to move the menu using css? Thanks David

Hi, you can easy remove texture with config file. You can move the menu in js file. regards

Thanks Johnny When I use the full height portfolio most of the images will not be cropped. But what happens to a panorama proportioned shot, would it be cropped at either side? If so could it be configured so that none of the different proportions would be cropped?

Fullscreen slider can be set only to full height or full width. If you mix panaromas with portrait oriented photos, then some would be cropped. The best solution is to use classic (thumbnails) gallery. Other is to not mix this photos and create one fullscreen gallery with panoramas (with “full width” option) and antoher for other photos (with “full height” option).

i have question about the above mentioned template; can visitors share the single photo only on tweeter, face book, tumblr..etc?

Yes, if you define proper links in photo description.

can you explain it more? or add extra feature for me?

I’ve sent you an email

Hi Johnny, You must forgive me but I have a question. I’d noticed in your demo that photographs have a grid of tiny lines. I tested many other Html themes and they have too. In the meantime Wordpress themes have none. I thought it was a way to reduce weight of files. Now, that I’m almost done with “my” Big Gallery site, I see the same grid on my photos. I have three Wordpress themes (Nimble, Nexus and Flare), and tested some photos on them: no grid at all. What is that? Some Js trick or HTML limit or what else? Thanks for your patience.

Hi this grid is useful whe you have smaller photos (for eg. width <1200px). On high resolution they can be pixelated, and grid masks it. But you can easily turn the grid off – in js/config.js change: var imgpattern = true; to: var imgpattern = false;

Magic, Johnny. I’ll let you have soon the link to my website, so you can evaluate how I love your work. Thanks

Great, I would love to see my template in action :)

Hi Johnny, first of all I love this template!!

2nd I’m also having problems with images stretching in I.E Tested on: 9.0.8112.16421 The problem seems to happen when first loading the images. After they have cached it works as expected.

Here is a link of a screen capture: Other browsers perform perfectly from the very word go:

The link to the current test version which still needs more modification is:

Could you advise a way around this?

Thank you.


Hi, I’m happy, that you like my template. It looks like you have old version of template. Please redownload it, and replace js/big_gallery.js file.

Best regards

Thank you Johnny!

Nice template !!! Thanx johnnychaos. Could you please update the template so it has a like button for FB, TWITTER, G+?

my site : under construction :

Hi, thank you for kind words :) I don’t plan such strong integration with facebook, but you can this linkf for adding faebook and twiiter to fancybox:
Facebook template it almost the same site, but with width limited to facebook frame size (810px). To add it to the facebook you need to have a “facebook page”: . Then you will be able to add template as a “page tab” – just like here:

Hi Johnnychaos,

In the gallery, I’m unable to put the like button into each and every picture when you zoom in, the like button only appears in the “Info” thing when you hover the mouse over. I’ve tried looking everywhere but to no luck I just couldn’t figure it out. I only managed to figure out to put comments and like button on the main pages, and the main gallery hub, but I’m simply unable to put a like button into each image I’ve got. I’m sorry for so many requests, I’m just a photographer not a web coder/designer. :)

Could you perhaps help me or tell me atleast where I can put the code in? An example or anything.

Best Regards, JojoS PS: How much would it cost to transfer my website I already have into my facebook page?

Hi, I’ve sent you an email.

Great template. Johnny! I love it!

I’m using the light theme. Is there any way to make the background of the box holding the 4-col thumbnails a little transparent so that the main background can show through a little?

Hi, I’m happy you lie the template!

It’s a bit transparent (except IE8), but if you want more, edit graphic file img/noise.png and make it more transparent.


one more question. How can I make the background music volume down, because the m4a file I made is too loud.

Thanks, gyula


Yes, you can. In big_gallery.js file paste after line #693 (supplied: “m4a, oga”,) this line:
volume: 0.75,
(with comma at the end). You can change 0.75 to any number in range 0-1

thanks, it works. great


one more. I almost finnished, and I’m trying my page in different browsers. It works fine under IE8/9, Opera, Chrome/Dragon. But there is a problem under Firefox. I keep the full widht album at the index page, but under firefox the sequence of the picture is different from the others, and after 3-4 pictures (maybe because there is no picture there yet) the gallery -fw shows something wrong. I’ll send you my address on private.

regards, Gyula

STORNO. Sorry, I solved the problem, my fault.

regards, Gyula

That’s great, regards

no email received can you resend it?

Hi, email resended.