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Hi, email resended.

planning to buy, just have last question….. any mobile version support to this theme?

Hi, it’s not responsive, but works ok on iPhone/iPad and other devices.

Hi. I would like to buy this awesome template. But I have a question. May I create auto show-hide menu on all another pages, exclude main page. Thanks

Hi, It can be done with a small javascript changes. Regards, Johnny

Well. Your services will be necessary for me? Or I will be able to make it?

Hi, I will help you with this.

Hi, I’m having some issues with the contact form. If I click on two consecutive empty text fields without entering any data into them, the form throws an exception.

insert your name

’; $error = 1; } if(!$_POST[‘email’]) { $output .= ‘

insert your e-mail ’; $error = 1; } elseif(!(ereg(“^([0-9a-zA-Z])*[0-9a-zA-Z]@([-0-9a-zA-Z])[a-zA-Z]{2,6}$”, $_POST[‘email’], $regs))) { $output .= ‘

wrong e-mail ’; $error = 1; } if(!$_POST[‘message’]) { $output .= ‘

insert message ’; $error = 1; } if($error) { echo ‘

Hi, it’s becouse you’re testing it on local computer. When you put website on the server with PHP support it will be ok. Regards

Thanks. That worked.

hi, pre-sell question :) how i can hide my pictures or secure them from saving?


There is no way to completely secure your images – if someone is smart then he will find url to the image or even do a “print screen”. And it’s not this template issue – it’s wole internet problem. You can make it only more difficult – put watermark on your images, use overlay pattern (like in live preview) or disable mouse right-clik .


true, i’m looking now for watermark script and some disable mouse script that can go within this great template.. and buying now while we chat :)

purchased, thanks you for the lovely site :)

sorry can you kindly provide me with fonts used, i need to install it in my pc to have better PSD logos edit

Thank you for buying my template :). Please check documentation for font names and links. For adding watermatk to many images at once I use free Faststone Photo Resizer. For disable right click you can try this simple solution: or search for something more complex like this:

Hi Johnny, thanks for a great site – i’m using firefox and when i hit f11 there is a margin at the bottom instead of completely fullscreen – if you could tell me how to fix that that would be really helpful.

cheers for a great template.

Hi, it’s becouse website size is calculated before you press F11. Reload page (press F5).


what about encrypt all pages after done? to stop visitor from digging deep looking for pictures? :)

yes, it’s also a good idea. I think that the best is to combine a few solutions.

Does the blog work as is, or do you have to modify something?

Hi, blog doesn’t work becouse it’s HTML template. You need to make some PHP nad database background to make it work.

Thanks for the quick reply Johnny. Client wants to add a “phone” field to the contact form. I’m assuming that’s possible? Also….(and most importantly) on the “gallery_4c” file. When you click on an item and the big photo appears…on the bottom where it says “photo description” is there a way to make that a link? or put a link in there somewhere?

Also…INCREDIBLE looking site. Been following you themeforest to see what else you’re cooking up!

Thank you for your words, I’m happy, you like it!
It’s possible to add a link in description and a phone field. Please send me an email, it will be easier for me to explain it, becouse here are limitations with code posting.

Hi Johnny. Love the template. I’m looking to put images on to sell. Is it possible to add opencart or something thing similar. also is there a limit to the number of images that can be added to the site. (please be patient, i’m a newbie at this!!

Hi. It’s possible to add some cart system, but it will require some work (a lot, I think – it’s just HTML site template).
There is no image limit.
Best regards

Hi, i hope you can help me. Can you fix that the large images load not all at the same time? I want to have 30-40 images…and even if every image is 100 kb, it take too long time to open the fulllscreen galleri. Thanks

Hi, sorry but I can’t help you with that. Fullscreen slider is not optimazed for so many inages – 40×100kb is 4Mb and it’s a lot. I recommend to split images to smaller porstions or use classic gallery.

Hi Again!... i forgott to tell you that your work is fantastik! Do you know if there is something i can do to meke the classic galleries more iphone friendly? If there is a possibility to have a zoomed images that feet the screen (fulscreen)? Thank you very much! Regards Eddie

Hi Eddie, thank you for your warm words.
I can’t help you with IPhone. Thins emplate is not responsive, but I tried to keep compromize between usability and visibility.
Zooming images to fullscreen requires some customization of “fancybox plugin”. Mybe this link could help you:
Best regards

How can I have the menu open at all times? I bought the template and sent you a message requesting the js file that you mentioned.

Hi, I’ve tried to replay to your e-mail but messages are retuning to me.

Regarding to your question:
open js/config.js and change the last line from:
var menuShown = false;


var menuShown = true;

Best regards

Hello Johnny, How do you apply your fixes/updates to an exisiting site? I have the black bar issue on startup, image resizing issues on IE also the contact form is not working (“junk code on user input”). The site is presently hosted on GoDaddy on a Linux server with PHP 5.3 support.

If it wouldn’t help, please make sure, that PHP support is enabled or ask godaddy for checking it – you can show them this url:

I just call Godaddy and the support rep said the Linux hosting supports both PHP version 5 and Ajax. Also, I made the adjustments to the validate.php as advised and the same error occurs.

I really think that it is some hosting problem. I advise you to open support ticket, and aks why is not executing. You can also try to upload some php “hello world” script, to check if it would work:

hi! just finished a website with this template. very nice! is it possible to make the thumbnails appear for a few seconds when the fullscreen gallery is oppened and then it fades?

Dont use fadeOut, it’s better to move the div down. Try this (replace line 168)

window.setTimeout(function() { $($mini_cont, this).stop().animate({bottom:- w_height – $mini_cont.innerHeight() – $gallery_hide.innerHeight() + ‘px’},{queue:false,duration:1500}, function() {}); },4000);

sweet! thx !! u’re awesome!

you’re welcome :)

Hi, I only want to know if the template has compatibility with gif images with the fullscreen gallery.

Ok, I tried to do, but the gallery doesn´t recognize the gif file. And I don´t know other file type to publish animated images. Please, help!

I’ve checked and gif files work. Please make sure you put correct path to the photos (with .gif extension)

This is solved! I didn´t change the html. Thanks!!!

Hi pre-sale question, can the music in the background stay continuously playing while you go through the website pages? Thank you.

Hi, unfortunately no

will there be a WP version? I need a client login section so that client images are stored and they can login and see their gallery

Hi, WP version is under development.

do you have any estimated time of release? I was looking for a client gallery login

mid april I think

Hi Johnnychaos!

I have one question!

I want to have the pics all the time in real full screen.

I have notice that when you change the size of the web browser and it´s not 16:10 screen relation; black areas appear to maintain the width.

But, I want that everybody, when enters my web, see in fullscreen, independently of what screen relation they have, or if they have the browser window in other scr-rel, the pics ALWAYS remain in FULL.

I don´t main if there will be crop provided that the crop will be from the center point of the image.

I have crop all the pics in 1600px X 1000px in 240ppp for retina displays better visualization.

Please, provide me some help to config my new version of my web in the best way to show my photos with awesome manner.


Hi Johnny! This is the link to a folder with some screen captures changing the size relation of the web browser window. Take a look and tell me something!

Hi, template is designed to show photos in full width or full height. You are using full width option. It means, that photos are always scalled to fit browser width – so width of the photo is not cropped. With some photo size & screen proportions it will cause that photo height will be smaller than screen height, and black bars will appear.

Yes, I agree with you, but when the screen is more panoramic of 16:10, the photo is cropped. For example, look at the second and third photo of the previous link…