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Merhaba, temay? sat?n ald?m. Demoda oldu?u gibi nas?l kurabilirim?

Merhaba, temayi satin aldim, demoda oldugu gibi nasil kurabilirim?

Hi, sorry but I don’t speak Turkish. Please write in English.

hi is it possible to auto hide only menu not logo

great, have a nice day

how to address text in contact page and map link is not working in contact page

please send me a link.


yvan11 Purchased

Hi. Galleries do not open any more on my site (exemple here : ) I have the version 2.0.6 of Big Gallery with WordPress 4.5.1. I would want to install the version 2.0.7 to try if it works better but I do not find any more the link of download in my e-mails. Hope you can help me.

Please disable “Photon” extension in your jetpack plugin.


yvan11 Purchased

It works. Thank you so much ( one more time) for your quick answers !

Hi, I have some questions for your theme please! 1) Is it possible to disable the menu auto hide? I want to have the menu appears always please! 2) I also see the overlay mask on the sliders, it is possible to hide it? What size of image would you recommend to use for sliders so it will have the best quality and appears exactly as it is?

Hi, 1. yes

2. yes

3. Photos should be about 2000-2200px width

Best regards :)

Hi, is it possible to have both vertical and horizontal images in the full screen sliders? Can I have a secondary page of thumbnails that will click through to a slideshow? Thanks,

No it can’t be fullscreen with autoplay. But instead of showing photos in the popup window you can have links to fullscreen sliders like this one:

OK, thank you for your help

you’re welcome

Hi Johnny. Great theme.

I wrote a paragraph about my company and it when I put double space in between 2 paragraph on the editor it let me do it but when I publish what I wrote it only giving me 1 space in between paragraph. I tried it also writing blogs and it doesn’t let me do double spacing in between paragraph.

Is there a fix for this? maybe CSS? My editor maybe is not working write?

Please check out the page so you know what i’m talking about –

I put double spacing in between paragraph and when published it only gives me 1 space in between paragraphs.

I’m our of office till Monday. I will help yo uwhen I return

Hi, I’ve fixed this issue on your page.

Thanks for working on it..

Hi..I have bought this “big gallery” Theme and also upload and activate it. But on the Homepage there is no Navigation, no photos and so on. There is only the Loading-Symbol with a black background. Where can I upload the Photos? Please help me

Please check documentation – there is described how to import demo content and set things up. Let me know if you will still have any problems

i uploaded the images on it correct? but it doesn’t work. in the background, there is a picture (no slideshow) but without a navigation, with a loading-symbol in the middle..

please send me a link to the page on my email: Please also attach purchase code and buyer username.

Hi, this design looks great but I can see there is no text on the home page. Would I be able to add paragraphs under the main image? I need this so that I can put information for customers and for SEO purposes.

Yes, you can. When you add a “slide description” you can add H1 tag. Check here:

That is brilliant thank you very much.

You’re welcome :)

is this theme responsive?

yes, it is.


is there any way to solve the issue of menu cutting from bottom on smaller screens like this ?


sorry, but no. You need to reduce number of menu items, or menu levels.

Maybe I am stupid but i can’t find the download folder that you are talking about in the documentation.. I need the psd files….

never mind :)


rvduc Purchased

one word … EXCEPTIONAL

Thank you very much rvduc! :)


yali301 Purchased

Hi Johnychaos,

I want to buy theme, probably i will. Because i like it. Just I have a question. Is it possible to activate video timeline in fullscreen video pages. I see that we have only pause button and sound on off button.

Thank You

Hi, thank you for you interest. Yes, it can be done. It requires small code change but I will do it for you.


yali301 Purchased

Thanks Johny :)

please send me an access to the WP Dashboard to my email once you install the theme.


tomy_l Purchased

Hi Johnychaos. Please have a look to the Blog page on I have set a Grid with 3 square columns, but my Wordpress didn’t show that. I can change the settings but nothing is change on the side. The same problems I have in some posts.

Hi Tomy, can you send me direct link to the gallery? I can’t find it in the menu.


tomy_l Purchased

Hi Johnychaos. The Blog-Page you can reach at There also you find the posts.

Thanks, please explain the problem more, because I don’t see what’s wrong.

Thank you for swending this test. I will work to take care of those alerts with new update.


darakk Purchased

Thanks =)


kikion Purchased

Could you please provide the logs for the new update? Thanks!

I just updated footer.php – deleted demo skin switcher that was added by mistake to the production version.

HI- I purchased the theme a little over a month ago, and have it up and running. I am really liking it so far, but a couple questions. 1. Quite a few people are telling me it won’t load on mobile devices. They get a black screen with the spinning pinwheel. I have found this true on my phone, as well. Any suggestions? Also, is there a way to have a slideshow background on pages other than home? Thanks for the help.

By deafult theme doesn’t require any plugins. So please try to disable all, even the selling plugin, and test on mobiles. If it will work then it’s some plugin conflict. Then you can turn them one by one to find which is the cause.

Thanks for taking time to respond. I appreciate it. I have disabled all plugins, and the site will still not load on IE. It is glitchy on Firefox, and Chrome. It does work on my phone now, but not on others. I may have to drop this theme if I can’t get this resolved. Customers are not getting to my site. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, it works for me now on mobile and IE. Please clear browser cache and test again.

Having issue with the contact form. Emails are not received, not in spam folder.nothing. Test mail Gmail SMPT plugin is working fine. Also cant disable capthca on contact page. Can you have a look please ?

Hi, can you send me login details by email (jan.skwara[at]

Thanks for the update !

you’re welcome :)


djroby76 Purchased



To update the theme install Envato Market Plugin ( ). Here is a tutorial how to use this plugin to update your theme:

You can also use FTP method and replace files located in the “wp-content/themes/big_gallery_wp” folder.

You won’t lost your data (theme options/pages etc) but it’s always advised to do backup before updating the theme. You can use some backup plugin like