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Great work for a corporate theme! Congratulations!

Thanks mate :)

good theme GLWS

Thank you :)

Wonderful , good luck with sales!
Kind Regards,Bedros

Thank you very much dear Bedros :)

Nice theme… But,

The demo takes time to load and while switching to Home templetes, it gives a Sver Error saying Failed Connectivity with Database. Check it out..!!

Thank you, sorry for that, it was a host problem. Demo website is working fine now.

Yes nearly loads

It works fine now. :)

nice work.. good luck!

Thank you :)

The theme looks great, however, i keep seeing “Error establishing a database connection”

Thank you mate, Sorry for that, we are working on it to fix it very fast. :)

Thanks mate ;)

Great theme! I Love the clear design. BOOKMARKED

Greets Mike

Thank you very much mate :)

Good work, i keep seing “Error establishing a database connection”...

Thank you mate, I apologize for this. We are trying our best to solve this issue as soon as possible.

:-) Great job! (please check in some pages this error: “Error Establishing a database connection”)

Hi unfortunately we had some technical issues today, but we’re working on that and hopefully it should be fine soon, but many thanks for reporting this. best regards

Awesome theme. Great attention to details. Bookmarked it for future projects. :)

Thank you very much mate, you’re the best :)

WOW! Another AMAZING, Beautiful, TopNotch #PixFlow Theme!! Will put at top of list to show upcoming clients OH YEAHhhhhh!

Thank you! I’m glad that you like it :D

Really nice theme.

When a parallax image is used as a header (“About Us”, “Our Office”), is it possible to: 1) set the parallax speed to 0 (fixed image)? 2) set the height & width of the the parallax image?


Thanks for your interest

Yes, Parallax shortcode can have speed factor of 0, and you can set its height (in pixels) in the shortcode options. Parallax width is flexible, that means it takes its parent width. For example you can put it in a full width page and it takes the entire screen width (like most pages in the demo) or in a 50% column “span6”, or even put it in custom div tag and set your own width for that tag with css.

Hope that helps

Awesome work, dude! GLWS! ;)

Thanks a lot! :)

well crafted theme with decent features. I wish the best for you. by the way, I loved your parallax page :D so cooool

Thanks! Your support is much appreciated mate :)

Amazing! Good luck with the sales ;)

Thank you friend :)


really outstanding design! The shortcode generator looks easy to work with it, but a page builder would be better :-)

Any plans for a version with page bulider?

Thanks or your answer.

greets mike

Thanks you, mike

Yes you’re right, page builder would be a great addition to this theme but we’re yet to find a proper plugin (if that even exist), and that’s why we chose not to add a lower quality page builder and stick to our shortcode generator. Surely we could create our own but it takes time. Anyway if there is enough request for page builder, we certainly will add it. :)