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Hi there,

Great theme, but I’m getting frustrated that I can not recreate the same home page. I want my homepage to look exactly like the one one in the demo (the main home page). I have followed all the tutorials and even the youtube video though it looks like the demo data is slightly out of sync because when i load it it doesn’t look like the pages on the youtube video plus the demo data has lots of test pages and looks like dirty demo data. Any chance you can send instructions on how to construct the main home page?

Thanks and again…Great theme!

Hey mate, please send us an email through our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you with both support forum and demo data problem.

Thanks, Have sent you a mail.

Check your mail mate.

Hi. I would like to modify the layout of blog. would you give me any tips?

I change the settings on the blog page, but the setting is not applied. (Sidebar,LayerSlider,Footer Widgets Area)

Send me and email through our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow and i will guide you.

I just sent a mail to you. Always thank you.

I have purchased your theme. please tell me How to find the purchase code. I need your support

Hello mate, thank you for buying Big Junior, please make a topic in support forum, our support staff will help you soon.

“Home->Landing Page” displayed in the demo site is not included in the Demo content. Please let me know the where to get the specified page.

You have to use “home | stylish”, we have updated Big Junior with updated demo data, it will be available to download in next 48 hours.

Hi. The download file is Version 1.0.2. It is not a Version 1.0.3.

Hi, version 1.0.3 is still on review queue, it will be available in next 48 hours.

I sent an email to various problems You’re still not giving reply to my mail.

We have answered you via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com, please check your inbox and spams.

Hi PixFlow, very nice theme. Just one question. Does the theme work with the UberMenu plugin?

Hello Sunnydog, Thank you mate. We haven’t checked our theme with UberMenu, but we also had no report on any problem with it. You can send us an email through our profile page for more info.

Hi. The bug report.(Version 1.0.4) Template(full width page) Menu and Sidebar(don’t use sidebar) menu does not work in Blog Page.

Hi, Thank you for reporting this, can you please email us and explain the issue?


I would like to ask where I could find in WP others sliders? There is only LayerSlider and not the others. Thank you

Hello, Big Junior comes with Layer Slider only, but we have included our demo slideshows.

Ah, so what is that for if I cant use it..?

we did include samples to inspire you and also you can replace your own images with current ones, anyway we can do a little customization and build your slider if you interested, please drop us an email and attach you files there.

Bug information was sent by e-mail. Please check.

Thank you.we will work on that.

Hi, How can I add a LayerSlider and a Sidebar in single post page. any tips?

Hi, you should customize “single.php”, for more details join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net

I can see a LayerSlider and a Sidebar in your demo single post page. Is it need customize? And I joined your support forum.

Sidebar will be added automatically, the slider you are referring to is flexslider, you just have to choose gallery post format and upload several images.

Hi PixFlow,

I need some help, in some cases the breadcrumb on some portfolios is going wrong, this is the page “unidades” http://www.inexxus.com.br/oligoflora/unidades/ but when i click on the portfolio the breadcrumb became home/produtos/portfolio, instead of home/unidade/portfolio, i’m using the portfolio in three diferent type’s of things, tratamentos(treatments), produtos(products) and unidades (unit), i dont know why this is happening, can you give me some help?

Hello mate, can you please send me your WordPress login information using our profile page?

Just sent it, thanks PixFlow you´re great guys :)

You’re welcome mate, it might take a little time to investigate the issue, but i will contact you ASAP ;)

I just bought your theme and follow your installation instruction.. however once I activate your theme it says like this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’$theme’ (T_VARIABLE) in /home/k9041417/public_html/en/wp-content/themes/Big Junior/lib/constants.php on line 1

how to fix this problem.. please help me. Thank you

Hello mate, thank you for buying Big Junior. Please send me your website login information and it’s URL via our profile page @ http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can fix it ASAP.

Hi, Already send it to you.. anyway can you help me install exact like the template that u put in theme forest? thanks

Sure mate, i will import the demo content as well.

Hello! Have never worked with complex WordPress themes before and I’m graphic designer but not really a web developer (light HTML/CSS). If I purchase this theme will I have a hard time putting it together? Thanks for the feed back.

P.S. Love the way the site looks. Hope this can work.

You’re welcome.

Hello, sent you guys an email via your profile page.

Hello mate, we will answer your mail soon. :)

You can’t reply or solve my issue which I have posted on the support form ?

Have you checked it?

Yes we answered your question on forum and please contact us in forum page so we can help you for a solution.

Looks like a winner. Quick questions: Are PSD files included with the purchase package?

Much thanks.

Thank you dear kileydelvalle :)
sorry, we did not include PSD files in package.

Hi, what a great theme!

Does yor theme compatiable with bbpress? If not, do you have any board plugin or program?

Hello mate, thank you very much. We haven’t check it’s compatibility with bbpress, but i have read the bbpress documentation and it said: “bbPress 2.x has built-in theme support. All required elements such as front-end editing are included. This means that all functionality will work, even when a theme has no specific bbPress templates or code included with it.

Hola amigo, quería saber si este tema es compatible con video de vimeo. Gracias.

Hola, sí se puede usar youtube y vimeo vídeos sobre este tema.

Hi fantastic theme! Any plans for a page builder for this theme?

Thanks for your response in advance


Hello Mike, thank you very much.
We might think about that feature in our future themes, but as long as people are comfortable working with our shortcode generator, we won’t add a page builder to Big Junior. Our shortcode generator is easy to work with. :)

Hello great theme I’m having some problems thou I can’t get the main menu to come up every time I add the menu as the primary menu I get this error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16384 bytes) in /home/tflet252/public_html/test/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1557


Hello mate, thank you very much.
That problem might be caused by your WordPress/PHP configuration, here are a few suggestions:
1. If you have access to your PHP.ini file, change the line in PHP.ini
If your line shows 32M try 64M:
memory_limit = 128M ;
Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)
2. If you don’t have access to PHP.ini try adding this to an .htaccess file:
php_value memory_limit 128M

3. Try adding this line to your wp-config.php file:
Increasing memory allocated to PHP
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);
4. Talk to your host admin.
Also you can check this page: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-allowed-memory-size-of-33554432-bytes-exhausted-14

I tired all of that and nothing works. I have tried to install all over again from the begining watching your video and now the sample data will not import. Is there somthing I’m doing wrong this is getting frustrating because I have tried this template on another server and it does the same thing and I have different hosting. Also I can’t find a purchase lisence to sign up for your forum I goto the download section and the area where you say the lisence is isnt there. I am logged in and under download section.

For purchase code you have to go to “download” tab in themeforest, click on download button in front of big junior and click on download license. For that issue you can either send us your website URL and WP login information via our profile page or register in our support forum @ support.pixflow.net

1.How to disable/remove the search button option provided? 2.How to disable the sticky menu? 3.How to adjust the footer height? 4.How to make menu items font to be bold?

Hi, please email your questions via our profile page or join our support forum for the answers.

I have created a post in support page. please check the latest post and reply me for the same.

Sure mate.

Hello! What a great theme! I only have one small issue. I am using accordions and there is always one accordion tab opened when the page load. I would like all tabs closed. Maybe it’s a silly question, but i can´t find the solution. In the manual you say “you can decide that the tab will be open or close when the page load”. Thanks for the help!!

Hello mate, thank you very much :)
If you add “keepopen=’yes’” to the accordion shortcode it will be opened when the page loads. Please send us your Website login information and Website URL via our profile page, so i can check your accordions.

Thank you for answering so fast. The problem is that i want just the opposite. I would like all the accordion tabs closed when page loads.

You’re welcome mate, i suggest you to join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net for a solution.