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how to make footer copyright area to be static in all pages without responsiveness.?

I’m sorry, i didn’t understand your question. Please explain your question.

First of all thanks for this great template!

I’m having some issues with the responsiveness of the website. On your demo site it (almost) works fine, but on my own website it really doesn’t work. So probably i’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what, can you please help me with that?

note: I’m on iOS7 with an iPhone 5. I’ve set the responsiveness on in the theme settings—> general settings.

Thank you for your kind words mate. Do you mean your page scrolls horizontally on your phone? If yes can you please send us your website URL via our profile page?

I don’t think that’s the problem… I’ve posted the same question now on your support forum, with my website URL.

Thanks in advance!

OK mate, we will answer your topic on support forum soon.

it supports nested shortcodes??

This error appears when I want to activate the Big Junior Theme, Please Help! thanks a lot. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/diseno94/public_html/haciendachicureo/wp-content/themes/BigJunior/lib/constants.php on line 1


Sorry for delay in your answer please send your ftp information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so our support team will replace the files so the problem will be solved :)

Hi, I’m interested by your wonderful theme, but have a question before:


On this example page, there is on the picture 2links. Is it possible to have just one link, with the description, and not the link with the picture in lightbox?

Kind regards,


Dear Marion

Yes we can remove that item from team member shortcode for you , it just need a custom css change , you can email us to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we change it as soon as possible.

Hi, first of all amazing theme, im surfing on it!

I just find 2 things that i couldnt solve:

- My mobile menu is not working. I made a short menu specially for the mobile menu, set as mobile menu, it appears but not link to any page.

- My Home slider stops after some time, like 5 minutes. In safari, it stops after all the slides (5)

Here is the website im working, could you help me?



Hello, thanks a lot for your kind words. Can you please send me your website URL + WP login information via our profile page so i can check it out?

Hola, he comprado este tema, pero no tengo forma de crear una página insertando un video de vimeo, me puede decir usted como lo hago..?? Me resulta bastante complicado. Gracias.

Hola, por favor envíenos su URL del sitio web y su información de acceso WordPress utilizando nuestra página de perfil, así que te puede ayudar con eso.

When the page is resized for the menu to be clickable on the phone the menu does not show up what I’m I doing wrong that could correct that. On your demo it works fine.


I fixed it thanks

Glad to hear that mate. :)

I get an error when trying to activate the theme

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/sainfo/public_html/mm/wp-content/themes/BigJunior/lib/constants.php on line 1

Could you help? Unfortunately I cannot provide access to the FTP since it is restricted by IP.

Send us an email via our profile page and i will help you with that.

Right. I’m a total newbie to this stuff and have purchased the theme, hosting from bluehost… and now am wondering of there’s a place where i could find idiot-proof directions for uploading the theme (and anything else i might need to know!) to my bluehost hosting location…?

best regards and thanks in advance to anyone who might have info that helps!

Hey mate, don’t worry about it, just join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net and we will help you with your questions.

Hola, Tengo un problema con el menú al verlo en el móvil y el tablet. Pincho en el icono de menú, se despliega lateralmente pero no aparece el menú, sólo aparece el fondo negro donde debería estar el menú. En este enlace puedes ver una captura de lo que me refiero: http://www.canalsa.net/yeguadadelpas/IMG_6321.jpg

Hola, por favor envíeme su dirección web y WordPress información de inicio de sesión utilizando nuestra página de perfil para que pueda comprobarlo.

Te acabo de mandar el email con la información. Gracias!

Le contestaremos pronto.

Hi, before I buy it, I wonder if this theme runs fine on LAMP environment (plesk 10.2) with php 5.2.21? thanks

Hello, We haven’t tested our theme on plesk, but it should not have any problem.

Also, The demo itself runs on LAMP (Ubuntu) and it should runs fine under PHP 5.2

First of all I want to thank you for this awesome template. Unfortunately information about how to use shortcode i very poor.

e.g. how make animated progress bar like in your demo?

Thank you very much mate, have you checked the shortcode section in manual provided in downloaded package of big junior?

Creating magic with this theme – thank you.

Is there a way to create 3 different portfolios with different categories for each? I did use the portfolio grid and highlighted a specific category (ie: 2D Art). This created my grid/page as normal. However, I wish to add specific categories to this specific portfolio (ie: Color, Concept, etc.). Then do the same with 2 other portfolios by assigning specific categories for each.

When I assign the selected skill in the portfolio grid shortcode, no other skills/categories appear on the page.

Any brilliant insight you have to achieve such task would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks! :)


Dear kileydelvalle

The portfolio system of big junior should work just fine with unlimited categories support , please contact us to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com or support forum so we can check your site

for short time solution please add all your specific categories to one parent category and then add that category to portfolio grid shortcode

Hi and thanks for this theme,

Could you please tell me how to remove the related entries from single portfolio page…Thanks!

Hello mate, thank you very much. Please send us an email using our profile page and i will help you.


I have a question about the google map marker. I’ve uploaded a marker to my media, then I generated the shortcode for the google map marker (with the right longitude, latitude and link to my uploaded marker). Can you please help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

Hello mate, what is the issue? please send me your website URL and WP login information, so i can help you.

Problem solved! Great theme, GREAT support—> 5 star rating!

Thank you very much :)

Thanks for creating a great theme.

I have a quick question about the main logo file in the header. Is there any way to edit the alt tag for for in the header to add SEO properties.

Dear rkarbowiak

Yes you can customize the header logo for any purpose , you can ask us with more detail in our support forum or ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Hi, I’m having an issue with this template. I don’t want the images to be rescaled on mobile/smaller screens. Not only the logo but the other images are resizing very badly with a lot of distortion. I haven’t seen the option in theme WP interface, can you help me out with this? Thank you!

Hello, Can you please send us your website URL and WP login information + a screenshot of the image that you don’t want to be scaled on mobile? Send the email using our profile page.

Hello. I found a bug of page sidebar position(Theme Options). It works perfectly when I use right sidebar. When I use left sidebar position, it show problem in cellular phone(iphone 4s). It shows the error in shortcode like toggle and tab. My guess is that it is a problem in less than width 480px. Please check it and and fix. Thanks you so much.

Hello, can you please email us your website URL using our profile page, so i can check the sidebar?

I love the theme and love the page but all of a sudden my drop down menus are not working on Iphone and a few browsers. Did I do something wrong or is there something wrong?

Thank you ahead of time for all your help

The mobile menu does not work at all even on other pages.

Well I figured out the problem and its because I added the plugin nForms are you going to support that?

Dear thebigt

Glad to hear that you solved the issue , for your other request you can contact us with ticket.pixflow@gmail.com or support.pixflow.net