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Hey guys,

i want to add a zoom in portfolio single pages. Adding a image or images to portfolio section dont show a zoom option.

Im searching for kind of a ecommerce zoom. I already find it, just trying to find a way to add it to this particular portfolio items.

Any idea?


Hey mate, please join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net or send us an email using ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will guide you.

Hello I just bought this theme and the content demo is not in the folder… ??? Any answer

Hello mate, thank you for buying our theme, please watch the video tutorials which is in big junior item page. You should go to appearance > theme settings > other settings > dummy data.

Updated Wordpress to 3.8 and the top menu doesn’t stay at the top anymore and the “clients” carousel isn’t working. The mobile menu doesn’t pop out anymore either. Worked earlier today. I updated and now I am encountering these problems. I’d probably hold off on updating to 3.8 if you already have this theme. Hopefully support for 3.8 is coming soon.

Please send us your website URL and WP login information so we can investigate the issue.

Hi. I have a problem like GOLDINGWEB. I believe that will be update soon.

In addition, most of the shortcode does not work.

We will check all our themes on WordPress 3.8 and fix all possible issues.

Just updated Wordpress to 3.8 and it seems to have broken the site. Menus not working and the icon boxes etc.

Thats probably because your contact form 7 is updated too, please send us an email using ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will check your website.

I did install temp solution.(contact form 7 plug-in & Jquery Updater) But, custom sidebar still does not work properly. Setting a custom sidebar on page does not work and Appearance > Widget(custom sidebar) settings does not work either.

Can you please send us your website URL and WP login information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can investigate the issue?

Ever since I updated to Word Press 3.8 my mobile menu does not work anymore please help thank you.

Please join our support forum or send us an email using our profile page so we can help you.

We have same problem with our website, we updated to Word Press 3.8, then the mobil menu, dynamic contents, maps, etc don’t work anymore. We installed the Word Press 3.7 again and we have the same problems than before. Can you please help us?!

You just have to delete contact form 7 version 3.6 and install version 3.5.4 , if you had any problem with that, send us an email using our profile page and we will help you.

It works, thank you! Can we update to Word Press 3.8?

You’re welcome mate. Sure update to 3.8 with no problem.

Hello! Dont work zoom in portfolio single pages. Adding a image or images to portfolio section dont show a zoom option same problem the aldileo. :(

Please help!


Hey mate, please send us your website URL and WP login information so i can check it out.

WP login information here? The URL portfolio is http://www.eventosemd.com/galeria-y-clientes/

That’s gallery, that’s not portfolio shortcode. You should use portfolio shortcode to see the hovers. send the WP login information to us using our profile page.

Hi, contact form 7 version is 3.5.4 but it does not work.please give me some tips.

Hello, please send us your website URL and WP login information using our profile page so i can check it out.

On your demo, the Google map icon is just a black teardrop that looks like it’s supposed to link on hover or click, but nothing happens onMouseover or onClick. Please advise.

Marker color is not customizable, but you can either change it’s color with image editing tools or use any other marker you like instead of the default marker.

Sounds good, thanks for the head’s up

It’s my pleasure.

Hi, we purchased Big Junior and really appreciate the good design. We still have one problem though: Accordion and toggle tabs don’t work properly. If you open the page, the boxes are all open and don’t close – even when clicking on it. Any suggestion what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Glad you could solve it mate. :)

Yeah, me too. But another question appeared this morning concerning the portfolio grid. Where can I insert the descriptions to appear in the grid below the object title? This what would be e.g. “Digital Art / Drawing” in the Artist Mention portfolio grid of the live demo. I just get the title shown in the grid. Haven’t found any possibility yet or maybe I’m just too blind? ;) Thanks for help.

You have to create some categories for your portfolio items and assign your items to those categories to achieve that.

Any update coming out to support the Contact Form 7 issue? Tried locating the older 3.5.4 version. However, I continue to get failed installation messages. Client saw the form before the WP update and now would like to keep the form as it was.

Has anyone found a working older version with a link to download?

Found detailed instructions on your forum. Should have looked there first. Thanks!

You’re welcome mate. :)

Are there any problems with Wordpress 3.8?

Nope, You just need to use the older versions of contact form 7 or use a no conflict code in your wp-config.php file, send us an email using our profile page to find out how.

where can i download Contact Form 7 ver. 3.5.4? Find no download link for THIS Version to fix all issues with Wordpress 3.8

Thank You

Here it is mate: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/KKbZRYnSpM/
If you still had any problem with that send us an email using our profile page so i can help you.

Thank you for your fast responses, I really appreciate this. Work’s going great so far, but just 2 small questions left:

- You wrote, that sub-text in the portfolio grid is fetched from categories. Got that so far. But is it also possible somehow, to put in some text that isn’t defined via categories? We would like to have it as a kind of small teaser text.

- If I define a portfolio grid for the home page, it refuses to appear as a 3-column layout, when defined so. It then persistently shows up as a 2-column layout. Other layouts work fine. Any idea?

You’re welcome mate. I have no idea about that, can you please send me your website URL and WP login information using our profile page? I have to check your website.

I have 2 installations of this theme. And the main menu position is different. After the update to WP 3.8 the header changed, something in the main body is strange. i don’t understand why.

Go to root directory of your WordPress folder and open “wp-config.php”, put the following code after ‘WP_DEBUG’ :

define ('WPCF7_LOAD_JS', false);

The Header on firefox is huge. Completely different. And the responsiveness is not very good on many pages. Example: your homepage in the section: Our Team Rings; Workplace;Client; Partners. If the window size is small the text disappear

Where exactly is the issue? Please explain more.

Hi Guys, I own www.budgetweddingbands.ie and the images will not show up on the homepage anymore ? Cant find out why ? Any advice or can you help ? Cheers Mark D

Hello mate, have you recently updated your wordpress to version 3.8?


I bought your theme a while ago and it is great. Unfortunately one day ago some features stopped working: google maps and tabs. Its no longer showing maps and tabs are also brokern. I did not change anything. Where could be problem?

Thank you

Hello mate, thank you for using our theme.
Go to root directory of WordPress and locate “wp-config.php”, open that file and locate “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);” After that code copy this code and save: define (‘WPCF7_LOAD_JS’, false);


it does not work, I read your forum and there is mentioned to reaplce contact form folder and it does not work. Google maps are still not working and also Tabs are off. Really dont know what to do, even that WP 3.7.1 is not possible to download anymore. What to do?

Thank you for your answer.

Hey mate, Just send us your website URL and WP login information from http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow and we will help you.