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Is there a way to create Multiple Different contact pages?


Sorry, but only one contact form is available. Contact 7 plugin works fine with our theme if you need more contact forms…


Hi I have the theme on It works fantastic on all devices/resolutions. I have a domain “” hosted at GoDaddy and forwarded (with masking) to “” The forwarding works, however, when on a mobile device and visiting “” the site is not responsive and loads just like any non-mobile site. This has to be something with the forward. Thank you in advance for any help!


I think it’s not theme related. Since you’ve mentioned GoDaddy – it’s more complicated :)

That doesn’t help me at all. Can you elaborate?

Most guys don’t like GoDaddy because some things doesn’t work as it should on their servers.

Buit that’s not too important. Your issue is very specific and I really don’t know what is causing this problem…

I love this theme! I want to use the footer on another blog – can I move the files over so that just the footer applies to the new blog? if so – what files do I need to move?

Thank you!


Sorry, but I don’t see PURCHASED tag next to your name so I can’t help you.

Also, even if I see that tag, I don’t quite understand your issue :( Also :) if you’re using our theme on 2 different domains, you have to buy it twice…

How do you reduce the space between the Navergation Menu and the homepage slider on the home page?

May I see the URL of your page with slider?

Here is one solution. Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#primary-menu ul {
  padding-bottom: 10px;

Sure how do i email you directly? and thanks will give that a go. For others trying to add a slider to cub pages use Content Slide. It works perfectly. Here is the code you use to also centre the slider. Add the code to the page template and wide template. add code below this<?php get_header(); ?> (start of code)<center><?php if(function_exists(‘wp_content_slider’)) { wp_content_slider(); } ?></center> (end of code)

Hi – how to I set the Branding, Logo Design, Recent Work etc and Recent work with the images and rollivers as per the demo? Thanks

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Hi – I am using the code but have a problem where the images are not showing, even though they exist?

May I see the URL of the page with this shortcode and, please, paste me the shortcode you’re using…


First of all: great theme!

I am not sure if this is something which is in your theme, but I want to change the remark “Make sure you fill in all mandatory fields.” to my native language (dutch) but I can’t find it anywhere…

Can you help me out here?

Cheers! Jay

Hi again. Just wanted to let you know that I found the hardcoded ‘mandatory field remark’... it was in the footer: $(”#reply-title”).after(“

<?php _e('Make sure you fill in all mandatory fields.', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT); ?>

“) So, yeah.. woohoo!

Oh my god, I’ve totally forgot that file and code :(

Sorry, and I’m glad you’ve found this…

Not a problem… so, no worries!

Hi there,

I would like to know how to have different fonts for headers and body text. Not in the same family either. i.e. Header be PT Sans and Body be Droid Serif. Thanks for the help! I love the theme!


You must have some CSS knowledge since this is very specific request. There is an Extra CSS field, and you’ll have to modify headers if these are not standard fonts…


First sorry for my english

I’ve got a problem with my website : for example, if you go to this link : , there’s no problem. But if you want to see my pictures, in “Photos”, or “a propos de moi”, there’s a mistake ” No posts were found.” I don’t change anything, I work with portfolio item…

Is there anybody who can help me ???



Hi David,

Try to update the theme.

If this doesn’t help, i think the problem is in Permalink structure – try default (ugly one) to be sure if it’s permalink related…

How to update the theme:

You’re right !!! Thanx :))))


Please answer my question (you skipped it last time) I need to know how to reorder, port folio page. because

-the order of the front page tile will arranged up to the order in portfolio backed. i need to reorder the tile in front page.

The portfolio pages is not provide the order arrangement like normal page.

Please help. Thanks


items in portfolio shortcode are ordered by it’s date. Change dates to get correct order.

ps: Sorry for skipping your post – when it was posted?

never mind sir its like 2 day ago., Thanks for the answer anyway :)


Love the theme :-). I’ve question about the portfolio page. Is it possible to make 2 different portfolio pages, with different categories filters? Badly need it.

Thanks in advance!


Yes you can.

Just organize your categories and posts.

It appears that the portfolio wasn’t working because of the plugin “visual composer” and this particular theme. Is there anyway I can get both working?


It’s very hard to try all plugins :(

Also, it’s very hard to tweak someone elses plugin :(

bugger, visual composer is a very common and useful plugin, computability with it is very important for me, as I use it for easy layouts. Short codes don’t always work as they should with me, I’ll try the plugin creator and see what they say. I presume you know the plugin?


To be honest, I don’t use plugins at all – only the one i made :)


I notice a little weirdiness that was working before and now is not. Hover over Recent Works, Portfolio, etc. items are not working, you have to click to get the info. Not in our page ( not in your demo page. They don’t work in Chrome, but they do in IE.

And also the shortcode quick button in the editors, that’s not working either. Only some of the options are actually being written when you hit the option.

By the way I’m new to Themeforest, but is there a way to search in all these comments so I do not have to review all of them looking for a thing?

Thanks in advance. cesco


It’s working just fine in our Chrome (latest version for PC).

You’ll have to update the theme, since this issue happen since WP3.5

There is no way to search these comments (and you can join the club of authors and buyers who wants that options)

No worries if you ask something that was asked. Just check FAQ before asking question

Thanks for your quick response. I had already updated the theme.

I’ve tested it with other Chrome installations and it seems to work properly… I don’t really know what can cause this strange Chrome behaviour just in one pc, since I’ve tried to disable all the plugins, extensions, etc…

Thanks anyway, I’ll continue searching.

Hi there,

I’m trying to adjust the Google Maps location of the Full Width Contact Form but it’s not working. What did I do wrong in the php? <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(’#bra-map-fullwidth’).bra_google_map({location: ’<?php echo get_option(BRANKIC_VAR_PREFIX.”contact_form”); ?>}); }); </script>


Thanks so much for your help.

Regards Joeri

There is nothing you can do in PHP file. Location is defined in Brankic Panel -> Contact -> “Location if you’re using full-width layout, Zoom level (if you’re using full-width layout”

Hi there, I’m running into problems with this theme and I just don’t understand what’s going on. Here is the link to the site: When you click on work, you’ll see projects there. When you click on a project it just goes back to the home page and not the actual portfolio which is supposed to have scrolling pictures in it. Any idea what’s going on? I have no idea why this is happening.

Thanks so much for your help!

It’s working now. What was the problem? Permalink structure?

Hi Brankic,

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but I meant that I already adjusted some of the php and don’t know how to restore it:

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(’#bra-map-fullwidth’).bra_google_map({location: ’<?php echo get_option(BRANKIC_VAR_PREFIX.”????”); ?>}); }); </script>

Where the questionmark stands is to me a mystery what the original said?

Thanks so much.


Sorry, but we can’t help you in this case. I can only suggest to revert original file…

Hi! I’ve got a question. How can i make a backup of my wordpress website?


This is not theme related, but I’ll try to answer.

The best, ninja, way is to backup whole database. There are another ways (Tools -> Export / Import) but these options don’t backup theme options as well…

Hello, just a small question to the portfolio. is there a way, to change the hover? i like the hover informations, but it would be cool to click anywhere on the picture to get a full sized version (instead of the magnifier icon). something like a mixture between the grid and the portfolio

If you want to disable linking to portfolio single post and have only pop-up, you’ll have to choose hover=”no” in shortcode and to customize bra_shortcodes.php
if ($hover == "no") 
        $html .= THIS LINE TO EDIT
In “THIS LINE TO EDIT” replace $permalink with $featured_image and add
data-rel="prettyPhoto[' . $slug_list_ . ']" 
to A tag (like few lines below)

Since, you’re not the first one to ask this, I’ll add this feature into next update…

i guess i did something wrong. so add the lines, no its opening just the picture, not the portfolio page (thats great), but not like the click on the magnifier (pretty photo i guess), instead its opening in the same window just as a normal *.jpg

my fault, fixed it. thanks for the help

Great theme!

Is it possible to set my static homepage with a full-width slider at the top (directly under the navigation), and a 2/3 width blog listing (article) area underneath with a sidebar?

So it would be:

Full-width Image Slider
Blog/Articles | Sidebar


I was thinking about purchasing this theme. From a responsive perspective and removing the iframe, reducing the width of the browser more than 4 times will throw the site into full version, OR, less than 303px width.

Is there an option in the admin to stop the menu from being fixed position?

Is it easy to change the fonts from the admin side?

Yes, we haven’t made it for devices with screen size lesser than 320px

Yes, there is an option “Show Pinned menu on scroll” in Brankic Panel

You can change Google Web Fonts easily. If you want to change some specific section there is an Extra CSS field in Branic Panel – so if you have some basic CSS knowledge you can do whatever you want…

Hello there, I changed “Text next to page title” (Portfolio items) but on my home page it doesn`t change and leave on Main program this: Etiam eget mi enim, non ultricies nisi voluptatem, illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae explicabo. How can I change it? Here is the link to the site:


If you’re using Latest post for Front page – this is what happens.

Also, if your page slug is same as category slug, same problem may occure.