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Hello, Could you please help with setting up my site as the demo looks? I sent a message with log in info a few weeks back, I know your backed up, just wanted to double check. Thanks

That is unfortunate, Ive tried doing myself with poor results. When I purchased the theme I was under the impression that this was a service provided. Also Ive patiently waited for weeks for this negative response. What steps can I take to return and get refunded?

I think you can’t get refund because theme is working as it should.

You can always contact TF support team…

Yes, just false advertisement.

Hi, I’m interested in buying Big Bang theme (wordpress). But there are a couple of things I would like to ask before I make the purchase. 1) ?he pop up gallery isn’t responsive. It doesn’t become smaller when viewed in a small window. Is this something that can be fixed? 2) Does Bigbang support iframes and can I upload swf files? 3) When Big Bang is viewed by an iphone it flickers a lot. Will it be fixed? Waiting for your feedback BR Argiro


We’re aware of this pop-up issue on smaller screens. It’s related to prettyPhoto plugin we’re using…

You can use SWF files –

We’re not seeing any flickering on our iPhone :(

Thank you for this beautiful template. Everything works fine since the last update. But I can’t figure out little problems with portfolio item pages. I’m realy bad in PHP, hope you can help me. :S
Exemple of concerned page:

  1. On a portfolio item page the project title is duplicated instead of showing the page title.
  2. The ‘All Projects’ link redirects to the portfolio item instead of the portfolio page.
  3. On a portfolio item page the menu doesn’t show on the current item.

Waiting for your feedback.


I can’t check your URL, ‘cause you’re not using our theme right now :(

All link is defined for each page – it’s the last option below the editor (Brankic Custom Fields)

Realy sorry, I asked at the wrong place. :P

Hi Brankic,

I’m trying to change the color of the background, where you can put the background image. I can’t find it on the style.css, can you tell me the exact name? Or if I can add extra css on the brankic panel?

Thanks a lot Valerio

Hi Valerio,

In Brankic Panel you can upload any file you want for background.

Nothing with editing php files or adding Extra CSS…

Thanks Brankic, but I want just to change the background color, without adding any photo. Is it possible?

I take this opportunity to say you that yesterday I removed my background photo from brankic panel and now I can’t upload any other photos. Is it possibile that some setting changed?

Sorry for many questions Valerio

Hi Valerio,

no worries about questions :)

You can use small GIF image with any color you want :). Of course, you can use Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
body {
  background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #000000;

I had same issue with bg image URL. I’ve finished pasting URL of image into that field.

I hope that makes sense…

Hi! Is there a way you can remove the arrows from the image slider on the home page. So that it still cycles through the images automatically, yet you are unable to change it’s course.


it’s easy. Just add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.flex-direction-nav {

Hi Trying to fix the responsive youtube video I installed fixvid plug in and it works. But since than most of the gallery thumbs dissapeared. I upload them again they work and they disapear again. I get this error: image cannot be displayed because it contains errors. Any thought on this? My site relies heavily on videos and I am dissapointed that the video was not repsonsive.


Sorry, but if you’re using plugin, we can’t provide support :(

Also my contact when typing a test email in the contact section. The “name” text and “message” text box both appear ‘invalid’, and the test email isn’t able to be sent through. All the parameters within the contact settings are filled out.

Maybe you’ve choose for required – YES EMAIL ?

Is there a way to have the main blog page show full posts instead of just the excerpt?

Thanks! Love this theme btw! :)


Yes, in index.php (Appearance -> Editor) you have to replace the_excerpt() with the_content()

Look I dont understand what is going on and my version of wordpress is 3.5.1 I installed a fitvid plug in to make the video repsonsive and since than my featured images keep dissapearing.

**The thumbnails work again so I dont understand. anyway to make the youtube responsive I installed fitvid and in the plugin settings i entered .two_third as a class Now the video scales according to screen size ;)

Hi, I was just wondering if its easy enough to change the header so that it doesn’t follow with scroll and just remains static?


there is such an option in Brankic Panel…

Hey, Really like the Big Bang theme and would like to use it for a video site. Just wondering – on the homepage, if you click on the slideshow, can the light-box show a video? Would like to keep the same size slideshow as on the example, using images taken from the videos, but then have the lightbox pop up in a standard 16:9 ratio. Does anyone have examples of video sites that use this template? Thanks!


Sorry, but you can’t use videos in sliders in our theme :(

Hey, I didnt actually want video in the slider (Flexslider) but in the lightbox (prettyPhoto). PrettyPhoto supports video, so is there something you have done to disable this? Is it something we could change back? Thanks.


You can use prettyPhoto code on your pages. You must insert code in Text editor (not Visual)


I was just wondering if there’s a way to make the slider (for photos) inside the portfolio objects responsive to the images? As it is now, the entire sliders proportions is ‘based’ on the largest picture (as in scale). So if I have a 400×400 px as my first image in the slider and my second picture is 400×200 px – I’ll have a 200px area of just white.

TL;DR version; Responsive slider – possible or not?

Thanks for reading.

Best regards, Johan

Hi Johan,

It’s possible if you use fade effect. To change effect to fade, you’ll have to edit (Appearance -> Editor) near the end of the file…

animation: "slide",


animation: "fade",


It does work but it’s not entirely smooth. Also, when I change to ‘fade’, it doesn’t work to switch between images in the sliders when using the mobile version. Is this possible to fix somehow? Otherwise, I’ll adjust all the pictures to the same size. I’d rather not though because a lot of stuff will be cropped out then.

Thankful for any help as usual.

Best regards, Johan

Hi Johan,

The best practice is to crop your images before uploading.

We’re not authors of this slider, so we can’t offer better support on this issue…

Hello again, Quick question for you – is it possible to change the color of the box holding the description of the portfolio item? Right now it’s a light grey and I’d like to make it darker. In doing that I may need to change the color of the text in that area as well. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.portfolio-grid ul li {
  background-color: #000000;
.item-info h3.title a {
  color: #ffffff;

How do I add what content boxes I want on the content form? (Name, website, etc?)

Content form or Contact form?

Contact form is customized via Brankic Panel -> Contact

How do I change the text that is displayed in the area above the category archives ?

For instance in this link ( where it says “Archives for stories” I would like to say “God Tells Good Stories” or something to that effect. How would I go about changing what is displayed there?



If you create a page and choose category Stories and page template Blog you’ll have same layout and possibility to edit heading of the page.

But then the page would be a different url than the category page. And that page would be duplicate content as the category. Is there a way I can just change that line of text?


it’s not that easy as it seams. You can try to edit index.php but you must have some PHP knowledge…

Hi Brankic,

Blog questions:

1. I like the option to show only the beginning of a post in the main blog page, but I wish I could choose the length of this extract. I tried to use the “insert more tag” option in the blog editor, but apparently the theme overrides that. Is there a way to use the “more” option?

2. In a blog post, are the extra images only working with a featured image, or is it possible to create a slider in the middle of a blog post?

Instagram photostream questions:

3. Unlike what happens in a portfolio, the titles of instagram pictures can be long, since they are often comments more than titles, and it causes problems in my photostream.

Overlay: the title is cut whatever the shape option. Shown here in circles [IMG][/IMG]

Square option: the titles that are too long to fit the light grey box are not truncated, you can see that they appear in the white space between 2 images [IMG][/IMG]. While the page loads, you can also see long titles overflowing over the background, but it disappears once the page is loaded.

Is it because of something I have(n’t) done, or is it a bug? Is there a way to have just the square pictures and no title and grey box at all, unless you click on them and open either the instagram link or the Pretty photo image?


When I googled wordpress excerpt missing, I found that for some people, it became a hidden option that you can show in the screen options, but I don’t have it in the screen options either.

OK, sorry for the multiple answers to myself, I tried using Chrome instead of Safari, and I found excerpt in the screen options. I guess I’ll use Chrome when I have a post to write from now on!


sorry for late answer – but I’m glad you’ve found solution.

There must be something wrong with your browser – SCREEN OPTIONS button must be near the top of post editor…

Last question, I promise. How did you make the first button on the Demo page Orange and keep the others black/gray? It thought it was a cool effect but I can’t seem to reproduce it.


You must use WP Menus -> Primary menu.

Perfect, thanks!

I have accidentally deleted all of the portfolio categories and now after creating a new parent category (Portfolio) and assigning new portfolio posts under the aforementioned, nothing is showing up on the main portfolio page. Has anyone had this problem and do you know how to resolve it?

Thank you.

Hi Edward,

just use Brankic Shortcode -> Portfolio and select category you want from drop down menu…


I just emailed you – not sure which will get a quicker response.

I just uploaded the theme & tried to activate it. I got this error response:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /nfs/c07/h02/mnt/101667/domains/ on line 3

Now I get this error every time I try to visit my WP admin page, or the site itself. So I have no more access that way (FTP only).

What to do?





You should update WordPress…

Thanks! I will. Gracias


I am trying to override the parent style.css with a child theme. I created a folder in the theme directory, which contains my child theme stylesheet -- style.css.
Here is what I added to my child theme css file:


Theme Name: BigBang-ChildTheme
Description: Theme Based On BigBang
Author: Brandon
Version: 0.0.1
Template: docommerce


When I activate my child theme, everything works fine but my child stylesheet is not overriding!

Do I need to change something in header.php?

Thanks in Advance!


Not sure about that… I’m not an expert on child theming and I’ll try it these days…