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New question … as I fixed the above one. Is there a way to reorder the portfolio pieces? Thank you.


Portfolio pieces are ordered by its date. You can change the date of each post easily…

How do you create the RSS feed for the RSS social icon? Need it for the entire site.

How do you remove the map on the contact page or get it so it is the default layout

Or, you can delete page-contact(-2).php from theme folder…

Thank you! Can you change the FIAgallery and make the pictures bigger they are so small?

What’s the FIAgallery?

Hi- Is it possible to add a phone number and social media icons above the navigation somewhere so it is more accessible than at the bottom of the page. Thanks! This is the only thing holding me up from purchasing.


Sorry, but there is no header sidebar :(

You can try to use some plugin for that…


Is there anyway to remove the “Recent Work” text from the portfolio page. I’m not sure what page of code I should be looking for.



Just leave empty “Title above items” in the shortcode pop-up window (title in the shortcode)

I have really enjoyed learning this theme. I am having one major glitch I cannot figure out. Every time I put in the button code below and replace the url with my url on my site, it continues to go to I don’t even have it plugged in the code anywhere on the page yet it keeps linking to it. How can I remedy this? Thank you!

[bra_button text=”Button” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”medium” style=”rounded” color=”pink”]

Here is the URL:

Here is the shortcode I am using:

[bra_button text=”BOOKS” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”large” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]

[bra_button text=”MESSAGES” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”large” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]

[bra_button text=”ARTICLES” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”large” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]

[bra_button text=”RADIO/TV” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”large” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]

[bra_button text=”PRESENTATIONS” url=”” target=”_blank” size=”large” style=”rounded” color=”orange”]

Any chance you can help me on this???

It’s working just fine in my demo – check bottom of the page

I can’t seem to get the flickr photostream widget to load any photos. Any suggestions? I’m positive I’ve entered the correct user name (or am I?)

I think you haven’t used right username :)

Check this photostream – username which you have insert for this user is “aleksandra jovanic”, (not “aleksandrajovanic”)

To sumarize ” it’s what’s before: ’s photostream

YES! Thanks. That did it. One more question, is there a way to slow down the photos in the automatic slideshow on the front page? Thanks.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for late answer.

You have to edit (Appearance -> Editor) and near the end of the file are settings for page/posts/portfolio slider. You have to edit settings for page slider…


I’ve included some custom and external links as child items on the primary menu at On these items, I notice some extra formatting (looks like an extra indent) on the left of the text. An example of this can be found on the first link under “Services”. How would I go about correcting this? (I suspect that it’s a PHP solution but I’m not a PHP expert.)

Thanks in advance.

(Slight correction to what I wrote above: “To get the external custom link, I’m just using an A HREF LINK as the page title since only pages show in the menu. Should I be using a different approach to create an external custom link for your theme?”)

It looks like I found a solution by way of a link plugin. Please disregard my question and thanks for your time. :-)


Sorry for late answer (if we can call this reply as a answer :) )

I’m glad you’ve solved your issue…

Hi Brankic, For some reasons after updating Wordpress, there is a long-stretched out box with a blue question mark (supposedly an image) in posts on the blog. How can I get rid of this box? Check on: Thanks for your help.

Hi! I’ve just bought your template, I love it! I would like to know if it is possible to get the post on my blog full length instead of having to click on “continue reading”.

Thank you for your help! :)


Thanks for purchasing.

In index.php (Appearance -> Editor) replace the_excerpt() with the_content()

Hi there,

For some reason my pinterest feed has shrunk to not show at the full width of the square block anymore – Any ideas how to fix this? I don’t want the border along the right hand side.



It looks Pinterest changed default thumb size :(

Here’s the fix. Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.page-id-1418 .portfolio-grid ul li img {

ps: page-id-1418 you can see in body tag in the source code.

Have already mailed you about this weeks ago, here it is again; What has happened to Face Book share button on blog posts and portfolio pages, only the Twitter button is visible on the site now and along with your demo site. I swear I had the Twitter, Google & FaceBook buttons all in place and now as I say it is just Twitter. Please help here as this should be simple & basic stuff …

Many thanks for your response, I figured it out, the issue is Google Chrome, I see these buttons on IE. But as I only use Chrome browser these buttons did woork on this browser previously. Can you let me know if this will get fixed? Many thanks again.


I’m using latest Chrome and i can see these buttons.

Check your Chrome settings. There were similar problems due to some Chrome customization…

I re-installed Chrome and problem is fixed now, thanks for your help :-)

Hi – two questions: 1) When I send an email via the form I receive a server error however te email is received.

2) Is it possible to use another contact form plugin with the same contact form template?



1. You can change error message to successful in page-contact(-2).php

2. You can use some other contact plugin, but you’ll have to delete page-contact(-2).php from theme folder if your page slug starts with “contact”

Hi Brankic1979.

I hope you’re well. I’ve worked a lot of the theme out from playing with it and reading the comments section. I’m happy with how its starting to look. I’ve a few bits I need help with please. My URL is:

1. Pre purchase I asked:

“One last question  is it simple to mod the blog so That posts are shown in a grid format rather than a list?

“You can show blog posts in the same format as portfolio… “

“Thanks for the reply and offer. So the blog post exerpts/thumbnails can be shown in a masonry style grid that would look just like the portfolio just without the filtering system?”

“this is just a shortcode and you can use any category you want (both portfolio and normal)”

How do I go about displaying my blog posts in the masonry style? I’ve tried adding shortcode to the actual blog page and I’ve looked through the blog options with no success.

2. I’m struggling to add widgets to my blog side bar… I’ve selected sidebar in the Bracknic blog panel and added widgets to the 1,2,3 sections of the widget panel but they don’t seem to be showing. What am I doing wrong?

3. How can I remove titles from the Portfolio Item thumbnails in my work section? I thought to just remove the titles in the post and save but this seems to only work for some.

4 the portfolio slider in the linked portfolio section expands to a full screen slideshow when the image is clicked. Is it possible to disable this full screen slideshow?

Thanks very much in advance.



Thanks for the answers. I still seem to be missing something. Sorry!

1. I created a new page, assigned it as my blog in wordpress settings-reading, added portfolio shortcode to the page trying both “blog type” and “uncategorized”. I’ve also tried a bunch of the page attribute blog template options with the above to find the posts (different proportions) still run in a vertical line down the page rather than in a masonry style. I’ve also changed the blog category in the Brankic custom fields also in the blog post to no effect. What am I doing wrong?

2. I’ve chosen sidebar in each option in the Brankic blog panel. I’m still not seeing a sidebar on the blog.

3. Worked!

4 Worked!

Thanks again. Apologies for not getting 1-2

Hey guys, have you seen my questions above? Not sure if they’ve been missed…

I’ve tried to get the blog showing the masonry style a bunch more times but I’m still not getting anywhere.

My Blog page (assigned as blog page in wordpress) has portfolio shortcode inserted. I’ve tried changing the shortcode settings to the blog type options:

[bra_portfolio title=’’ cat_id=’1’ no=’-1’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’4’ shape=’’ height=’’ hover=’yes’]

Once saved I've changed the  Blog Category in the Bracknic custom fields to match that in the shortcode. (in this case, Blog Category is "Blog") I've also tried changing the templates in page attributes and the Blog Page.

I also have also changed the options on the Blog Page to show sidebar and I’m still not getting one.

Please help!

Thanks for your time.


sorry for late answer (busy about home renovation)

You have to leave empty Settings -> Reading -> “Posts page:”

Try to use default permalink setting. If it’s looking fine, than it’s because you have same slug for page and category (and in that case WP use category layout)

Hi again Brankic1979.

I’ve a question 5 to add to the last list!

I am having problems with my portfolio items in the Work section. When I open the “Bitching and Junkfood” portfolio item (through the link option) and then skip to the next project (“Polly”) there is an error. Also the ” Two Weeks” project when opened with the link button it does not show image slide arrows even though I have Extra Images in the post. Plus with the “Space Girl” project, there is only one project advance arrow in the linked option (there is only an advance button) What have I done?!?

Thanks again.


Thanks. I realized I had the portfolio shortcode in some of the portfolio items post by mistake. that messed up the Polly issue.

I’ve noticed in my case that in portfolio items with extra images, (see Edna Cole) if a portrait image follows a landscape image, the portrait image is scaled the width of the page making it seem much larger. This seems to push the next/prev arrows (used to skip through the images) out of site to the bottom of the page for the landscape images, rather than them being responsive and sitting where they should overlaying the image…

Thanks, on the last point, I didn’t realize that.


Hey Guys,

have you seen my issue above? Image arrows for flicking through the image portfolio (in the linked style portfolio) are not hugging the images if a mix of both portrait and landscape images are shown…

Thanks for your time.


This happens if you’re using slide effect. You can use fade effect. To do that, please edit (Appearance -> Editor) and near the end f the file are settings for slider on page/post/portfolio…

Hey guys,

There is a problem with your them in this configuration: Mac OS X Version 10.7.2 (latest) Firefox version 18.0 (latest) Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52 (almost latest)

When you load the site/theme, at first (for a few seconds) is looks as it should, then a lot of the css breaks and the site collapses. Mainly the width and positioning aspects of the css.

You can check out my site at or even your demo theme

Screenshots here:

Any ideas? Thanks.


I can only guess there is some unclosed DIV tag in the source (but I can’t see it in the source :( )


Nope – I have run the site through w3c validator and there’s no div missing. I’ve noticed @byrdflew had the same problem below? It’s affecting your theme demo so it exists in your original code base, nothing to do with any user edits:

Basically your theme doesn’t work on latest Mac + chrome / firefox combo…



We’re PC users and we don’t have Mac. If any of Mac users can find the solution for this issue I’ll be be very grateful…

Is there a way to add tags to portfolio items like in blog posts? I use wide categories but I also want to be able to add more specific tags to the projects…

And I also want the tags to be visible on the project pages.

Thanks for any help or tips in advance :)


Sorry, but no tags in custom portfolio post type :(

But can’t I just add some extra code in “single-portfolio_item.php” or somewhere else to make it possible?


Of course you can do it, but it’s beyond our support. This is 1hr job for freelancer experienced in WP…

Hi there, I’d like to know how to add an extra-contact form in a different page for different use. Thanks a lot


You should use some plugin (contact 7 or any other)

I have the same issue with the theme width and positioning as @zitruss mentioned. Also my Brankic shortcodes aren’t working in my page edit. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Please check if there is some unclosed tag.

To fix Brankic Shortcodes you’ll have to update the theme (this issue happens with WP3.5)

How can I make the text bigger (and look good?) I’m assuming I need to adjust line height as well.

Here is a link to a post, the text seems a little hard to read. Wanted to see if you could help me make it easier to read? Thanks.
Try this Extra CSS
.post-content {
  font-size: 16px;