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I get this ontop of every post on my blog pages -

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$post_name in /storage/content/88/105888/ on line 955

Check it out here –

Please help!

Yes, it’s still there – check under “stories” – It appears when you use a static page with the blog.. Strange.. Please help.

Oh and the Instagram and twitter widgets just wont work. Used to.

I’ve tried your Instagram username “dharmamonie” and it’s working fine. Check if some of the plugins you’re using is in conflict with our script. Disable all of them and refresh the website…

Hello again, is there a way to add a small desription (the text next to the title page) in the profolio page under or next to the title of each project?



Below the editor is “Text next to page title” in Brankic Custom Fields…

I know that, but that line only shows up on an individual portfolio item page and not on a portfolio page (countaining all the projects).


Sorry for wrong answer. You can’t do that without some editing of core files. We’re not providing support on these kind of issue, so I’m afraid you’ll have to hire a freelancer…

How can I get rid of the Text next to page title and Centered title at the top of the Home page?

Check Brankic Custom Fields below the editor…

Good afternoon from Catalunya. First of all, congratulations for your work. I have several doubts, but the main one is to solve that translation trouble: I changed the “Portfolio” page name, and the categories. I gave most of the Portfolio items new categories, and the portfolio Items now are not displayed in my page. Could you help me, please? Thanks a lot. Best regards


This theme is translation ready – this means : there are .po and .mo file which you have to translate to Spanish…

Hi again, with a hopefully less basic question.

Is there any way to create portfolio items that link directly out to an external page? Or that link directly to a stored PDF?



Hi Rebecca,

You can do it with some redirection plugin…

Hi ~

My site is coming along great. One questions… when I create a three column or four column layout the first column is always a bit lower. You can see it here…. Any ideas?

Thanks! Lauren

Hi Lauren,

Sorry for late answer – it looks you’ve solved this. Congrats…

Is there any way to search this comments board? So many questions answered here but no way to find them? If not a forum would be great and people could find answers to questions already asked saving you time aswel. :)

My question is the inbuilt wordpress file editor doesn’t show the css/style.css file instead it shows /style.css (the placeholder file required by WordPress) Any way to fix that? Dominic

Hi Dominic,

most thing wanted on ThemeForest forums is option to search comments. Right mow, there is nothing from TF crew :(

Yes, WP doesn’t show CSS files from not root folder. I guess there is a good reason for that. You can use Extra CSS (in Brankic Panel) if you want to overwrite some small portions of CSS, or you can edit css/anyfile.css on your computer and upload it back to server – right now – there’s no other solution…

preface: I am a wordpress and CSS novice. I’m doing the site myself with periodic direction from more experienced friends.

Is it possible to make the background of the portfolio items transparent, instead of having a white rectangle and the shape within the rectangle?

Thank you in advance. Love the theme.


If you have shaped portfolio shortcode it’s hard to make mask transparent. You can try to edit images/mask-circle.png to replace white background with the color/shape of background…

May I see the URL of, or printscreen (if I didn’t understand it right) I’d love for there to be nothing behind each portfolio image, rather than the white square. (I noticed its the same on the preview as my page, so this is why I’m curious if it’s possible to change.)


As I said, you’ll have to edit images/mask-hexagon.png and replace white frame with your background (very big possibility it won’t work as it should :( )

Hey Brankic, I’m very glad with the template, thanks to you. I decided to show the entire post on my blog page, and removed the “continue reading” sentence, thanks to your extra CSS code. I think it is great. Some readers would like the link to comments more visible (in the grey square at the top of each post) and I agree with them. So… Would it be easy to add a new link, (exactly the same target, to leave a comment) at the bottom of each post, a simple sentence “Add a comment ?”. Thanks a lot for your reactivity.

Hi Alcide,

Thank you on your kind words. However, we’re not providing full support on these kind of requests.

I can only say to add
<?php comments_popup_link( __('<span>0</span> Comments', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT), __('<span>1</span> Comment', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT), __('<span>%</span> Comments', BRANKIC_THEME_SHORT)); ?>
somewhere in single.php

Thank you! Can you change the FIAgallery and make the pictures bigger they are so small?

Sorry, but I don’t know what FIAgallery is :(

Hello Brankic1979,

I’ve been so pleased with the template. Been using it for a few months now and it’s great. I just updated to the newest version, and I had changed the color of my highlights to a lime green (i.e. the selected page in the menu, portfolio hover, blog post date, hyperlink roll over, etc). On some of them I also changed the font to black I believe, so it was clearer.

I’m trying to figure out how to change all of it back (it’s currently using the beige. I know it’s code that goes in the Brankic Panel under Extra CSS, but I have no idea what to put there. I know you’re busy, so I understand if it takes awhile. Thank you in advance for your help. You’ve been very pleasant to work with and help when needed.

Cheers, JasonB

Hi JasonB,

Updating the theme shouldn’t affect any of options in Brankic Panel.

Maybe you’ve changed CSS files directly?

Hello, before purchasing this theme, I had 2 questions:

1. Does this theme use timthumbs? (I’d prefer that it does not)

2. I searched through the demo and was unable to find a demonstration of the shortcodes. Is there one that for displaying ‘code’ for when showing scripts? It would be great if you could provide me a link to where this is shown.



Sorry for late answer (we’re busy ‘cause of home renovation)

1. No timthumb of course :)

2. here you can see shortcodes in action. And this is the shortcode “manual”

Hi! Brankic shortcodes aren’t working in my page edit. I already updated the theme. What now? :)

It should work – just clear the cache…

Hi, how do I activate the slider. I want it so every blog post I made, I have an image for each post and I want those images sliding on the home page and when clicked on, they go to the particular blog post.


for each post you have to add Extra images (below featured image option on the right hand side of the editor)

Hi, Is it possible to translate the form fields in different languages? Thanks!

As I know, no plugin can work with our custom fields :(

next question, and now its probably my fault again. i just saw, that the current page is not highlighted in the navigation. is this feature somewhere in the brankic panel or did i screw a css file ?


You must use Appearance -> Menus -> Primary Menu…

Hi Brankic,

This should be the last of my questions please bear with me. I’m trying to put my posts in a blog page that previews the posts with full width images with its own title. I believe to make this happen you have to create a category with “blog” as the title then within the posts assign the ‘blog’ category or have other categories a parent of ‘blog.’ My problem arises as I have categories as a list in the footer and do not want ‘blog’ on there. I have made 2 buttons named blog in my menu which can be found at: The first button allows me full width images but no custom title (takes title from the site title); second button allows the custom title but not full width images which doesn’t add ‘blog’ in the footer. Is there another way to do this. I just want a page with my posts on it but can customize the title preferably Cheeky Monkey as the site title and blog as the blog title and full width images. Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Martin

Hi Martin,

Sorry but your request is so unique, so we can’t give support on this. You should hire freelancer (1hr job)

Hello. How can I remove the date from posts? I am using the blog as “upcoming events” and don’t want the dates posted to be confused with the date of the actual event.


Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.post-info {


Such a simple and great theme!

Anyone actively using the WooCommerce plugin with this theme? Any chance you could PM/post your URL so I can have a look? :)

My client is now thinking about eCommerce….

It should work with e-commerce – however you must be aware that this kind of plugin is more complicated than theme :)

Im looking at one of the tag things for the portfolio:

[bra_portfolio title=”Recent work” cat_id=”16” no=”4” show_filters=”no” columns=”4” shape=”“]


What is this and how do you set it up, when you change the numbers it changes what is displayed, but how do I know or set up which numbers correspond to what, cannot find it anywhere int he help documentation…



Hi Goran,

You have to read help file. It’s explained how to change this number if you don’t want to use Brankic Shortcode button in the editor…