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new question: why am i getting my “posts” as my default home page? I want my home page to be the landing page.

Settings -> Reading.

If this doesn’t work, try to enable default permalink setting (ugly one) because if page and category have same slug, category template will be used…

Hi I want to have a different background image for each page, unfortunately I have noticed a bug. Background images (added via Brankic Custom Fields) do not work on blog pages or pages with a portfolio in them. Is there a reason for this or is there a fix? Thanks Dominic

Hi Dominic,

Another user report the same issue long time ago, but I couldn’t replicate his (and yours) issue.

As you can see on this page I’m using bg image on page with portfolio shortcode

How can I set my homepage with the image slider? HELP!

Please use your purchase account when asking questions…

Hello Brankic,

Great job on this theme. Thank you for that! Well then here we go: I’ve been looking through all these pages but can’t seem to find the actual solution to centering the title on top of my page as it keeps moving the title (and subtitle) underneath the featured (and extra images). I’ve tried one, changing the styles between blog 1 to 6, changed the frontpage to last posts and static pages but nothing seems to get that title moving.. Only thing I can get to work is via your option menu on the bottom of my page but then i’m unable to add any highlights/colors etc.. can you help me out with this one?


Please use your purchase account when asking questions…

With the new version of wordpress when I select the main image, not in the post and does not appear in the blogroll. How do I have to? Are you planning to upgrade your version?

Sorry but I don’t understand your issue. May I see the URL of the pages…

Hi Brankic,

Hi jonjuan :)

Hi Brankic, love the theme. these the last questions I have in regards to it: 1. I’m not sure if you have encountered this before, depending on what time of the day I visit my website, a spammy link is showing up on the top left of the page above the logo linking to a gambling website. I have not edited the html here so I don’t know where it came from? 2. Whenever I attempt to upload a favicon, it seems to always fail, regardless of dimensions and formats 3. My website has become no longer responsive. The mobile/ tablet version no longer has a dropdown menu and the layout is too big for the screen. Do you know what happened there?

Thank you for your help!


1. It’s not theme related. It could be some of your plugins, or your theme/plugins folder is infected…

2. Try to upload favicon to media library and copy and past URL of the favicon to Brankic Panel

3. Maybe some plugin conflict or it’s something due to infected files…

Try to reinstall whole WordPress and BigBangWP…

What if you want more fields in your contact form than just five?

You’ll have to edit some files yourself or to use some contact form plugin…

Also I changed the Global option of menu color to tealgreen, but it’s still gray? Help?

You have to change it in Brankic Panel.

May I see the URL of your website…

Hi There,

I have a new Q. In the menu I have custom links that open onto a different website page all together. When the navigation label is clicked how can I make it so that it opens into a new browser window rather than in the same one, loosing the parent website. Is it something I should type in the Title attribute which is beside the navigation label? Thank you for your a assistance.

It can be set in WP Menu…

(Screen Options -> Link Target)

Thank you!


On the portfolio section, is it possible to make the entire hover area clickable and remove the magnifying glass and link icons in the bottom right corner?

Thanks – great theme!

Sorry, but it’s not that easy to make whole hover area clickable. You can remove link and preview button if you add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}
.view {display:none;}

Awesome to see the video link fixed! Two thumbs up!!!


Hi is possible to disable title page on top of each page? also is possible to increase the text size ?

For each page you can hide title. Check the area below the editor (Hide title from the begining of this page)

To increase text size add this to Extra CSS
font-size: 110%;

The link I am getting is to

My site is My site title is Esthetik Concepts and in the title bar at the top of the browser it is displaying Esthetik ConceptsBlog | Esthetik Concepts

Can i change this to just Blog | Esthetik Concepts Its really annoying me the way it is at the moment

Also Very Recently I Started having issues with my Bar Graphs

They are throwing out all typefaces set by theme and are not showing me the coloured bar anymore i have to delete the whole shortcode to get my typefaces back.

Any Ideas?


To change title of website you can try to change Site title in Dashboard -> Settings -> General (Maybe you’ve already changed that)

If you want to have more control on the title, you should edit bra_theme_functions.php
function brankic_titles()  

Not sure what’s the problem with graphs. It could be due to some plugin…

I changed titles in Theme Functions file and everything is fine now, Thankyou :)

Graphs was due to a conflicting plugin.

All is good now.

I just have the issue with the footer being stuck to the left with the boxed layout on my blog page now. Not sure how to fix this one.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Brankic

What is the best way to optimise the site for search engines?

For instance, does the theme support Yoast SEO?

Best regards


Hi Glenn,

You can use SEO plugin with our theme. But don’t expect magic – original and quality content is no 1 for SEO.

Hello, is it possible to make a new color which is not inclued in the color list?

Best regards


Hi Momot,

It’s possible, but it’s easier if you edit any of current color schemes.

It’s easy because each color scheme has it’s CSS file (wherre only color codes are). bigbangwp/css/colors/

I would like to add share buttoms to images on a page, is that possible.



Not out of box, but I’m sure there is such a plugin in WP Plugins directory…

Could you please instruct on the following wish list for the single portfolio pages? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See the sketch here ::

Thank you…Jay

Hi Jay,

It’s beyond our support. I can only guide you to edit single-portfolio_item.php and CSS declarations. Of course CSS knowledge is a must…

no worries. is there a simple way to have the next, prev, thumbnail icons float to the bottom of each single-portfolio.php with padding?

Yes you can do it, but you must have the same ammount of text on left hand side. Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
ul.item-nav {


I removed logo and logo2 with
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$("#logo, .logo2, link[rel='shortcut icon']").remove();

Can I add a text instead or the site title and tagline? Otherwise I have an empty space on the left, menu on the right, a division line and site title & tagline underneath.


You should delete this extra code and edit header.php (in bigbangwp root directory)