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Well I changed the code relative to the logo in the header.php and played with the relative css, but it would be nice to have an option in the settings.




Sorry, but your request is so unique (nobody else wanted the same), so I’m afraid it won’t be added into next update)

I bought this theme thinking that it came exactly as seen in the Live Preview but when I installed it, it was just a standard blog. May I have help on this subject?


Read the help file – Importing Demo Content section…

Hi, it’s me again. I wonder if you could help me figure this out.

How do I make a portfolio page sort by subcategories? I’ve got subcategories assigned to my items within a portfolio, but the menu that sorts items by subcategories – as I see in the live preview – doesn’t automatically appear.

You mention “filters” elsewhere in the help documentation, but I’m not sure I understand whether these are what I need, or whether those are different from the subcategories I’ve assigned to each item in the portfolio item’s edit view.

Also, is there a way to assign a specific order to the items I’ve added to the portfolio? Right now they appear in the order I’ve added them. I’d like to change that.

I agree with previous comments: ThemeForest should offer a search function for the comments page. I’m sure somebody else has had these problems in the past!

Sorry to have to bother you.


Hi Rebeca,

You have to organize portfolio items into categories (you’ve already did that), but every category must have the same parent. You have to select that parent category in portfolio shortcode and subcaetgories will appear as filters.

You have to change dates of portfolio items manually because they;re ordered by it’s date…

No worries about bothering – this is what I’m expecting from buyers (asking questions)

In your contact info page there the email that when I go over with the mouse turn red Can you send me the code to made this?

And also the code to make a Hiperlink to a specific url?

Thank you


Sorry but I don’t understand your question :(

Okay I finally figured out how to get the “Home” layout showing on the front page but now the “Recent Work” section isn’t visible. Is there a Cmd or on switch for this section?

It’s portfolio shortcode. Try to add border divider before portfolio shortcode…

Id like to add a PDF document downloadable when i click on Icon Boxes what should I change on this code to make it happen?

caption='TITLE' url='' icon='http://.....jpg' icon='http://....' target=’_self’]target=’_self’]

at moment it redirect me in blog page …

Thank you


check if URL is correct? May I see the URL?


Needed some help with the theme as some things are not working. I’ve sent you a pm.


Can you please help me and check why this is appearing?

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$post_name in /storage/content/88/105888/ on line 955


I can’t get the colour scheme to change – stays black on the highlight even though I’ve saved the changes as red.

Can you please help?

Thanks, Barry

Hi Barry – You have to use Appearance -> Menus -> Primary menu…

Hi, having trouble getting portfolios to appear on the home page. When I try to use the ‘portfolio’ tab from the brankic item in the toolbar nothing happens. I’ve checked the basic help docs and FAQ but can’t find anything about this, any ideas?

Hi I bought this theme a while ago and one thing I’ve never been able to work out is how to make the headers on 2 columns align properly. A great example is here

It should be simple but I always struggle to do it within this theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Chris,

You can update the theme ( ) or remove any empty space/line break from shortcodes (in Text editor)

Hi ~

Our site is up and live! Everyone loves it thank you so much for a GREAT template. For some reason though I cannot get the home page feature image slider to work. When I add an extra image it places it within the page and it does not work as a slider. Any help would be awesome as to what I am doing wrong.

Thanks!!!! Lauren

Ha Lauren,

May I see the URL?

I can’t seem to add a youtube video to a portfolio item. I add a simple link and it appears on the left, instead of on the right where I want it! I tried using the code in the video url box…


but that didn’t work either…


May I see the URL?

What’s the URL of the page with this issue?

I will use the portfolio for an ART gallery so I was wondering: Is there a way on the portfolio Item description (that appear when mouse over) to set a H1 H2 title and simply make appear text as list for example:

Size …... Year …... Code …....

Thank you


Hi Mark,

Screenshot with your request would help me to understand your request 100%

Hey, Thank you for such great support on this theme.

I am trying to make it possible to see the icons I have below the homepage slider visible without having to scroll down. The icons are the “About” “Grooming” and “Dog Hotel” icons. I cropped the 5th picture in the slider down to 960×400 as you said to test it. It gets it closer, but the icons are still not visible without scrolling down.

Is there a way I can shrink the whitespace down on the top areas as well as inside the icon area? I really want to make the colorful icons visible without needing to scroll down. I am afraid if I crop the pictures down any more, the pictures are going to lose their value and look out of place.

Please let me know. The website is below. Thanks in advance – Zach

Hi, Just thought I’d be a bit clearer about the problem I posted about a few hours ago. It appears as though some of the Brankic shortcodes aren’t working, when I click on them nothing happens. I was trying to get all the portfolios to appear on one page as on the demo. I’m on a mac and have tried safari,chrome and firefox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi (again)

I just found out how to solve the shortcodes problem by chance scanning through posts about other problems on mac. Turned out its as easy as downloading the latest version of this theme.

thanks anyway

Hi there, two more questions.

1) Where can I find the variable that determines the speed of the automatic slide show? Is it in style.css? Or is that a function of prettyPhoto.js? Can I just edit that file, or is there another way to control it?

2) I want to have the portfolio info overlay boxes behave more like the Icon boxes; specifically, I want the user to be able to click anywhere in the portfolio info box and be taken to the relevant portfolio item page. I don’t particularly need the Magnifying Glass/Chain Link icons.

To control slider on the top of the page, you’ll have to edit (near the end of the file are settings for page/post/portfolio slider)

You can do it only if you disable hover in portfolio shortcode.

There is a gap above “Recent Work” as seen here…

Any idea how I can remove it? I’ve been fiddling with the code for ages, but can’t close the gap…

It looks like some of your plugins is making the mess (as I can see in the source)

Hi - I love this template. I need some help – my skill level is somewhere between novice and intermediate. My site is: Here is what is happening:

1) I tried editing the contact page in editor (page-contact-2.php), so that instead of the button saying “send us a mail” it would say “send us a message”. Now my whole contact page is messed up, and I get this error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’?’ in /home/cstevens/public_html/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/page-contact-2.php on line 80

2) I don’t understand where “Recent Work” lives (home page). I see the short code for it, but I don’t know how to associate my recent work – that is to say, I want to pick which project I populate those with.

Thanks so much. Carolyn

Hi Brankic - Thanks for your response. I am so sorry to be a pain. :( 1) I was very careful just to replace the text “mail” with “message” and not change or delete the code. What I need to know is how to restore it so it works. Can I go into original zip file, open the php file, then copy and paste? I don’t want to mess it up more. 2) I understand portfolio short codes – that is not the issue. I need to know how to get the projects I want to show up in “Recent Work”. Looking at your sample, it doesn’t seem to be purely by post date… Unless I am missing it somehow.

Thanks again. It really is a beautiful theme! <3 Carolyn.


1) Yes, this is exactly what you have to do.

2) Portfolio posts must be organized in categories. You have to choose category you want to show…

Thank you! Have a happy week. :D