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The sharing option on portfolio Item editing menus seem to be not working… Each time I uncheck it and click update it rechecks itself. Is there a problem with that?



Not sure why this happens. You can remove sharing options from portfolio single post if you edit single-portfolio_item.php and delete
include("") ;  


I want to disable only responsive to an image in a page.

How do I have to?



May I see the page where problem with responsiveness occur?

This is what I get…

Welcome to the home of To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory Date Created: Mon Feb 4 19:06:56 2013

Hello. Is there a way to disable the lightbox enlargements on the portfolio? I basically want to have only the link to the details page showing, no lightbox enlargements or the button for enlarging. Thanks.


It’s very easy. Just add this code to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

Hey there, I am really stumped and spent hrs trying to figure it out on my own.

1. How can I put a .mov file onto a single portfolio item page? The video is not on the internet anywhere, just from my hard drive and is only 4kb so size isn’t the issue. The .mov is uploaded to my media. When I get it placed, the Quicktime logo with an exclamation point over it, indicating it is not found. Something about additional html code and iFrame?

2. Is it possible to make the hover color transparent to see some of the image behind?

3. How do I modify the links of the arrow and grid button on single portfolio pages? It takes the user to a empty page instead of back to the 3 column page of items where I want.

Thank you for any help!!!


1. Is URL valid? Maybe your browser doesn’t have plugin for MOV files?

2. Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info-overlay {
  background: rgba(249, 110, 91, 0.5);
(4th value is opacity)

3. For each portfolio item you have to define parent page. It’s the last option in Brankic Custom Fields below the editor

Thank you for the response, 2 and 3 are fixed. Still having issues with getting that video to show up. I tried Safari and Firefox. I am not sure if I have the right URL. I took it from the File URL on the individual media page. Not sure if that is right. Can you explain the process?


Please post here the URL so i could test it myself…

I bought this theme and have my site nearly complete ( A couple quick questions:

1.) How do I get the copyright info on the bottom to appear? Also, how do I edit the copyright text as well as add social media buttons in the footer section?

2.) How do I change the color when I hover over a portfolio item or an item on my homepage in the Recent Work section? I’d like to remove the pinkish color from every aspect of my site.

3.) is there an easy way to change the order of the menu items? They are in alphabetical order and I would like to change this.

Thanks, Kyle

Great Theme, a few pre purchase questions:

To ge the site working as is, are there any additional 3rd party plugins that need to be purchased?

Is there a limit to the number of picture slides?

On the top area that i would guess is the page message, if there is no text, are two lines shown or is one of the lines removed?

Thanks for your time.


1. No plugins for main functionality. Included in theme are widgets you can see in footer…

2. You can set as many slides as you want…

3. It can be adjusted with Extra CSS – I’m providing free support on this issue…

Hi. I have configured the site to mirror the live demo following help file but can’t seem to add Portfolio Items to either the Homepage or a Portfolio Page (Items as Circles)

Know this is probably straightforward, but can’t seem to figure.

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon,

Insert again portfolio shortcode and choose right category…

Hi Brankic, We would like to add a language switcher plugin (Polylang) to the website. Polylang adds the switcher in the widget area, however we would like to have that switcher more visible, in the header. Would it be possible to assign another widget area in the header or under it? Or would you have other suggestions for language switching? Thanks in advance.


Sorry, but there is no header sidebar.

My language switching solution: install WordPress into 2 folders on your hosting. Manage these 2 instances of WP like separate sites (with different languages). In Primary menu add custom link to another language version.

I hope this makes sense…


Is there a way that I can attach images uploaded via the Media Library to a page so that display in a photostream format like they do when uploaded as portfolio items?



Sorry, but there’s no such an option :(

Hello. Most of my images are portrait format so appear enormous on the single item portfolio post. The “twin” presentation you offer as an option is not appropriate. Is there a simple way I can resize the image width in a portfolio post? Best wishes, Alice


Only solution is to customize image on your computer before uploading. Add canvas to the left and right hand side. I know this is not perfect solution, but if you don’t like twin option, I don’t see any other solution…

I, in the portfolio page I would like to move arrows navigation at the top of the page. You can help me? _



It’s not possible out of box. You can try to edit single-portfolio_item.php and move UL element with class “item-nav” to the top…

Hi, I’m having problems activating full-width contact page. The map is too narrow and the button “send us a mail” doesn’t work. Do you know what’s wrong..? Thanks


On some devices there are bugs on this layout. Please use normal layout (like you do right now) until we find solution for all devices. What device you’re using?

chrome on imac.

We (still) don’t have Mac, so sorry, but we can’t help you :(


Thank you for a lovely and dynamic theme.

I have 2 portfolios on my website.

One is called “Sort by Design” (which has brand / web / print etc categories) The other called “Sort by Business” (which has food and drink / retail / industry)

This was the best way I could think of filtering the projects for the user to view how they want.

The problem is that if the viewer goes:

Home > Sort by Design > Project > and then clicks the “All” button (in between next and previous) they are then taken back to Sort by Business

How can I resolve this so that the viewer is taken back to the section they actually started with?

Thank you in advance



For each portfolio item you have to define parent – this is last option in Brankic Custom Fields below the editor.

I hope this makes sense…

Thank you for your response.

This could work, and I get what it is doing, but the problem is that the items appear in both portfolios.

What will happen here then, is that a user could potentially be in the Business category (on a project which also features in the Creative category) and click All and be taken to Creative instead of back to Business

It would be better if that button could take the user back to the page they were last on.

Thank you



It’s not logical. what if the user click on Next/Prev. In that case back button will lead it to item previously viewed. In your case, there is no easy solution (unless you create twin posts with different parents)

Hi there,

I haven’t got any answer… With the new version of wordpress when I select the main image, not in the post and does not appear in the blogroll. How do I have to? Are you planning to upgrade your version?

May I see the URL?

Topic: Icon Boxes

I have been searching for information on how to change the images in icon boxes on the home page. I would like to add additional icons to choose from in the short code drop down box. Would you be able to point me in the direction of where to add those?


You have to add new images to bigbangwp/images/icons/ (via FTP or file manager on your hosting)

Topic: Ignore above question.

I found the answer! Thanks. :)

Hey! amazing theme! I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

1. I am getting this weird bug, it happens the majority of the time, if you click on one of the 4 boxes “food, inspiration, nutrition, shop” instead of taking you to the link I gave, this happens, like its trying to open an image:

This also happens with slides in the slider that have a link attached to them.

2. – Is there a way to make it so that the entire box/circle is clickable to take you to the link instead of having to click the title or little link button? Same thing with the 4 boxes on the homepage.

3. – Here, in the category, the youtube videos do not show, but in the main blog that shows all they do:

How can I get the music category to display the videos same way as main archive?

Thank you so much!

I think I’ve gave you an answer via email…


Thanks for your theme ! It’s one of the best structured and designed theme I’ve installed. Quick question about icons. chemestry.png / img.png /pen.png / writing.png => They’re nice and I was wondering if there were part of wider collection ? Or did you make them ? I would need 4 more… Thanks for your help ! Chiara

Hi Chiara,

You have to upload new icons to bigbangwp/images/icons. You can do it via FTP, or with file manager in your hosting. If you know how to handle PSD file, here is our free icon set (mentioned by @smashingmag )

I’m trying to figure out how to put a music playlist of my albums on my website. I’m currently using MediaElement.js, and I love the simplicity of it, but it would look better and even simpler if all the tracks could be in a playlist. Is there a way to do this?


You’ll have to use some audio plugin…

Hi – I am using the Portfolio shortcode however when using the four images from the demo site they appear to big and the fourth appears on the second row (when using Square, Circle is fine).

How do I change this? Thanks again


You can’t choose columns if you’re using shapes.