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Might be a dumb question, but for the life of me I CANNOT figure out where the blog is! Isn’t there usually a default ”/blog” page created? When I make a new post there is no parent “blog” page so I’m rather confused.

And unfortunately I can’t search through the comments here to see if this question was already answered :(

Thank you!


If you created post in some category – bringing that category to the menu – blog layout is applied.

But if you have page and category with same slug (and if you’re using last permalink structure) some issues may occur.

Another way to create blog page is to create page, choose layout and category…

I hope that makes sense…

Hmm, so it doesn’t automatically include the slug /blog/ like other themes? I just want a page where you can see all of the blog posts. In order to do this I need to put them all in the same category and add that category to the menu?


this is the proper solution for this theme.

If you’re well organized you’ll keep all posts in some categories…

I have a weird line of text at the bottom of my post and individual portfolio item pages. I am using the BigBang theme. The line of text looks like this:

/---------- COMMENT FORM CODE-----------/jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(”.comment-list li”).addClass(“comment”); $(”#comment-form”).addClass(“form”); $(”#comment-form #submit”).addClass(“submit”); $(”#reply-title”).addClass(“title”); $(”#reply-title”).after(“

Make sure you fill in all mandatory fields.

“) });

Can you tell me what is causing this? You can see it at


In Extra JavaScript you can have only JavaScript (not HTML JavaScript opening and closing tags)

That was it. forgot to remove it. Thanks!


How can I remove the favicon icon? Leave the field empty? Thanks Valerio

The best way to do this is to delete it directly in header.php (Appearance -> Editor)
<!-- Favicon -->
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo stripslashes(get_option(BRANKIC_VAR_PREFIX.'favicon')); ?>" />

Hi. First, I love the template. Excellent job!!

I have a problem with separating two portfolios; Professional Portfolio and Art Portfolio.

What happen is that when I explore through my Art Portfolio items… the three buttons in the portfolio item page; prev, back to portfolio gallery and next. The second button takes me to the Professional Portfolio gallery.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in adv. Matt


Location of second button (grid like) has to be defined manually for each portfolio item. This can be set below the editor (last option in Brankic Custom Fields)


For some reason, when I click on the portfolio button within an actual portfolio item (the square thing between the two arrows) it takes me to a random page on the site. Is there a way to fix that so it goes back to the main portfolio page? I can’t seem to figure out why it would do that. the site is Thanks.


URL of this button has to be defined manually for each portfolio item. This can be set below the editor (last option in Brankic Custom Fields)


I have a question before I purchase this theme. Is it possible to integrate a “love/like” button when hovering over an image? Now when hovering over an image I can see two thumbnails – the search & link button. Can I integrate a heart button with a “love/like” count and when I click it it instantly updates the likes? Something like the pluging “Zillalikes”.


It’s not possible out of box. Custom modification is necessary and we’re not providing support on these kind of issues…

Hi Brankic.

I did not want to re-post, but I’ve not heard back from you in a week. I’ve tried to resolve the issues on my own so many times but I’m still not getting anywhere. I posted letting you know this a week ago and then again 3 days ago as a reminder. I bought the template on the basis that it would have certain functions (that we discussed before me buying) for my business site. I appreciate you’re very busy and I see other posters have been replied to since my request so maybe I’ve been missed by mistake.


On showing blog posts in Masonry style You said:

2. On new page insert Brankic Shortcode -> Portfolio and choose your blog category. If featured images have different proportions masonry style will be used.

My Blog page (assigned as blog page in wordpress Reading Settings) has portfolio shortcode inserted. In the shortcode settings-Category To Show, I’ve set the blog type options to my category (which I’ve called Posts). All blog posts are assigned to my Posts category.

My current Shortcode is:

[bra_portfolio title=’’ cat_id=’1’ no=’-1’ show_filters=’yes’ columns=’4’ shape=’’ height=’’ hover=’yes’]

Once saved I’ve changed the Blog Category in the Bracknic custom fields to match that in the shortcode. (Again in this case, Blog Category is “Posts”) I’ve also tried changing the templates in page attributes and the Blog Page Posts are still showing in the traditional blog style not Masonry. (Please see settings screenshot: )

On my issue of not getting a blog sidebar you said:

2. In Brankic Panel -> Blog you can choose to show/hide sidebars on blog page and blog single pages…

I have changed the options on the Blog Page to show sidebar, inserted widgets and I still don’t have a side bar showing. (Please see screenshot )

Finally, in the main portfolio I’ve found an issue. This can be seen here:

The landscape/portrait images size differently which looks odd when a mix of the two are in the same portfolio. Also the image navigation arrows always hang at the bottom of the screen if a portrait image is used. This can be very confusing as if a portfolio starts with a landscape image followed by a portrait one the viewer cannot see the arrows and has to scroll to the out of site bottom of the page to find them.

Please help! As I said, I bought this in good faith having contacting you about the above before purchasing. If I’m able to send you my log in details that would be great. I’m trying to get this site up for business reasons so its a big priority for me.

Best Regards,


Hi Nick,

I think I’ve answered all of your questions. If not, please repost it here…

Hi Help Most of the BigBang shortcodes stopped working i tried to reinstall the theme – not allowed so failed? please can you assist urgently Kind regards Paul Leisegang


Reinstalling should work after cache is cleared.

Hi! Thanks for making this great theme. Everything seems to be okay – but I can’t get embedded videos from Vimeo and YouTube to appear in blog posts. They work in portfolio fine. I wondered what I might be doing wrong. Cheers.

Are you using Brankic Custom Field – Video URL? It should work. May I see the URL?

Yeah I am. The video URL is – it also doesn’t appear in portfolio posts either. This YouTube video does, though:

Second question if you don’t mind: Is there any way to move the portfolio image navigation arrows from the bottom to the top of the picture? (and perhaps make them transparent to be less intrusive?) In portrait, they are lost off the bottom fo the page and for users – it then appears as though the buttons on the left which navigate through portfolios are for the slideshow nav.


This Vimeo URL is working just fine : Maybe you have some plugin which is in conflict with some of our video functions.

To move arrows to the top, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.flex-direction-nav li .prev, .flex-direction-nav li .next{
  top: 0;

Hi. Still love the theme – great work. I’ve a problem with the 4 icon boxes (beneath slider) on my home page. They are not acting properly (responsive) – mainly when displaying in portrait on iPad. Rather than reducing in size they display 2 above 2. I’ve tried turning off all plugins and it still doesn’t correct itself. I’m running WordPress 3.5.1 and your theme Version 1.7.5. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help. (my site is


You’ve added Extra CSS for icon boxes, but not for all screen widths (this is why it’s not responsive).

Check the end of css/style.css to see how to use media queries…

Many thanks – now fixed

Hello, In a portfolio item page, if you use images with different heights, the two arrows for flicking through the images, are not sticking to the bottom of images. This is not happening in normal Pages, where the arrows stick correctly. Thanks.


If you’re using slide effect – this happens. To change slide to fade, open Appearance -> Editor -> and near the end of file are settings for portfolio post slider…

Is there a way to have only 2 icon boxes rather than the four you have on the demo homepage below the slider? I have tried adding this to Extra JavaScript but it does not work—the icon boxes are too wide to fit next to each other.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(””).removeClass(“row4”).addClass(“row2”); })

Thanks in advance.


Add this too
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
$(" li:last").addClass("last");

Can you send me a modelo on how to make links target= “_blank” in the “extra images” feature?



Add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { 
$(".slides a").attr("target", "_blank").removeAttr("data-rel");


A wonderful design. We needed to change our blog design until the project was 100% operational and was a great find.

thanks :) Team

I’ve purchased this theme and it’s beautiful, but I’m having two issues. 1. Regular pages are missing pagination so when I add the next page shortcode, it does break up the page but it does not show page #’s 1,2,3, etc. with links. This is a theme issue as I had this site on another theme and it worked fine. My developer hacked this a bit, but I’d like this to look like it does in the blog pages..

Second issue is that the images in the blog (set for blog 2) but in fact for any blog post, the featured image shows up huge (even thought the featured images themselves are smaller.

I need to decide if this template is going to work or not for my clients so any assistance you can give is appreciated. (In fact, if you need to charge me to get this done, I’m fine on that—just need to get working.)



I’ve never worked with next page functionality. I’ve added this to my post-it, and I’ll learn about that in next few days – thanks for pointing this out.

You have to crop image to 600×200 (or similar proportion). Featured image is always 100% wide.

ps: We’re not available for any theme customization. We’re providing support for free (but only for things you can see on our Live preview) I hope this makes sense…

Hello Brankic,

Could you please let me know how to change the featured slide show to a normal scroll down images on the single portfolio page?

This is the demo of your page, the right side is like a slide show: Here is a example that what I want:

I really just want the folio images show up vertically one by one. Would you be able to show me how to change the code?



Try to delete from (Appearance -> Editor)
        animation: "slide",  
        slideDirection: "horizontal",  
        slideshow: true,              
        slideshowSpeed: 3500,      
        animationDuration: 500,
        directionNav: true, 
        controlNav: false          

How can I add a gallery to my blog posts without it taking over the feature image. Once I have different sized images in a slide show the whole blog landing page start jumping like crazy (if you have many blog posts).

Thank you for a great theme!

Not sure if I understand your request.

ps: Please use your purchase account when asking questions…

I can’t seem to get the lightbox effect in pages (simple pages with static content with photos and descriptions). Right now, the photos open in their own page, when they should open in lightbox.

If I use the javascript extra you posted, then the slider on the home page does not link to the pages they need to.

Try this: Click on the image, click on Edit Image icon, go to Advanced settings and in Link Rel add prettyPhoto[]

That fixed it! Thank you so much.

Hi. I am using the hexagon portfolio option but the portfolio images include a white background so the pictures blur into the background. Is it possible to add a slight gray border to the image to make it stand out a bit more? Thanks in advance.


You should try to edit bigbangwp/images/mask-hexagon.png…

Thanks! That worked!

Is it possible on the front page to have the 4 latest blog posts (with thumbnail photos) instead of the 4 icons beneath the slider?


You can use portfolio shortcode and choose blog category…