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Hello There. I am having trouble with the blog page. The list of posts are showing up correctly, but when you click “continue reading” [for the full post], the page re-directs to a completely different page. I have been trying to fix this for a while, but cannot get it to open up the full post.

See what I am talking about:


this is very weird. Try to disable all plugins to see if some of them is making this mess…

Hi -

The contact form that you have does not seem to work. When we submit the form we are receiving a “Email server problem” message. Are there settings somewhere we need to configure for the email server? How can we fix this? We are not using recaptcha as it was also causing issues.

Thank you,


Is everything on Brankic Panel -> Contact customized right?

I am considering purchasing this template, but need to know if you are able to create two portfolio sections/tabs. I have a site that has two major categories that need to be split up.



You can have as many as you want portfolio pages. Portfolio items are organized into categories so with smart category organizing you can have almost anything you want :)

Hey there, what is the best way to add my own icons to the brankic social media widget? thanks


Easiest way is to replace existing icons with your own…

Quite simply nothing is working on the site, even when I reset to default..

Can’t click any of the menus on the left even though there is content there ?

As I can see now you’re using some other theme. Really not sure what was causing your issue – nobody else reported similar issue…

A quick question. Is there any way to remove the spaces before a list like on the following page:

I’ve tried many different css solutions – but nothing seems to work the way I’d hoped. I need to remove the line breaks after SO WAIT< WHAT DO YOU DO? as well as WE DESIGN FOR.

Thanks. any help would be greatly appreciated…Jay

Hi Jay,

This is because of margin around titles. Lists don’t have top margin

I’m having quite a bit of “User error” with my template. I’ve tried to figure it out on my own but I can’t seem to do it. Here are just a few problems I’m having:

1) I have no slider on my home page. How do I get this there?

2) Are there instructions for how to create the portfolio? I can’t figure out how to set up the portfolio pages with different categories and I also can’t figure out how to create thumbnails for each entry.

3) My contact form doesn’t work. When I type in the fields and click “submit” the form resets but an email doesn’t send.

4) How do I get rid of the “home” title on the home page?


I also am having problems with my BLOG.

I can’t get “blog category” “blog tags” or “comments” to work on my Blog’s main page or on any of the posts.

Here is the address:

I got “blog category” and “blog tags” to work but still can’t get the “comments” to show up. thanks.


I know it’s stupid to ask, but are comments enabled in your WordPress dashboard?

Also, check if there is some kind of plugin disabler…

^ I answered #4 myself. thanks.

I have tried to follow the help file and have most of the site set up like the preview. However i can not get recent items to show up on the home page. In fact i can not get a single portfolio item to show up anywhere?


Do you have your portfolio/blog items organized in categories?

Insert Brankic Shortcode – Portfolio and choose category with your items…

Hello There. I am having trouble with the Big Bang blog page. The list of posts are showing up correctly, but when you click “continue reading” [for the full post], the page re-directs to a completely different page. I have been trying to fix this for a while, but cannot get it to open up the full post. See what I am talking about:

Same answer – check your plugins…

Hello! I’m 1 step away from buying your theme. I just need to know if I can have a video instead of the slideshow on this homepage Thanks! jp


You can embed video anywhere on the page. You can’t have video in slider.

I’m very interested in purchasing this team but I have a few concerns. 1. Is there another method of help or feedback aside from this comment page? 2. This is my first attempt at wordpress for a small business, are there very helpful instructions/tutorials for this theme someone like me can follow?


Sorry for late answer.

1. Help is provided only through ThemeForest comments page and email form on our profile page (here on ThemeForest)

2. If you haven’t used WP before, I’m not sure it’s the smartest move to use premium theme. It’s not that hard, but I’m an expert on WP so my opinion isn’t relevant :)

Hi i have a CSS question. i’ve looked all through the code, and i cannot figure out how to change the color on the portolio hover state, for the subtitle. Where it displays the category for that particular portfolio item.

any chance you can help?


For all CSS issues I suggest to use Inspect Element feature in Firefox/Chrome.

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info h4, .item-info-overlay h4 {
  color: #99ff44;

Hi, how can I increase the padding between widgets? I find is I use multiple widgets in a footer area, there is not a very big gap between them.


These are CSS declarations you’ll have to change (add them to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel)
.one-fourth {
  width: 22%;
  margin-right: 4%;

Hi, I’d like to remove the link icon from the portfolio thumbnail hover state and just keep the magnifying glass (but put it where the link icon was). Is this possible?


Add this to Extra CSS (in Brankic Panel)
.view {display:none;}
.preview {right:0px;}

hi, somehow my responsive plugin “parallax wp slider” destroys the real “responsiveness” – it fits BUT on iphone i can move left and right ^^any one with the same problem? is there a solution? (fixing a stable responsive with that slider)


Sorry, but we can’t tweak conflicts with 3rd party plugins :(

Hi! I purchased this and the portfolio looks nice. One question though: is there any (easy) way to let some of the portfolio items span across more than one column in the portfolio view? Thanks for giving me some pointers!


thanks for purchasing, but there is no easy (there is always hard way, but not sure at all how to do this) way :(

Great, wonderfull theme, I’m using it here:

One question: as I wish to keep all content on just one page: on hoovering a portfolio item, the title, category, excerpt, link to pop-up for video (magnifier) and link to single page (chain) show up.

How do I remove the link behind the title, remove the category and remove the image with link to single page (chain), please ? All I want to be linked on hoovering is the magnifier (with pop-up).

If you could just point me out to the right file, I might want to try and play with it, to better understand it. Thanks !

To remove chain icon, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.view {display:none;}
.preview {right:0px;}
As I can see you’ve already did it, so you can tell the others how did you disable URL in the title (I know several ways, but I’m interested in yours)

go to includes/bra_shortcodes.php change this:

if ($shape != "")  $html .= '';
else $html .= '<div class="col' . $columns . ' item-info"><h3 class="title"><a href="' . $permalink . '">' . $title . '</a></h3></div>';
if ($shape != "") $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h3 class="title"><a href="' . $permalink . '">' . $title . '</a></h3><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';
else $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';  

into this:

if ($shape != "")  $html .= '</pre></div>';
else $html .= '<div class="col' . $columns . ' item-info"><h3 class="title">' . $title . '</h3></div>';
 if ($shape != "") $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h3 class="title">' . $title . '</h3><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';
else $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div>';   

This is good solution, but be aware that “normal” update will remove this modification. So when you change something this way (directly in the code), you’ll have to update the theme, but not changed files…

hi Brankic1979, Great theme. great job. I have two questions:

1) For the portfolio section, is it possible to make the entire hover area clickable??? 2) I want to put my phone number and email on the top above the menu how can i edit that?? Thanks :D


1) No, we think there are already enough places to click (and it’s not easy to wrap whole area with A tag because there are a lots of CSS and jQuery there)

2) You’ll have to edit header.php or you can try to find such a plugin…


I can’t make grid work. I copied the sample tag :

href="">\\\\ \\[/bra_grid]

It is not showing anything on the page or post.


Don’t copy sample shortcode, use Brankic Shortcode button and add shortcode yourself…

Thanks … Or while copying I have to paste the code in text view are…it worked that way.