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I have this error:

Not found The requested URL /jquery-1.6.3.min.js was not found on this server.

Why?? Could you held me?


Sorry, but you’ll have to use your purchase account when asking questions.

ps: Check your plugins – one of them is outdated…


Love the theme. Is there a way to have a slider and a custom background on the same page? Need to know ASAP.

Thank you!


I’m sure it worked, but now it doesn’t. I’ve already put this issue on my post-it and I’ll try to fix it in next update…

Hello. I see in the FAQ how to apply lightbox to a single photo, but how do I apply it to a gallery? Thanks.

Try to add this to Extra JavaScript in Brankic Panel
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
$("img").parent("a").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto[]");


Thanks for the great theme. Could you let me know how do I change the footer left font?

Thanks Mike

To change the font in the footer, you have to use Extra CSS with proper declaration. First find the ID og the widget used in left footer sidebar and after that add something like this to Extra CSS (in Brankic Panel)
#WIDGET_ID {font-family: new_font_family;}

thank you sir

I would like to place my logo in the centre, and have the menu centralised below it, rather than the logo on the left and menu on the right.

What css code would I need to enter to do this?



It’s not easy at all and we’re not providing support on this kind of issue.

Youc an try to play around Inspect Element feature of Firefox/Chrome but you must have basic CSS knowledge…

hi, nice theme :) can I use a screenshot of the live preview for the preview of a tablet & phone mockup im creating ? In return i´d credit your theme in the desciption. Looking forward to your reply.

Sure, go ahead :)

Hi Brankic, my client asked me if I can make a little change in the homepage, where “recent work” is displayed. She’d like to get rid of “view” and “preview” buttons so that all the area is a big button linked to the portfolio item page. Is it possible?


You can use hover=”no” in the portfolio shortcode to have similar effect.

However, making whole hover area clickable is not possible :(


here is my new site using BIGBANG.


Nice one.

Keep up the good work…

Hello, is there a way to add the social share icons shown in posts to the pages as well?

There are a lots of plugins for that purpose. If you want to dig deep into theme, go to Appearance -> Editor -> page.php and add
    include("") ; 
somewhere after
ps: wrap it with DIV with class “one”...

Hey, Working with bigbang and having problems with incorporating slider in the boxed homepage style… when switched to stretched the slider appears.. what am i missing here?


I’ve just tested on my Live preview, and slider appears just fine on both boxed and stretched layout…

I would like to add a bar of color center the H2 text on this page. How can I do that?

So where it says, “connecting point,” “group link” etc….I just want to put some orange behind it if that makes sense.


this makes sense, but we’re not providing support on these kind of CS modification, sorry :(

How can I make one of the entry boxes bigger?

For instance on this entry form, I’d like to make the box that says “leave a story” taller than it is so people can leave a longer story.


You have to use Texarea, not Text for that field…

Hi – I’m trying to create my portfolio page with sortable categories (most likely as a 4 or 3 column grid vs. circle or hexagon) but the shortcode pop-up window won’t show up – it reads “Javascript void” when I click any of the shortcode options fromt eh drop-down list. I’m assuming this is an error on my end – I’ve tried enabling pop-ups and javascript but nothing is working. Could you supply my with the basic html so I can make headway in the timebeing? Any ideas on fixes would be awesome as well – thanks!


On our Live preview you can see all HTML

Hi I tried to import the xml file but it wouldn’t let me. It says it has failed to install fonts…all whole bunch of things… Can you send me the correct xml file? Let me know


Correct XML file is included. Try to download again file…

Issue resolved…


I would like the portfolio pages to look just like the standard pages, is this possible? I don’t need the buttons linking back to the portfolio page or any other feature that it has, but I would like to utilize the full with when viewing a specific project. Thanks for the help!



you can use normal posts for portfolio. Portfolio shortcode allows normal categories and custom portfolio categories.

So answer is positive :)

Don’t you handle your support items? Left a question four days ago—noticing pages of unanswered questions….

4 days isn’t that long :)

There is a delay in our support ‘cause of home renovation…

ps: Authors are in no way obliged to provide support to their customers here on Envato marketplaces.

OK-It’s now 12 days-sorry a bit long to be waiting for an answer. Question still not answered. I would have been willing to pay for support but your theme did not work properly. I find you saying you’re not obliged for support to be a mistake—I’m a developer and couldn’t do that for my customers but I understand if that is how you work, just be honest about it and say I don’t support my work.


theme is working properly (otherwise it won’t be approved).

Please ask question here…

ps: I can’t find email from your username (laurabetterly) in my Inbox…


I figured our the grid issue … Now there is another issue… I have installed Sociable and it uses images for closing the dialog and for showing more sharing details and the issue is that the theme is trying to pop up and zoom these images on click. Is there a way to make it ignore specific images …


Sorry, but we’re not providing support on 3rd party plugins…

Hi, i have big problems start using BigBang theme. I have installed it and everything seems to work but there are several functions that does not work at all. Please help!

- I cannot customize the theme in >Apperance >Customize. I only see the headlines (Site Title & Tagline, Navigation…etc) but the rest is just blank. - I cannot upload media. Nothing happens when i click that button. - I have no toolbox at all when I write a post and the text I write is white.

I feels like something big is wrong and affects different parts of function?

Things I have tried to do: - Updated Flash - Reload page - Activate and deactivated plug-ins. - Installed Option Tree plug-in - Re-installed WP.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Anna,

This theme isn’t compatible with Appearance -> Customize.

To customize the theme you have to use Brankic Panel


I had to unpack the first zip file and upload the zip file inside. Sorry for my stupidity. :$

Greets Remco