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For some reason when I create Team Members using the shortcodes, the first two team members get bunched together (i.e., there is no space between them – solid gray background). what am I doing wrong?

May I see the shortcode and URL of the page with this shortcode?

you can see the spacing issue at the bottom – Those Who Kicked:

her 18-year design career, Jody has created just about everything from advertising to physical products to R&D for over 300 companies. Jody is also a practicing artist represented by Mercury20 Gallery in Oakland, CA, with an MFA in Painting and Design & Technology from the San Francisco Art Institute. She’s a key collaborator with the art crew FiveTonCrane, and builds robots and rockets in her spare time.[/bra_team_member]
has worked as a project manager and producer in the digital space for over ten years managing ad campaigns and site redesigns and builds for clients such as Comcast, Pepsi, ASA, Bank of America, L'Oreal and the LA Times. Chrissy holds a B.A in English from Penn State University and in her spare time is a potter, rock climber and yogi.
Alan Rorie is a designer, artist and scientist whose work focuses on the intersection between science, art and education. Alan received a Ph.D in Neuroscience from Stanford University. He has also been fellow at The Exploratorium, and a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and New York University .


McPherson is a writer and editor who happens to be ridiculously organized. It is her mission to infuse a little East Coast directness into her West Coast interactions.


worked in Chicago, San Francisco and Milan, Emily brings over 13 years of industrial design consultancy experience, consisting of creative and technical development of house-wares, electronics, toys, and package innovation. [/bra_team_member]
is a writer, video-maker and compulsive knitter. She enjoys singing with her children, and contemplating the flashing vicissitudes of human emotion.[/bra_team_member]
is a Bay Area native who's managed to live all over the world. He's been obsessed with design from an early age and is always looking for backpacking and baby gear that is lighter and smaller. He was once named the East Bay's "Most Mixologically Adept Bartender." [/bra_team_member]
spent over 15 years in the video game industry, including leading the game engineering teams for Electronic Arts’ game Spore and building the massively multiplayer games Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Asheron’s Call at Turbine. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Brown University.[/bra_team_member]
started her design career at the circus¬–quite literally–at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. Her 15 year career led her to Kicker Studio to do amazingly similar work as managing director. She is the proud owner of a very anxious pitbull. [/bra_team_member]
is a seasoned coder and aspiring industrial designer. He hopes to eventually retire to a life of leisure as a conceptual artist living somewhere with a temperate climate and no mosquitos.[/bra_team_member]
is rsneight Design. Running the gamut of disciplines, Jay’s portfolio encompasses metal, glass, fire, ink, photography, found objects, web and graphic design, event management, music and performance – twisting sculpture into visual and tactile emblems of life.[/bra_team_member]

There is a problem if you don’t have 4 team members in each line. Is there a way to add 4th team member to the row with 3 of them?

For some reason when I create Team Members using the shortcodes, the first two team members get bunched together (i.e., there is no space between them – solid gray background). what am I doing wrong?

Have you fixed this?

not yet. see above.

Is there a way to force cropping of the images in the Extra Image 1, 2, 3, etc?


No, you have to crop images yourself before uploading..

Hi I posted this before but I really need a solution to fix my client page. I only need to display the images in a grid and no need for hover and hyperlink.

-The images currently bunch together when the page is loaded.

It looks you’ve fixed this. There is no need to use grid shortcode if you only need images. You can use columns shortcode…

I’ve a question about multi-image behavior on a blog category page; I’ll use your demo page to illustrate the issue. When you’re using blog settings 3 ( the multi-image sliders do not behave the same way they do with other settings (1,2,4,5,6). When you click on one of the images within the slider – it’s supposed to open this image in a pop-up, but it doesn’t when you use setting 3. Is it just a bug or you intended it to work this way? How can it be fixed? Also is there a way to change the image behavior for multi-image post sliders? For example I wanted to set it up so when you’re on a blog category page (, for example) and you click on one of the images within a multi-image slider – it will go to the post page instead of expanding the image. Once you’re on the post page and click on the images then it will expand. Does it make sense? Another scenario would be to have a single image representing a post on the blog category page, but when you follow the link and go to the post page there will be a multi-image slider. Is that possible. I know it’s a lot of questions, would really appreciate your help with that.


You’re right. Sliders should behave the same in all layouts. It’s on my post-it for next update… (

It’s not that easy to change behaviour of slider. In fact, it’s not that hard but it takes time :( You should try to hire freelancer to play around with file…


I figured out how to change the following, when hoovering over portfolio image, so let me share that with you.

- delete the category and link behind title to single post page go to includes/bra_shortcodes.php change this:

if ($shape != "")  $html .= '';
else $html .= '<div class="col' . $columns . ' item-info"><h3 class="title"><a href="' . $permalink . '">' . $title . '</a></h3></div>';
if ($shape != "") $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h3 class="title"><a href="' . $permalink . '">' . $title . '</a></h3><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';
else $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';  

into this:

if ($shape != "")  $html .= '</div>';
else $html .= '<div class="col' . $columns . ' item-info"><h3 class="title">' . $title . '</h3></div>';
 if ($shape != "") $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div><h3 class="title">' . $title . '</h3><h4 class="no_title"> ' . $name_list . '</h4>';
else $html .= '<div class="item-info-overlay"><div>';   

- delete the link to single post and the chain image:
add this to custom css in the Brankic Panel:

.view {display:none;}

Hope this helps.



I hope others will use it…

Is there a way to left justify the site title and tagline and have the tagline appear under the site title?

Also I wanted to upload a small icon on the right hand side of the space where these appear is that possible?

Thanks so much!


Without custom modification of PHP files it’s not possible. You shoudl try to hire freelancer…

For some reason when I click on this site the text I’ve highlighted is doing strange. You’ll see it starts larger then goes small. Not sure what’s going on. Here’s the link:

Also the short code for highlight doesn’t seem to be working correctly. I have to manually change the closing short code from list to highlight. Is this a known bug? Thanks.

This is normal behaviour. It takes time to load all CSS files so nothing to worry about…

It’s a known bug and it’s fixed in v1.8

Hi there, I love the theme! But I need to change the message icon that says “send us a mail” on the contact page. I also was wondering if I can edit the color or blue in the presets. Please let me know!


To change this text, you’ll have to edit page-contact(-2).php (Appearance -> Editor)

To change blue color, you’ll have to edit (via FTP, or file manager on your hosting) bigbangwp/css/colors/color-blue.css


I have a few more questions..

1. How do I take the featured image out of the actual blog post? 2. How do I take all of the lines out of the pages? They surround the titles of the page, etc. 3. My sidebar won’t show up for my blog pages. Is that part of your template or is that a wordpress problem?

Thank you so much!!!


1. You can do it manually for each post (One of the options in Brankic Custom Fields), or you can add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.single-post .post-media {display:none;}
2. You can make them white with this Extra CSS
.content-wrapper {
  border-top: 2px solid #ffffff;

3. Brankic Panel -> Blog : Category page : Full width layout, or default sidebar

What is the css to change the body font size. All of my blogs are very tiny and its hard to read. I changed fonts and still it seems to be set at 10pt or 11pt. I would like it to be 14pt.


p.s. excellent theme!


Try to add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
body {font-size: 110%;}

My portfolio page is showing up like the blog page. I’m having all kinds of trouble setting this theme up.

This happens if you have same slugs for category and page. First use default permalink structure (ugly one) to see if this is the problem.

Do you have to have all of your portfolio items set up before you build the portfolio page? I’m trying to see what it looks like as I go.

I’m creating Portfolio category called Portfolio with no parent. Them I’m setting up 4 sub categories with Porfolio as parent -Print, -Typography, -Editorial and -Logos and Branding.

I only created one portfolio post, with a featured image and 2 extra images.

I then created a page called Portfolio, and entered the portfolio shortcode in the edit box. Should this not work? It’s showing me my portfolio item as a slider in blog format.


It’s all about cat_id value. It must be ID of category Portfolio. Of course, if you’re using Brankic Shortcode button -> Portfolio you have to choose category Portfolio.

The icons are really amazing. Could you please add also email icon ?


Thanks, but sorry, we’re not planning such an update :(


Best theme available. One question, if I would like to use the button function to open up a lightbox or iframe image, what should the shortcode look like? I use a plugin called Lightbox Evolution

The shortcode looks like this :

lightbox href=”” iframe=”true” width=”800” height=”800”]Text text[/lightbox


You should use this HTML code (in Text editor)
<a class="button large rounded purple" href="" target="_self" rel="prettyPhoto[]" data-rel="prettyPhoto[]">Large</a>


Fantastic theme! Just a quick question – is it possible to add my own icon to the Brankic Social Media Widget. I want to add a link in to soundcloud, I have made my own icon and uploaded it to that folder but it doesn’t show in the widget.

Thanks, Sam.


You have to replace one of existing icons (don’t change filename) and use the name of original icon in the code…

Hi, i’ve got the website up and running. I want to disable the phone-theme, but I don’t want to remove the responsiveness for bigger and smaller PC windows/ tablet -screens. So I still want it to have some responsiveness, just not the phonetheme. Do I need to remove all the codes lines like you suggest in the FAQs or less? It seems I loose all responsiveness when I remove all the lines.



You just have to remove media queries from the end of CSS files related to smaller screen sizes
@media only screen and (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 479px) {

Hi, is there a way to link from single portfolio item to a filtered portfoliopage?


No, you can’t do that out of box. You can create pages (not visible from the menu) with only one subcat selected in shortcode and choose that page as parent for single portfolio post (last option in Brankic Custom Fields)

Hello! I am done my website and love the theme. I am also getting tons of great feedback. I do have a question about the blog layout though. Is there any way for me to add a feature image to my blog post (so that there is a image associated to that post on the main blog page) without having it be posted on the top of the post itself…. I’d just rather decide where that image is featured instead of the theme automatically pasting it to the top of my post…




Here is the workaround. You can hide featured image from each post via Brankic Custom Panel and add it manually.

Also (another solution) is to add this to Extra CSS (code for hiding featured image from single blog page)
.single-post .post-media {display:none;}

Hello, Brankic1979. This theme is exactly what I was looking for. However, I’m having two problems with my portfolio:

I’ve exhausted every option I can think of and it appears there is a bug with the theme. I’m a paying customer so any help would be great. Thank you so much!

1) On my HOME page, the “design” filter isn’t showing any results but on my WORK page the “design” filter shows results. Do you know what could be causing this?


2) The “promotional” subpage under work doesn’t show results but the “promotional” filter shows results on both my HOME page and WORK page?

I’ve tried everything I can think of including creating new pages, re-posting your shortcode.

I can’t figure out why it isn’t working.


1) It’s because (on home page) portfolio shortcode shows only 4 latest items. Design item isn’t in last 4.

2) I can see items – I guess the problem was with cat_id value?